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Biome Suggestion - Deep Ocean!

Besides from the Duke, the Ocean isn't very special, is it? So I had an idea - the Deep Ocean. It would be at the very bottom of the Ocean and could have its own weapons, gear, monsters, resources and even a boss. Its music track would be the distorted Ocean theme - so without further ado, let's jump right into it.
The Deep Ocean would be made of Inky sand, a sand with a grey tint. Unlike normal sand, it would not fall. As you entered the Deep, the background would grow darker and the music would start to distort.

Octopus and Cuttlefish

The Ocean lacks unique marine wildlife, so why not add Octopi? In a Corrupted Ocean, Octopi would be more common than Cuttles. In the seas of the Crimson, the opposite is true. They would come with their own debuff, Inked
. Your screen would be splattered with a purple or red liquid for around 3-5 seconds upon being stricken by the Octopus' and Cuttlefish's messy ranged attacks respectively. They would drop 5-10 Ink when they are defeated, and very rarely a new grappling hook, the Clingy Tentacle (With a 1 in 250 chance). Ink can be used in many different ways...


Essentially a more defensive version of the Octopus. It does not squirt or drop ink, but instead drops Nautilus Shells
Nautilus Shell.png
with an 18% chance.

Vampire Squid
Vampire Squid.png

As well as squirting ink which actually lights up the screen and DOES NOT Ink you, it also has a unique life steal effect and covers itself in spikes (essentially giving it Thorns) when you get too close. It can be found in any Deep Ocean and is much more common during a Blood Moon.


Not only is it used to craft the Octo Armour, it is also an ammunition for the Goo Gun, the ranged weapon dropped by the Lord of the Tentacles; Cephalopod. Other uses include tipping arrows and making Flasks. Ink does not always help, though. In the Deep Ocean, you can find Ink Clouds dotted around that inflict the Obstructed debuff when you enter them, continuing to Obstruct until you escape.

Octo Armour!

Octo Tentamask: Crafted with 35 Ink, 1 Nautilus Shell and 10 Souls of Light and Night, the Octo Tentamask gives 17 Defense to the wearer, as well as 5% Melee Damage, 5% Ranged Damage, and 5% Magic Damage.

Octo Tentaplate: Forged from 45 Ink, 1 Nautilus Shell and 20 Souls of Light and Night, it grants 20 Defense and 5% Melee Speed, 5% Ranged Velocity, and -5% Mana Usage.

Octo Tentagreaves: Made of 40 Ink, 2 Nautilus Shells,15 Souls of Light and 15 Souls of Night, 19 Defense; 10% Movement Speed and -15% Fall Speed comes from these boots.

Set Bonus: You gain 3 tentacles that revolve around you, slowing, damaging and lowering the Defense of nearby enemies by 10.

Nautilus Charm.png

Nautilus Charm: crafted with 10 Nautilus Shells, it makes underwater walking speed on par with normal walking speed and gives 7 Defense.

Eraser: always dropped by Cephalopod. Grants immunity to Inked and gives a 20% damage boost against enemies that inflict it.
Nautilus Diving Gear.png

Nautilus Diving Gear: combine the Jellyfish Diving Gear with the Nautilus Charm to get all their benefits plus a bonus 1 Defense.

Vampire's Cape: Dropped from Vampire Squids during a Blood Moon with a 1 in 150 chance. If an enemy gets too close to you, a spiky shield forms around you that, on taking damage, deals TRIPLE that damage to the attacker.


Tentablade: It would be almost identical to the Terrablade, but with 97 Damage and instead of shooting a small sword, it shoots a small ball of ink, inflicting the Inked debuff (On enemies, it would freeze them, but only if they are on the ground).

Splatter: Are you tired of wasting Ink on crafting Inky Arrows? Look no further, for the Splatter coats regular arrows in Ink before firing them! It does 39 Damage, in case you were wondering.

Goo Gun: Transforming plain ol' Musket Balls into Inky Bullets is what the Goo Gun does best, just narrowly beating "Inflicting 34 Damage" and, "Shooting at an insanely fast rate".

Sprayer of Sticky: Using only 10 Mana to spray a stream of 30-Damage-inflicting Ink is something no Terraria weapon can do... until now!

Messy Staff: It summons a mini octopus to fight for you. Nuff said.


He's here to defeat Terrarians with his inky shots and chew gum...
And he's all out of gum.
Summon him with an Inky Mushroom, then realise how big of a mistake you've made. He can summon Octopi and Cuttlefish to do his dirty work, before charging towards you and leaving a trail of ink behind him. When he is reduced to 6000 Health (Half of his maximum 12000 HP), his red skin will turn to a dark blue hue and his tentacles will grow to almost double their original length. He's in his Second Phase. His dashes become quicker, longer and leave more ink behind. He will spread out his tentacles and shoot a large shot of ink towards the player, in a fashion similar to the Flamethrower. When defeated, he will drop one of the above weapons at random, along with 15 Ink.
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LET'S think then - what could it do?
Maybe similar to Stunned? I'm really not sure.
*This Lihzahrd has had a lightbulb!*
If an enemy is on the ground, it could freeze it!
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Are they? How much more info do you think would be required?
Well, you've effectively added a whopping 1 enemy to the Deep Ocean (ignoring the boss and also the fact that the Squid already exists in the Ocean), and put 100% focus on inky creatures, so try to add some creature variety.
Well, the Deep Ocean is meant to be based around Ink. I would add more enemies, but what other marine wildlife uses ink? (I just Googled it, and basically ALL cephalopods dispense ink) I'm also scrapping Squids.
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Well, the Deep Ocean is meant to be based around Ink. I would add more enemies, but what other marine wildlife uses ink?
I think your scope is a little too limited; maybe you can play with visibility in general. But if you don't wanna do that, then it's time to get creative.

Nautilus - a more defensive version of the Octopus, but living in all Deep Oceans and not using ink to attack. It would have a 10% of dropping a single Nautilus shell, now a component in the Octo Armour. It would not drop Ink.
Vampire Squid - again, living in all Deep Oceans, but more common in the Crimson. It would have a unique life drain ability, as well as an inky attack.


Nautilus Shield - Crafted at the Tinkerer's Workshop with 10 Nautilus Shells and the Ankh Shield, it grants... *Deep breath* 6 Defense, immunity to most debuffs, knockback and fire blocks, the ability to move at normal walking speed when walking underwater and DOUBLE swimming speed. Definitely worth it.
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