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Long time since Ive posted a thread about anything, i have had a thread about this before but instead i want to to fresh and make it have some more substance. So lets get to it.

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As the title suggests its a event, unlike Blood moons i really wanted it to be magical and something pretty polar opposite of its counterpart. However there will be mobs.
When Blue Moons rise your greeted with " A Blue Moon has risen" from there on bunnies spawn at a much faster rate and noticing zombies and slimes are non-existent. Then...what do you know when the moon reaches it apex a text shows " The rabbits are acting strange", Those fluffy dreams become horrid nightmares. Ill just let my monster stats do the talking.
Blue moons have a 1/30 chance to happen each night.

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Health 55
Defense 12
Damage 22
KB Resist 60%
- Highly resistant to knock back and can charge at players making it difficult to keep them at a distance.

Moon Spirit


Health 40
Defense 10
Damage 18 (Melee) 20 (Ranged)
KB Resist 20%
- Ability to travel through blocks and spawns sparkles


Health 20
Defense 5
Damage 30 (Melee)
KB Resist 0%
- travels through terrain and chases players exploding upon contact also adding Curse of Starfire.

Nocturnal Slime


Health 40
Defense 8
Damage 20 (Melee) 25 (Ranged)
KB Resist 40%
- When it hops and lands on terrain it causes a damaging star to fall down

Mad Hatter (Hm Mob)

180 Health
Defense 14
Damage 52
KB Resist 40%
- Below 50% health his attack and KB resist doubles.



Mex Life
5000/ 6000
-Each segment has 20 Defense and 60 Damage
- Breaths Starfire

Moon Stone

+ 5% magic damage
+ 40 Increased mana
- When firing a magic weapon there is a 1/4 chance it will also fire a moon strike in tandem dealing 40% attack value but adds 10 more mana cost
Drops: Any Blue Moon mob 3%

Stop Watch

25 Magic damage
Average Speed
3% Critical Strike chance
No Knockback
Mana Usage 200
- Releases a pulse suspending nearby enemy movement for 5 seconds and dealing the pulse damage .
Does not Work on Boss monsters or Players
Dropped: Hatty HM

Bottled Moon Jelly

-Restores 50 Health
-Gives you bonus regeneration for 1 minute
Drop: Nocturnal Slime 10%

Fuzzy Carrot

Vanilla Bunny Mount
Drops: Hatty 5% / Were Bunnies 2.5%

Staff of Draconis

41 Magic Damage
7% Critical Strike chance
Average Speed
18 Mana usage
Weak Knockback
- Fires a volley of Starfire, the embers home in on enemies and inflict "Curse of Starfire", while the flames fly forward exploding in to stardust on contact.
5% Drop From Jabberwocky
Spawns 6 Embers

Spawns 3 Flames

Glimmer Scale

" These things are believed to make wishes."

Seraph Armor
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Seraph Mask
15 Defense
+14% Casting and Melee speed
5% chance to evade damage for 50% of the damage
" Belonged to a powerful being beyond the stars"
Obtained: By Lunartic Give 10 Glimmering Scale(s) , 5 Stardust Fragment(s)

Seraph Chestplate
18 Defense
+9% Melee and Magic critical strike chance
5% chance to evade damage for 50% of the damage
" This metal makes adored chimes"
Obtained: By Lunartic Give 15 Glimmering Scale(s) , 5 Stardust Fragment(s)

Seraph Treads
14 Defense
+11% Melee and Magic damage
5% chance to evade damage for 50% of the damage
" These look like they have been across many light years"
Obtained: By Lunartic Give 10 Glimmering Scale(s) , 5 Stardust Fragment(s)

SET BONUS: Every 10 seconds you get the ability to use "Dimensional Disperse"press Q to activate , your armor displaces your body matter into sub-atomic particles allowing you to be impervious to attacks for 1.0 seconds.
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Dimensional Disperse

Imperious to all damage
"Cant feel a thing"


Take 3 Damage tick and no regeneration

To @SnugBoat for animating some mobs


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That's a fantastic idea! I do like how the blood moon and the solar eclipse add a little variety to the game, but I've always thought that they were a bit obnoxious and monotonous, especially since they're so common. I've been thinking that they should make those events a bit more rare, leaving room to squeeze in some unique and entertaining ideas.

In a game I've been programming, I'm making fun of the name "blue moon" (because the moon isn't really blue) by having every single color of moon, except for blue. :p


My only gripe with this event is that it seems magic-based (which isn't necessarily a problem), yet the armor you get from it is for melee players? Is that a mistake or an attempt to diversify the event?


I think this would be a nice opportunity for an armor that's for Melee/Magic players, akin to Frost Armor or Forbidden Armor. Like if the armor gives Magic Stats as well, and if there's 1-2 melee weapons dropped from this event, then that could do it


You should make it so that the Jabberwocky's head does much more damage but has lowered or no defense, like many other worm type enemies. Also, the Moon Stone is already an item, maybe rename it to Moonfire or something cool? I'd also say lower the drop rate for the Bunny mount but that's your choice, not mine :happy: Also, maybe nerfing the Seraph Armor's set bonus to having a 15 second cooldown seems less strong, but I'm no expert in balancing. I don't care if you take my suggestions into account, but either way this is a really cool suggestion!


This is a really neat idea. I definitely approve of a mystical moon event. (All things considered Terraria is sorta limited on mystical things.) I also really like the Alice theme, (which is public domain and therefore free game) and the rabbit in the moon theme. I'll drop a few ideas which you can incorporate if you see fit, otherwise I really like it. (Props for finding a second method for fuzzy carrot to be obtained.)

Vorpal Blade - A weapon of some kind, slayer of the Jabberwock (Alice)
Rice/Marshmallow Treats - Food item, Monster Carrot's punishment for being bad in Dragon Ball (The rabbit in the moon)
Hobby Horse - A hammer type weapon, Allusion to American Mcgee's Alice Return to Madness (Alice)

If you want to be cheeky you can add something alluding to Fran "I swear I'm not Alice, don't sue me" Bow.


A perfect flavor text for the Blue Moon.
Once in a blue moon, mythical creatures come out to play.

I feel like the Blue Moon would make a great counterpart to the Solar Eclipse where instead of famous movie monsters and such, the Blue Moon focuses on the mythical creatures of the world. Bigfoot, Dover Demon, etc.
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