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Bioculturist - A completely unique NPC!

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So, you're trying to get some biome-exclusive items from your NPCs (The Painter is a good example) but the biome itself isn't really friendly (i.e; Corruption). So, I propose a new solution to that!

-The Bioculturist-
1) How do you get this guy?
You need to visit all the biomes available in your current world (So you don't need to generate a Crimson world if you ended up with a Corruption one) at least once because airplane tickets are expensive, y'know?

2) What does he do?
He has a little something called Biome Set-ups. In your average chatbox, you can choose to set a new biome (Without the creepy crawlies and the Corrupt/Crimson thing scaring your NPCs away) for 20 Silver coins (Except resetting your biome set-ups to normal) in a 120×120 area. (Setting the biome to Glowing Mushroom doesn't count for the Truffle)

What about in the infected biomes?
Good question. So, he uses the weapons/quotes from the biome you set, but if it's in a natural biome (Without you setting anything), then he uses the invader biome (i.e; Corrupted Snow, Crimtane Snow and Hallowed Snow)

He defends himself with unique biome weapons
Note: All weapons deal 10 damage and doesn't do their special effects
Forest: Thrown acorns
Snow: Snowball
Desert: Sandgun (Without the block placement)
Corruption: Cursed Flame Darts
Crimson: Ichor Darts
Hallowed: Crystal Darts
Sky: Star Cannon
Ocean: Trident
Jungle: Thorn Chakram
Underworld: Phoenix Blaster
Mushroom: Mushroom Spear

3) Names:
Carl (Named after Carl Sagan, a biologist. Suggested by @TheWorfer27)
(Still needs additional names, please suggest I beg you)

4) Dialogues:
"Say, don't you think our town is a bit bland?" (All day without setting a biome)
"I nearly lost my soul when I was going through that purple place" (Corruption world)
"Those bloody caverns make a good blood donor!" (Crimson world)
"Can you ask (Dryad's name) to show me around the Jungle?" (Dryad is present)
"(Guide's name) can show you recipes but I can show you the world!" (Guide is present)
"Have you wondered how we can breathe here?" (Sky minibiome)
(Needs a bit more)

Anyway, thanks for reading! Criticism and suggestions needed too! Check the new special thanks thing I just whipped up:

@Yello_Xplorer for making this thread
@TheWorfer27 for suggesting a name and asking a really good question I didn't even think about :dryadwink:
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Well, it would save time, resources and energy. Also, it doesn't spawn any enemies. So it's like a lazier option to do stuff


What about in infected biomes? Also I reccomend calling one Carl, after biologist Carl Sagan.
So you mean like Corrupt-Jungle and Crimson-Snow? Well, he would technically use the weapons from the biome you set, except if you mean the natural ones, then he would use the infector biome. Anyway, thanks for that name!


The Destroyer
One of the names= ForestLeaf (note: a Warriors reference)
One of the quotes= "If only the Island of <WorldName> weren't so huge." (note: On a large world)
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