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  1. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Hello! I'm efhosci. I've been amazed at the quality of Terraria mods for a long time, and they've added hundreds of hours of playtime for me. I feel like it's time I give a little back. So here are a few mods which I hope you might find at least somewhat interesting.

    Red Text means not implemented yet, but hopefully soon.

    Dart Expansion

    Dart Expansion is designed to expand the selection of dart-based weapons in Terraria. It includes the following weapons, armors, and ammunition:

    Double Pipe [​IMG]
    - Made with two blowpipes and silver/tungsten bars.
    - Fires two darts at once, but is slightly slower than the blowpipe.
    - Seems to cause three instances of damage, even though it only fires two darts. I'll look into this in a later update.

    Hell Pipes [​IMG]
    - Made with Hellstone and Obsidian
    - Fires three darts at once

    Atlatl [​IMG]
    - Made with rich mahogany, obsidian, and mythril/orichalcum.
    - Rapidly fires darts.
    - On par with the Dart Rifle or Dart Pistol, but lower damage and faster fire rate

    Shroomite Air Rifle [​IMG]
    - Made with Shroomite Bars
    - Very rapid fire rate
    - Looks sexy as hell

    Gauss Repeater [​IMG]
    - Made with Vortex Fragments
    - Fires six darts at once

    Glass Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with glass (1 glass = 20 darts)
    - Basic low-damage dart

    Septic Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with tissue samples (1 tissue = 50 darts)
    - Briefly applies 'Ichor'.

    Unholy Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with shadow scales (1 scale = 50 darts)
    - Pierces 3 enemies.

    Spike Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with dungeon spikes (1 spike = 20 darts)
    - Slow speed, but high damage

    Hellfire Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with Hellstone bars (1 bar = 100 darts)
    - Explodes just like the arrows

    Party Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with confetti (1 confetti = 50 darts)
    - Releases confetti on impact

    Golden Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with golden dust (1 dust = 50 darts)
    - Applies 'Midas' to hit enemies
    - May release coin projectiles on hitting an enemy

    Nano Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with nanites (1 nanite = 50 darts)
    - Applies 'Confused' to enemies
    - Has limited homing ability (hard to describe, see for yourself)

    Venom Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with vial of venom (1 vial = 50 darts)
    - Applies 'Venom' to enemies

    Chlorophyte Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with Chlorophyte (1 bar = 100 darts)
    - More powerful version of Crystal dart; can bounce more times
    - Briefly applies 'Venom' to enemies
    - Releases poisonous cloud on tile impact

    Ectoplasm Dart [​IMG]
    - Made with Spectre Bar (1 bar = 150 darts)
    - Releases homing spirits on death

    Void Needle [​IMG]
    - Made with Vortex Fragments (1 fragment = 200 darts)
    - Fires magnet-sphere-like bolts at nearby enemies
    - Can pierce and bounce a few times

    Ghillie Armor [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    - Made with Vine Rope, Silk, Demonite/Crimtane
    - 4 defense, Increased health regen
    - 3 defense, 12% ranged crit
    - 2 defense, 15% increased 'exotic' ranged damage (ie anything not a bullet, arrow, or rocket)
    - I haven't found a way to increase only dart damage, so this will have to suffice
    - Set bonus: Stealth (same as Shroomite set)

    Jaguar Armor [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    - Made with Rich Mahogany, Obsidian, Silk, and Mythril/Orichalcum
    - 6 defense, 25% ammo conservation
    - 14 defense, 18% ranged crit
    - 7 defense, 12% increased ranged damage
    - Set bonus: Melee and throwing damage bonuses are also applied to 'exotic' ranged damage.

    Shroomite Visor [​IMG]
    - Identical to other Shroomite helmets
    - Affects 'exotic' ranged damage (i.e. not bullets, rockets, or arrows).

    0.1 - Release
    - Shroomite Visor for 'exotic' ranged
    - Hellstone, Shroomite, and Pillar tier dart guns
    - Nano, Party, Golden, Venom darts
    - Chlorophyte, Ectoplasm, Vortex darts
    0.2.1 - Updated for tModloader
    0.2.2 - Fixed some crafting recipes
    - Nerfed some of the weapons
    0.2.3 - Fixed the homing AI on the Void Needle and Nano Dart
    0.2.4 - Update for Terraria 1.3.4
    0.2.5 - Fixed a whoopsie
    0.2.6 - Updated for tModloader 0.9.1
    0.2.7 - Updated for tModloader
    0.2.8 - Updated for tModloader

    Future Plans
    - Possibly a few more darts and weapons. Maybe some throwing-damage based dart weapons.
    - fix the darts critting issue (either they don't crit or they're invisible)
    - Better sprites
    - as always, bug fixes and balance

    Available on the Mod Browser.

