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Boss Death Effects


This suggestion is based off the fact that, when you defeat the Wall of Flesh and release the SPIRITS OF LIGHT AND :red: ING DARK INTO THE WORLD, there is no effect to signify it. So, i propose that any boss that when defeated makes a change in the world, should have some effect other than a chat message.

When killed, Skeletron should release a whole bunch of blue streams to the dungeon, signifying that it is unlocked and the water spirits have been released.
The main reason of this thread. When finally destroyed, there are 6 orbs floating in the box. they slowly spin and each color goes to its respective place.
Crimson/Corruption color flies to the evil biome, the pink flies to the newly created Hallow, the light blue one flies way up into space, and the mech boss souls fly in a random direction. I got this idea from the achievement: Achievement_It's_Hard!.png
When killed, a swirling ball of jungle leaves with a plantera bulb looking thing in the middle flies to the Jungle.
A ton of dungeon spirit projectiles fly to the Dungeon. Also signifies Plantera containing a ton of dead spirits that are released once again to inhabit Dungeon bodies.

All the other bosses either already do something (moon lord) or are not interesting enough aftermath (golem).
Do note that these effects are only after the FIRST kill, not every time.
Done. Did you like my suggestion? let me know in the comments. and dont forget to like and subscribe


I feel like all of these except wall of flesh make some lore too concrete.
Well, for the Mechanical Bosses, they make the jungle grow restless, naturally that means that this is caused by their deaths somehow. I see what you mean about plantera though.
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