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If the Boss Log were to have a hotkey to open with, what should be its default key?

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  1. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    [​IMG] Despawning messages in chat
    A message will appear in chat notifying the player(s) that a boss has despawned. No more wondering if the boss has despawned or not; now you will KNOW as soon as it happens. Each boss despawn message has unique flavor-text to them, including special cases, such as the bosses leaving upon sun rise. Other messages include destroying lunar pillars and blood moon type events when ending.


    [​IMG] Item map detection
    Treasure bags and pillar fragments are highlighted on the full-screen map.


    [​IMG] Respawn Timer
    While dead, players can see how much time is left before they respawn. The last three seconds will have sound indicators.


    [​IMG] Boss Radar
    Bosses that are not on screen will show a directional icon on the edge of the screen
    Arrow is green when the boss is inline of sight and becomes red when the opposite occurs


    BossLogClosed.png Boss Log

    The Boss Log is a new UI that provides information on bosses, including modded ones if supported! Its features include:

    Improved Boss Checklist

    See which bosses have been defeated and which boss is next. Split into 2, prehardmode and hardmode for your convenience. Click on the names to jump to the boss's page.​


    Boss Pages

    Each boss page includes many features. On the left you will see the boss, its name, whether its been defeated or not, and which mod the boss comes from (or Vanilla).


    Every wanted to know how fast you can defeat the MoonLord? or see if you can beat Skeletron Prime going untouched? Or maybe you just like seeing how many times you killed a boss mercilessly. Well the boss log now records these statistics! Statistics include: Kills on boss, deaths to boss, Fastest/Slowest time to killing a boss, lowest health youve been in a boss fight, longest time without being damaged, and your best/worst boss attack count. Your best stats and you last fight's stats can be compared from the boss log.

    Spawn Item

    A boss's spawn item is viewable within the Boss Log as well as its recipe. (More on this may be in development)

    Loot Tables

    Displays the loot a boss can drop, and if obtained by the player, it gets "checked off". (A flaw in this is that it is not automated and that other mods must add in their loot with a call. I'm hoping proper automatic loot tables will become easily accessible later in the mod's future)


    Bosses have neat collectible items that have a chance of dropping. There will be a checklist for these items. Collectibles include the boss mask, the boss trophy, and the boss music box. Upon collecting these 3 (4 for twins lel) items, they will appear in the display above them. Modded collectibles can be added via call, so be sure to let your favorite mods know!

    • Added boss despawn messages
    • Added event ending messages
    • Added map icons for treasure bags and pillar fragments
    • Added respawn timer with sound indications for the last 3 seconds
    • Github intergration
    • New icon
    • Mod name changed to "Boss Highlights", due to confusion where some players thought it was helping players kill bosses easier
    • Discord server released!
    • Added Mod Support! Add your own unique messages when you boss despawns! (Find out how on the homepage)
    • Added boss limb kill messages for: Skeletron, Skeletron Prime, Twins, and Golem (Moon Lord has issues)
    • Fixed Moon Lord despawn message appearing when defeated
    • Fixed Moon Lord despawn message appearing for all of his limbs
    • Fixed Martian Saucer counting towards the list of despawn messages
    • Fixed a bug in multiplayer, where thrown items had two map locations
    • Fixed Eater of Worlds not having despawn messages
    • Changed variables needed for modded fragments to work on the map
    • Added Shadow Scales and Tissue Samples to the item map
    • Fixed a game-crashing bug with Tissue Samples and Shadow Scales being drawn on the map
    • New Icon
    • Added Boss Radar
    • Added Boss Log
      • Added Player Records
      • Added Boss Checklist
      • Added Loot Tables [Unfinished. Hope to work on it more later]
      • Added Collections
    • Fixed worm bosses spamming their messages in chat
    • Fixed dictionary error messages
    • Improved respawn timer font
    • Fixed Boss Log dropping frames every time its opened
    • Fixed crashes involving Boss Radar (let me know if you are still running into any issues)
    • Removed debugging texts (Whoops. Sorry bout that)
    • "Thanks for playing" text now only appears on new characters once and is no longer shown in MP.
    For bugs and issues, please provide crash logs if applicable, .tplr files if necessary, and detailed descriptions.

    ✔ -- Fixed for next patch/update
    ● -- Attempting to fix right now
    ○ -- Needs proof of occurrence to fix

    ● Records do not update/record in Multiplayer
    ● Records sometimes dont record for worm-like bosses in singleplayer
    ○ Map drawing causes crashes in MP (Unsure if this still exists, please let me know)​
    Hopefully allow loot tables to be a proper full list of items that could be dropped
    Allow cross mod content for collections


    Suggestions are welcome.
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  2. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    Mod Support Available!!