    Simple Auto Chests

    This mod provides a bare-bones method for automating the collection of some common items. The contents of these special chests are updated every in-game morning. The code is intelligent enough to stack items correctly. Note that this mod is, at its core, somewhat of a cheat mod. It's up to you to decide what constitutes an unfair advantage with these.

    I'm taking submissions for better chest sprites as well. If you want to try making some better looking chests, post it in the thread and I'll credit you whether or not I end up using them.

    {-Giant-Fire-Dog-}'s Insect Breeder

    Bait Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Chest, Grasshopper Statue, Worm Statue, and Dirt
    - Collects bait items, based on what kind of terrarium/jar you put in the first slot.
    - Output is boosted if you include a Golden Bug Net or Flower Boots

    Block Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Chest, Heavy Workbench, Stone Slabs, and Nightmare/Deathbringer Pickaxe
    - Collects Stone, Dirt, and Clay
    - Can be used to convert stone into ice, marble, or granite; dirt into sand or snow, and clay into silt or slush

    Boss Farmer [​IMG]
    - Made with Gold Chest, Demonite/Crimtane Bars, Gold Coins, Ironskin Potions, Regeneration Potions, all Pre-Hardmode boss summon items, and Wooden Platforms
    - Will consume boss summon items and may output their drops/treasure bags
    - Success chance is based on the strength of any armor/weapons placed in the chest
    Math details:

    All summonable vanilla bosses (and some events) are given a "boss power" rating. The chest will also look through its inventory and create an "equipment power" rating based on the weapon and armor pieces it finds. The success rate is given by the following formula:

    Victory Chance = 0.5 * tanh( (boss - equip) / Avg(boss, equip) ) + 0.5

    This gives a function that goes to zero if boss > equip and goes to 1 if equip > boss. When the equip = boss, there should be a 50% victory chance. The power of equipment is given by the following formula:

    Equip Power = (item rarity + 2) ^ sqrt(item rarity + 2)

    This makes each rarity tier roughly twice as powerful as the last. Unfortunately, a lot of armors share the same tiers while being relatively more/less powerful (ex. Wood armor and Platinum armor). There's not really a better way to quantify the strength of armor and weapons; while properties like damage and defense can be used, there are also factors like the number of projectiles, debuffs applied, homing ability, and other special effects which could skew the results. Accessories are even worse, so I probably won't include those. I may implement some more factors like these later, but it's not ever going to be a perfect simulation.

    Here's the list of boss strengths:

    Slime King: 10
    Eye of Cthulhu: 16
    Eater of Worlds: 30
    Brain of Cthulhu: 40
    Queen Bee: 50
    Skeletron: 60
    Wall of Flesh: 160
    Pirate Invasion: 300
    Destroyer: 450
    Twins: 600
    Skeletron Prime: 850
    Golem: 5000
    Fishron: 6000
    Pumpkin Moon: 8000
    Frost Moon: 10000
    Moon Lord: 23000
    Old One's Army: 60 (T1), 1000 (T2), 15000 (T3)

    And here's the power of a full set (armor + weapon) of each rarity tier, and the general types of items:

    White (Wood-Platinum) = 10.64
    Blue (Demonite/Crimtane) = 26.8
    Green (Dungeon items) = 64
    Orange (Jungle and Hellstone) = 144
    Red (Cobalt - Titanium) = 322.2
    Pink (Hallowed) = 688.6
    Light Purple (Not much in this tier) = 1433.6
    Lime (Chlorophyte) = 2916
    Yellow (Moon event items) = 5812
    Cyan (Lunar fragment items) = 11372
    Red (Moon Lord drops) = 21900
    Max possible strength = 26809

    Remember that this is not designed to replace having to fight the boss initially, but just to automate it only when you are well past its tier, so reliably killing the bosses may seem to require equipment stronger than you would usually use to fight them.

