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what are these blocks?


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Hey, I know this an old thread but I was wondering what the block(s) he used for the room on the left side of the house with the chimney connected to it. (3rd house on the 1st page).
Shadewood (vertical) and spooky wood (horizontal) for the exterior. And a few boreal wood blocks at the edges.
The pillars are de-activated boreal wood and living mahogany wand-blocks, the pillars have shadewood fences painted black behind them to smooth out the edges.
The small diagonal support beam is de-activated palm wood. The chimney is a combination of gray bricks, mudstone bricks, gray brick walls and palm wood platforms (gray).
Walls are living wood wall, ebonwood wall, wood wall and palm wood wall. :)
@ForceModified Thank you :)

Haven't played any Terraria for a while until today. Started thinking about it at work and the itch grew all day so finally came home and started building something, it's still early WIP. Haven't decided what to do with the roof yet, nor the interior, but I'm pretty happy with how the outer walls turned out;

Will continue working on it through the week and see how it goes ^^
Fantastic, totally going to try and use some of your building ideas in mine from now on, I doubt they'll be anywhere near as good.
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hi Eiv! I'm a huge fan of yours and I'm wondering if you could post a screenshot of the world, or a portion of it, so that I can see how the builds fit together (I'm having trouble with that in my world) Also, am I allowed to post one of my builds here to get your opinion? Thanks
Looks nice!
You could perhaps use lead/iron fence on the windows instead of wooden fence, maybe throw down a statue here and there.
Is this on mobile btw? I don't really know if that's the same as the PC version, is everything available? :D
Thanks :D now that I think about it the wood fence does look bad lol
That is the first nice build I made... probably not going to make the edits just because that world has a huge build that when I finished it, doesn't look good at all, and I can't destroy it because it is way to huge. I'm going to start a new world and just make builds there :)

And yeah, I'm on mobile. 1.3 hasn't come out yet, so mobile doesn't have as many blocks to build with but u can still make nice builds on mobile if ur good enough lol
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Hi again lol
So I started my new world and I was ready to get building but I just couldn't figure out where to start. I very much like your builds however I didn't want to copy them. I tried for a while to do the frame but it just wasn't any good. Any advice?
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