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Bookcases are being a little useless


Nebula Pillar
Hello people, I'm here again to ask for a change in the Bookcases.
For those who don't know I'll explain what they are.
Bookcases are basically a furniture that serves as decoration and as a crafting station to make a few enchanted books.
They can be made with all kinds of material in the game.
The problem is this: this furniture already comes with its fixed sprite, that is, the books that are displayed on its shelves are always the same in the different bookcases.
There are only a few differences in the sprites of the books themselves that are supported there.

The solution I found:
Devs, please do this as I ask you:

Change the recipe to make the bookcases by removing the books from the recipe.

Then make this furniture be crafted (or in the case of the Dungeon and Golden ones, be found / dropped) without books, that is, its sprite comes without books, it comes empty.
And also make them interactive with the player, as well as some other furniture (Example: mannequins before version 1.4), so the player can use them however he wants, not only to put books on it.

Summing it all up:
make bookcases without books in your sprite and, consequently, without books in your recipe (and vice versa) and also give them the ability to put whatever you want in them.

Example: I want to have a shelf to store the dishes in my kitchen, but I don't want to have to be using platforms because each platform uses one tile high and that would be very weird (apart from this thing of not having a wall behind).

Note: this was just an example but my idea is to be able to place any type of decoration that does not measure more than one tile in height.

Well, that's it folks, I hope you liked my idea because I've been thinking about it for a few days.
See you, people!



This would be amazing. I fear it's too late for a suggestion that might be ... complicated to code? But I'd love to see this in a mod or something.
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