    Also includes bosses from the following mods:


    Thunderbird: 10
    Jellyfish: 50
    Viscount: 65
    Granite Storm/Buried Champion: 80
    Star Scouter: 120
    Borean Strider: 400
    Beholder: 430
    Lich: 3000
    Ragnarok: 26000


    Desert Scourge: 14
    Crabulon: 24
    Hive Mind/Perforator: 64
    Slime God: 120
    Cryogen: 300
    Brimstone Elemental: 450
    Aquatic Scourge: 1000
    Calamitas: 1600
    Astrum Aureus: 3200
    Astrum Deus: 4800
    Plaguebringer: 5200
    Ravager: 5600
    Profaned Guardians: 24000
    Providence: 24000
    Sentinels: 24000
    Polterghast: 24000
    Devourer of Gods: 26000
    Bumblebirb: 26000
    Yharon: 26000
    Supreme Calamitas: 26000

    f4iTh was very helpful getting the nonconsumable boss summon items to work!

    Spirit Mod:

    Scarab: 8
    Vinewrath: 35
    Ancient Flier: 60
    Starplate: 120
    Infernon: 200
    Dusking: 400
    Umbra: 500
    Illuminant: 1000
    Atlas: 10000
    Overseer: 24000


    Rukh: 25
    Tiki Totem: 50
    Evil Corn: 55
    Ancient Dragon: 60
    Storm Jellyfish: 65
    Fungus Beetle: 110
    Heater of Worlds: 130
    Alchemaster: 250
    Motherboard: 450
    Pixie Queen: 1000
    Frost King: 2000
    Wall of Shadows: 3000
    Cog Lord: 6000
    Cyber King: 6000
    Dark Emperor: 23000
    Brutalisk: 23000
    Space Whale: 23000
    Trinity: 23000
    Andas: 23000

    - The item rarity system doesn't work well for post-Moon Lord bosses and items, so all of the post-Moon Lord bosses have the same strength. That means they can be beat with the same gear, which isn't really what's intended. Be honest with yourself about which ones you are really able to farm at your stage of the game. Or not. It's your game, do what you like.

    Chlorophyte Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Rich Mahogany Chest, Chlorophyte Ore, Pickaxe Axe, Jungle Grass Seeds, and Mud Blocks
    - Collects Chlorophyte Ore
    - Does not consume mud, but it might in a later update

    Corruption Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Ebonwood Chest, Ebonstone, Eater of Souls Banner, Shadow Scales, and Nightmare Pickaxe
    - Collects Rotten Chunks, Worm Teeth, Demonite Ore, and Shadow Scales
    - After Hardmode, it also collects Cursed Flames, Souls of Night, and Dark Shards

    Crimson Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Shadewood Chest, Crimstone, Blood Crawler Banner, Tissue Samples, and Deathbringer Pickaxe
    - Collects Vertebrae, Crimtane Ore, and Tissue Samples
    - After Hardmode, it also collects Ichor, Souls of Night, and Dark Shards

    Dungeon Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with any color Dungeon Brick Chest, Bones, Spikes, Golden Keys, and Dungeon Bricks
    - Collects Bones, Cobwebs, Spikes, Golden Keys, Books, and Water Candles
    - After defeating Plantera, it also collects Ectoplasm

    Dye Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with a Chest, a Dye Vat, and Rainbow Dye
    - Collects all raw dye materials

    Sky Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Chest, Feathers, Harpy Banner, Gold/Platinum Bars, and Wooden Platforms
    - Collects Feathers and Clouds
    - After Hardmode, it also collects Souls of Flight

    Fish Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Palm Wood Chest, Reinforced Fishing Pole, Water Buckets, Crate Potions, and Fishing Potions
    - Collects Bass and Wooden Crates
    - Place a fishing rod and bait in any chest slot. The chest will consume 3-6 bait and create an amount of fish and crates proportional to the fishing and bait power of those items.
    - Can be used to craft Bass into other fish types (incl. quest fish) with additional materials.
    - Can also turn Wooden Crates into other types (Iron, Biome, Gold) with coins.

