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PC Ballin' houses by Eiv


Ahh, I see what you're talking about. True, when you play the game the platform is layered in front of the furniture. I found that when you use camera mode to take a capture, it reverses the order of importance, and the platform is behind. So while the stairs are in the background on that image, it's a result of camera mode, and in game Eiv sees the stairs in front.
Thank you so much. You've put my troubles to rest. I can sleep easy now. :)


Dungeon Spirit
Hi again lol
So I started my new world and I was ready to get building but I just couldn't figure out where to start. I very much like your builds however I didn't want to copy them. I tried for a while to do the frame but it just wasn't any good. Any advice?
When it comes to building you just kinda let go, if you have a planned design you work with it. Deside if you want it to match on each side, or if you want different shapes. Either can be done. I've designed a house with just going randomly on outer frame, then designing rooms with a decent devide for rooms. (Could dig up a few pics)


Dungeon Spirit


I’m trying to advance from the box house into something cozy and nice, I’m having a hard time figuring out what bricks go good together, which don’t as well as walls with certain bricks. could you make like a reference list maybe of these things. I’m also wondering what are your go to for making roofs?


In one of your builds you use these walls in the back, What walls are these? I've looked through the walls on the wiki for it and have no idea (I think they are painted but also can't tell still maybe?)
Those look like a particular kind of dungeon walls painted black
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