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PS4 Attack of the Shrooms (pls help)


So me and my friend decided to buy terraria, and play together in a world. It was going great, and we made it to hard mode. Since we were in hardmode, I decided to make farms for potions, since we barely got by without them. I don't know how, but I was able to make a glowing mushroom farm in my backyard so we had an unlimited supply. Shortly after, "Porcini the truffle" arrived at out house. We didn't think much of it, besides it being pretty dope. Shortly after however, another truffle showed up. Then another. More showed up until the rest of our housing was filled (6-7 of them in total). Again, we didnt think much of it and thought this was normal. However, our nurse ended up dying by a monster or something. We waited for her to respawn, but nobody came - except a truffle. We started to get nervous and made more houses. More truffles showed up. What came next was worse. My friend was afk one day and all of a sudden, the destroyer spawns in. Before killing my friend and despawning, the destroyer killed almost half of the household (arms dealer, dryad, the guide, and more). We thought they would respawn - but they didnt. We started to panic as swarms of truffles entered our house, taking all the room. We got some people back thankfully, but the most important ones - the guide and the nurse - did not come back. We destroyed the mushroom garden, and built plenty of houses far away. No luck. Only truffles. We decided to get lava buckets and kill the truffles. They died indeed, but only for more to come back. Next thing you know, a blood moon came. There was chaos - sauteed mushrooms here, burnt mushrooms there, and our other house members dying to the blood moon monsters. We are seeking help and hope that you might have a solution to this. We currently have over 20 truffles
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