    - May eventually implement a "real" system for getting multiple fish types, but this is going to be a lot of work

    Gem Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Chest, Extractinator, Multicolored Glass, and Demon/Crimson pick
    - Collects all gems, including amber

    Hallow Gatherer
    - Made with Pearlwood Chest, Pearlstone, Pixie Banner, Crystal Shards, and Molten Pickaxe
    - Collects Crystal Shards, Pixie Dust, Unicorn Horns, Rainbow Bricks, Souls of Light, and Light Shards

    Hell Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Obsidian Chest, Hellstone Bars, Guide Voodoo Doll, Lava Buckets, and Molten Pickaxe
    - Collects Hellstone, Obsidian and Guide Voodoo Dolls
    - After Hardmode, it also collects Living Fire Blocks

    Jungle Gatherer
    - Made with Rich Mahogany Chest, Jungle Spores, Hornet Banner, Jungle Grass Seeds, and Mud Blocks
    - Collects Spores, Stingers, and Vines
    - After Hardmode, it also collects Turtle Shells
    - After defeating a Mechanical Boss, it also collects Life Fruit

    Lihzahrd Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Lihzahrd Furnace, Picksaw, Lihzahrd Banner, Solar Tablets, Lihzahrd Power Cells, and Lihzahrd Bricks
    - Collects Lihzahrd Bricks, Spiky Ball Traps, Spear Traps, Super Dart Traps, Flame Traps, Wooden Spikes, Lihzahrd Power Cells, and Solar Tablet Fragments

    Liquid Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Glass Chest, Stone Blocks, Input & Output pumps, and all Liquid Buckets
    - Produces Obsidian, Honey, and Crispy Honey
    - Lets you turn empty Bottles and Buckets into full ones

    Meteor Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Meteorite Chest, Meteorites, Meteor Head Banner, Obsidian Skull, Fallen Stars, Sunplate Blocks, Wooden Platforms, Swiftness Potions, and Nightmare/Crimtane Pickaxe
    - Collects Meteorites and Fallen Stars

    Money Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Golden Chest, Gold/Platinum Bars, Piggy Bank, and Gold/Platinum Crown
    - Collects around 2 gold coins per day
    - If you put a Lucky Coin, Coin Ring, or Greedy Ring in the chest, the rate is greatly increased

    Mushroom Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Mushroom Chest, Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms, Vile/Vicious Mushrooms, and Mud Blocks
    - Collects Mushrooms, Glowing Mushrooms, Vile Mushrooms, and Vicious Mushrooms
    - Also collects Truffle Worms when they start appearing

    Ocean Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Palm Wood Chest, Water Buckets, Sand Blocks, and Coral
    - Collects Coral, Starfish, Seashells, Shark Fins, and Glowsticks
    - In Hardmode, it also collects Pirate Maps

    Ore Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Chest, Extractinator, Furnace, Chains, and Nightmare/Deathbringer Pickaxe
    - Collects all "regular" ores.
    - Does not actually removes ores from the ground, just creates items.
    - You must place a pickaxe in the chest's first slot for this chest to work. The amount and type of ores obtained depends on the pickaxe power, with lower-tier ores being more common
    See the post by lathemandrel for details about what picks can gather which ores.

    Also includes ores from the following mods (there may be some cases where you can bypass normal progression with some of the endgame ores, so be aware):
    Spirit Mod

    Pillar Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Martian Chest, Celestial Sigil, Luminite Bars, and an Ancient Manipulator
    - Collects Solar, Nebula, Vortex, and Stardust Fragments, as well as Luminite Ore

    Plant Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Glass Chest, Clay Pots, Gender Change Potion, Jungle Rose, and Diamond Gemspark Blocks
    - Collects all herbs as well as Cacti, Sunflowers, and Pumpkin
    - Increased output if you include a Staff of Regrowth in any slot

    Stellar Fragment Gatherer (OBSOLETE) [​IMG]
    - Made with Chest, Fallen Stars, Sunplate Blocks, Wooden Platforms, and Swiftness Potions
    - Collects Fallen Stars
    - Function is now rolled into the meteor chest! Will be removed next update!

