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PC Automatic door option?

Gray Fox

First of all, english isn't my first language.
So, i think it could be fine if there is an option that, when you pass near a door, it opens, and when you go further it closes, automatically.
just sayin.

Gray Fox

i dont want to put preassure plates in all of my doors because, i dont like the way it looks, but the revolving door seems like a good idea


When I read the thread's title I knew people were going to say pressure plates, but, I too, don't like the way pressure plates look. So I support this idea :)


Why not just make a mod that adds a clone of any door modded or base game, that way you can have a wooden door and a wooden auto door ect.

Storm Diver

Skeletron Prime
Anyway, player above sensors already do this wonderfully.
I always forget about them until recently when I made my Mechanical soul revamp idea :dryadtongue:

But yes those sensors input a signal when a player enters and exits the area of detection, and work even better than pressure plates as if you walk up to a door but then walk away the door will close.
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