    Statue Farmer [​IMG]
    - Made with Chest, Lava Bucket, Stone Slabs, Armor Statue, Wire, and 3 Second Timer
    - Place one of the listed statues in the first slot.
    - Collects the primary drops from the appropriate statue.
    - Statues and Drops: Jellyfish (Glowstick), Piranha (Hook), Shark (Shark Fin), Skeleton (Hook), Slime (Gel), Unicorn (Unicorn Horn), Bone Skeleton (Hook), Harpy (Feather), Pigron (Bacon), Hoplite (Javelins), Granite Golem (Granite)

    Wood Gatherer [​IMG]
    - Made with Chest, Acorns, Dirt Blocks, Grass Seeds, and Copper Axe
    - Collects normal wood
    - Can convert wood into other types (Dynasty wood requires money as well)
    - After defeating Pumpking, it also collects some Spooky Wood

    Possible Incompatibilities
    - YoyoAttackSpeedWorkaround
    - Spirit Mod
    - Tremor Mod

    0.1 - Release
    0.1.1 - Added clouds to the feather gatherer.
    0.1.2 - Fixed some stack limits and the Regolith Gatherer crafting recipe.
    0.2 - Changed some of the crafting recipes for the chests.
    Implemented the boss chest.
    Added recipes for some items, including converting block types at the corrupt/crimson/hallowed chest, using purification/vile powder to cleanse infected blocks from your inventory, swapping dungeon brick colors, making decorative banners at the loom, and some others I probably forgot about.
    Rebalancing some yields for several chests.
    0.2.1 - Updated for tModloader
    0.2.2 - Made some fixes to the Boss Chest suggested by Catywell.
    Bait Gatherer boosts output if it contains Flower Boots or a Golden Bug Net

    0.2.3 - Fixed some crafting recipes
    0.2.4 - Clarified some descriptive text
    0.2.5 - Changed some crafting recipes and reduced yields of some chests.
    0.3 - Added in a basic version of the fishing chest. It only collects Bass and Wooden Crates, but those can be crafted into other types with some additional materials/money.
    Some of the other chests (Arboreal, Regolith, Insect) also use a similar system now.
    Rebalanced some crafting recipes and yields.
    0.3.1 - Terraria 1.3.4 compatibility
    Old One's Army added to Boss Collector
    Meteor collector now collects stars; star collector deprecated
    0.3.2 - Fixed a whoopsie
    0.3.3 - Updated for tModloader 0.9.1
    0.3.4 - Added Dye Gatherer
    Fixed some of the item logic for the Boss Chest
    0.3.5 - By request, chest names are now simpler
    0.3.6 - Bait Gatherer now works like Statue Farmer, requiring a terrarium/jar in the first slot to create bait items of that type.
    Changed a few crafting recipes and item yields
    Pumpkins added to Plant Gatherer
    0.3.7 - Fixed Pumpkins not being made in plant gatherer
    0.3.8 - Updated to tModloader
    Added some crafting stations to the chests
    0.3.9 - Fixed bug where crafting couldn't be done with materials in the chests
    0.3.13 - Updated for tModloader
    Added Gem Chest

    1.0.0 - Added cross-mod content with Thorium, Calamity, and Spirit Mod
    A lot of internal code changes to implement the above
    Changed the math on the Ore Gatherer to reduce clutter
    Ore Gatherer can now be used to craft Copper <> Tin, etc.
    Wood Gatherer can convert special wood back into normal wood
    1.0.1 - Added Liquid Gatherer
    Calamity bosses with non-consumable summon items now work
    Modified pickaxe power/ore gatherer math
    1.0.2 - Added new bosses from Calamity and Thorium
    Fixed issue with Wood Gatherer Chest
    1.1.0 - Added Tremor ores and Bosses
    Fixed missing Calamity ores
    Changed Fish Gatherer recipe
    Ore Gatherer now collects any ores, no lower limit pickaxe power restriction
    Gold coins now accumulate into Platinum once they reach a stack of 100
    1.1.1 - Fixed coin conversion on money gatherer
    Modified math on Lucky Coin multiplier to give smoother range of values

    Future Plans
    - Complete the Fishing chest. While I've implemented a version of this, it doesn't really "simulate" fishing like I'd hoped it would. The coding for this would be really complicated, so I will work on it in another update. I've found the section of code that controls the fishing results; it's in the "Projectile.cs" module under FishingCheck(). Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to simply call this from my mod directly, and I'll have to copy the relevant parts into my own code. This would also mean no modded fish can be caught unless I hardcode them in.
    - Better sprites. These are all just recolors of the Example Chest for now, but it would be nice to have the tiles look more unique and more like machines. Animations would also be nice, but I've heard there are problems with animations on chests, so that may not be possible.
    - as always, balancing and bug fixing.

    Available on the Mod Browser.

    Pillar Items Plus

    Thanks to GameRaiders101 for trying out this mod in his

    This is mostly an idea at the moment. This mod will include weapons made out of pillar fragments which don't match their normal categories. Here are some of the weapon I'm planning on including:

    Solar Yoyo (Aphelion) [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - "Aphelion" refers to the furthest point from the sun in a solar orbit
    - Sprays sparks which cause 'Daybroken'.

    Vortex Scythe (Void Scythe) [​IMG]
    - Creates a Vilethorn-like rift in space

    Nebula Flail (Screptum Carinae) [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - "Screptum" is Latin for mace, and "Eta Carinae" is a prominent nearby nebula
    - Leaves damaging flames in its wake

    Stardust Whip (Seven Sisters' Sting) [​IMG]
    - The "Seven Sisters" refers to the Pleiades, a nearby star cluster
    - launched barbs which create a small explosion, and leave lingering star fragments

    Solar Magic (Solar Flare)
    - Creates a Magic Missile-like projectile which explodes into a shower of sparks.
    - Increased power the longer it is held.

    Nebula Mortar (Messier Mortar) [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Charles Messier was an astronomer who cataloged many astronomical objects, known as "Messier objects".
    - Lobs a nebula grenade a medium distance
    - Leaves damaging flames at the impact point
    - Increased speed and power the longer it is held

    Stardust Flamethrower (Starthrower) [​IMG]
    - Sprays stardust, which inflicts 'Celled' on enemies

    Solar Railgun (?) [​IMG]
    - Fires a very powerful, piercing shot
    - Projectile explodes when it hits an enemy or a block

    Vortex Shotgun (Gauss Repeater)
    - Fires several darts at once
    - Redundant with my Dart Expansion Mod. I might just have it fire bullets or otherwise rework this.

    Solar/Universal Summon (Accretion Disc)
    - Creates a large, stationary disc which fires homing projectiles
    - Absorbs some projectiles which hit it
    - Slowly loses size over time, but size can be regained by absorbing projectiles

    Solar Throwing (Solas)
    - throws three linked projectiles which stick to enemies, slowing them and causing 'Daybroken'.

    Vortex Throwing (Alien Mine) [​IMG]
    - throws a mine which sticks to tiles
    - explodes when an enemy gets close, similar to Proximity Mine Launcher

    Nebula Cocktail (?) [​IMG]
    - throws a bottle of nebula flames, similar to Molotov Cocktail


    0.1 - Release
    0.1.1 - Fixed some bugs with the Messier Mortar
    0.1.2 - Changed the "nebula flames" effect on some of the weapons
    Improved some of the visual effects
    Assorted balancing changes
    0.1.3 - Balance changes, update to Terraria 1.3.4
    0.1.4 - Fixed a whoopsie
    0.1.5 - Updated for tModloader 0.9.1
    0.1.6 - Updated for tModloader
    0.1.7 - Updated for tModloader

    Some of these have been coded to be functional, if somewhat lackluster and a bit unbalanced. The really hard ones (Solas, Accretion Disk, the nebula "flames" effect) haven't been started to any real degree. I'll work on these as I have time.

    Thanks for checking out my mods, let me know if you have any balance or content suggestions!

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  2. TheRabbitOnTheMoon

    TheRabbitOnTheMoon Terrarian

    Will there be more than darts?? :dryadwhat:
  3. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Sorry, I accidentally posted this before I was finished writing everything. There's some armor and weapons, but it's all dart related.
  4. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    Seems cool! Dart content is kind of lacking, so the dart expansion is needed.
  5. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Thanks! There seems to be a lot of dart content spread around different mods (Ersion, Night and Crimson, etc.) but not anything that really spans the whole game. Hopefully this will be able to do that, and avoid stepping on any other mod's toes!
  6. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    How about having the insect Breeder also collect butterflies, fireflies and other such critters useful for bait? Having it only give Grasshoppers and Worms is rather lonely...

    Also, having its effects upgraded with the Net and Golden Net would be cool though obvious.
  7. {-Giant-Fire-Dog-}

    {-Giant-Fire-Dog-} Terrarian

    Hey, Automated Chests seem to be pretty useful, but I think it would fit if some chests had extra requirements that made sense for them.

    For example; The insect catcher has to be outdoors in a forest biome. (So, on the surface whilst not placed in front of a wall)

    Similarly, the Regolith Gatherer would gather specifically Sand when placed in a Desert, Snow and Slush when in a tundra, Dirt and Clay in a forest, and Silt in Underground/Cavern.

    Fish Catcher Chest has to be placed in water, Ore miner has to be underground, ect.

    Exceptions would obviously be habitat simulators, since they are self contained.

    Also, you stated that you wanted true sprites that also made sense with what they did, so I did a quick concept sprite for the insect catcher with the idea of it using 'baited plant matter' to attract the baits and catch them: index.png

    Hope you find this feedback useful, and good luck with your mods. ;)
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  8. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    I mean, my mods content is meant to be spread around specific points in the game, with weapons of pretty much all types at those points.

    I was, however, surprised to see my mod mentioned.
  9. NeoPhantom

    NeoPhantom Skeletron Prime

    Maybe also making a quest fish or quest reward chest that collects the quest fish of the day or one of the possible item rewards of the angler each morning? A bit OP, but so are the rest of the chests anyways...
  10. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    The nets are a good idea! Maybe flower boots as well. I don't know about adding more types of bait, though. There's such a massive variety that it would be easy to clog up the chest with mostly redundant items. I might add the jungle bait types (Buggy, Sluggy, Grubby) to this or the jungle chest. Still, thanks for the suggestion!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 4, 2016, Original Post Date: Jul 4, 2016 ---

    Location-based yields was something I was considering. It would probably be easy enough to implement, so I may do something like that in a later update. The sprite looks nice, if I end up using it I'll be sure to give you credit!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 4, 2016 ---
    Yes, I guess you have darts and pipes for most weapon tiers. Sorry, I was just going off memory. Hey, if you need someone to do coding, I'd be glad to help you with that!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 4, 2016 ---
    I still need to figure out how to make the fishing chest work. I either need to invoke the vanilla fishing scripts somehow or make my own from scratch. I'd definitely like to include quest fish in the possible outputs, as I'm the kind of person who gets bored of doing the Angler quests pretty quickly...
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  11. Alistar

    Alistar Spazmatism

    I love the auto-chest mod. Automation has always been my favorite thing since the time when I enjoyed SSundee videos and watched him automate everything in Sky Factory, so I can't wait for what you're going to do with it.
  12. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Thank you! Honestly, I hadn't planned to do much more with this than what's here already. It would be awesome to implement pipes or some other form of item transport, but also probably incredibly difficult. So that's sort of a stretch goal. Mostly, I want to make as many resources as possible "renewable" in some way.
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  13. Mechantera

    Mechantera Official Terrarian

    These mods...
    You have just made Terraria modding history, this is the most amazing mod I have seen in a long time.
    As far as I know there has never been an auto-collection mod in Terraria until you made this.
    I am speaking in fragmented sentences.
    Why am I speaking in fragmented sentences.
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  14. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Where wolf? There wolf, there castle.

    And thanks, I'll let the historians know for their next edition of Terraria Modding: The tModloader Years V. III.
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  15. {-Giant-Fire-Dog-}

    {-Giant-Fire-Dog-} Terrarian

    Well, if you plan on using the texture, use this one instead; the colors match the Forest grass much better: index.png

    Also, bonus jungle version, because why not? :p Jungle Catcher.png
  16. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Lookin' real nice! :O Also, made me think that location-based yields would be a good way to deal with all the different types of bait. Forest for grasshoppers/worms, jungle for buggy/sluggy/grubby, sky for butterflies, etc.
  17. ZadenYuki

    ZadenYuki Steampunker

    Hi there is an error with Regolith Gatherer

  18. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Ah, I see what the problem is. Fixed it, I'll update the mod in a bit.
  19. Zsashas

    Zsashas Plantera

    I need that Accretion Disk to be a thing, now...sounds like so much fun. Player projectiles shouldn't be able to feed it, though, of course...

    Also yay darts!
  20. efhosci

    efhosci Terrarian

    Thank you! I really like the "Accretion Disc" idea too. There really aren't any defensive summons, so I feel like it would be a good complement to the vanilla summons. I don't know exactly how I'll make that work, it may end up being impossible. I'm going to focus on finishing the Dart Expansion first before I do any major coding with that.