    If you wish to add your own unique boss despawn messages in chat, just put the following code in you Mod Class.
    Do not include the name of the boss inside the despawn message!
    public override void PostSetupContent()
        Mod bossAssist = ModLoader.GetMod("BossAssist");
        if (bossAssist != null)
            bossAssist.Call("AddBoss", NPCType("YourBossClassNameHere"), "YourDespawnMessageGoesHere");
            // Example - bossAssist.Call("AddBoss", NPCType("WolfBoss"), " has tainted the heroes");
    For modders who want to add a boss page for the boss log:
    public override void PostSetupContent()
        Mod bossAssist = ModLoader.GetMod("BossAssist");
        if (bossAssist != null)
            List<int> BossCollection = new List<int>()
                ItemType("BossMask"), // They MUST be in this order as of now (will fix next update hopefully)
            List<int> BossLoot = new List<int>()
                            1f, // This is progression  position. Refer to Boss Checklist's prog list
                            NPCType("YourBossClassNameHere"), // NPC ID
                            Name, // Internal name of your mod
                            (Func<bool>)(() => ExampleWorld.downedAbomination), // Downed boss bool
                            ItemType("BossSpawnerItem"), // Spawn Item
                            "PathToYourBossTexture"); // I need a single frame of your boss, a wiki image for example inside your mod
    Please suggest your favorite mods to add their own pages!
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  3. Proxima404

    Proxima404 Steampunker

    I like this
  4. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    The mod is RELEASED! Further development will be made, but enjoy the current features!
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  5. Lunatic Lobbyist

    Lunatic Lobbyist The Destroyer

    An actual message for despawning... talk about something I never knew I wanted, and now can't fathom how it wasn't there all along.

    As far as despawning specifics, I assume you can identify when the player goes "out of bounds" for certain bosses, specifically some modded bosses. Extremely useful!

    Thanks for sharing these gems with us. :)
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  6. NuovaPrime

    NuovaPrime Spazmatism

    Quite the useful mod actually, nice job but i can't help myself from pointing out that you misspelt indicators wrong :p
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  7. HallowKingJerrold

    HallowKingJerrold Spazmatism

    Quite the humble little mod.
  8. CherenTheCat

    CherenTheCat Steampunker

    for some reason this mod freezes us in place for about 15 seconds when we defeat a boss? we can't pick up items, use treasure bags, ect.
  9. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    Which mods are you using along with Boss Highlights? Is this multiplayer and does it happen to only modded bosses or vanilla ones too?
  10. CherenTheCat

    CherenTheCat Steampunker

    It seems to be multiplayer only, and it's after killing any boss, I've done Skeletron, Eye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu, and Queen Bee, and every time, when the boss is defeated, we get the "Frozen" debuff and can't do anything.
    My list of mods from enabled.json is:

  11. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    That is quite a lot of mods. Are you sure its my mod causing the issues? Have you tried disabling my mod and attempt a boss fight again to see if you still have issues? Nothing in my code should give you a freezing buff or make you unable to pick up items.
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  12. Unftf

    Unftf Terrarian

    How about some statistic at the end of boss fight.
    How many damage each player did, how many deaths, how long, how much heal, mana potions,..
    Some small tab could appear and if the player want can click on it to view the stats.
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  13. Vsauce Michael

    Vsauce Michael Eye of Cthulhu

    evening fellas. first of all, I play this mod multiplayer everyday with my friends and it is very useful. and no it doesnt freeze us in place after a boss, so its not this mod for sure, it is working flawlessly.
    one problem is that when we defeat eater of worlds or any sort of "worm" boss with a lot of segments, it tells you something like "this boss is no longer after you" for each segment. so about 20 times in the chat. not that big of a deal and it was probably reported before. just helping out aint it. anyways have a good day my man
  14. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    Im not sure how that is occurring. The eater of worlds shouldn't be using a despawn message at all actually, since its not a boss until the final segment is revealed. Im currently looking into this and will hopefully have it fixed next patch.

    If you could provide a video or something of your experience happening in game, that would be helpful.
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  15. orian34

    orian34 Golem

    Seems like a good mod!
  16. FryoKnight

    FryoKnight Plantera

    So, Sheepish Shepherd, ever find a fix for that issue with the Eater of Worlds?
    Every time I killed off any worm that spawned off the main one, it would spam me with a "Eater of Worlds is no longer after you..." message...

    Because this is not so nice to be spammed with:

    [Shameful and Bulky are prefixes added in by another mod, but it still spams me regardless if I uninstall the other mods or not...]
  17. Proxima404

    Proxima404 Steampunker

    This is awesome, but it is the despawn message spams when I fight eater of worlds and the desert scourge (calamity mod), and it's probably the same with the destroyer and and other modded worm bosses.
  18. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    I have looked into it more and found the issue. It has been fixed for next patch (dont know when itll be though).
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  19. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    A lot of progress has been made! New features coming soon! Check out one of them: The Boss Log!
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  20. A Sheepish Shepherd

    A Sheepish Shepherd Official Terrarian

    BIG UPDATE OUT NOW! After long work and tweaking for perfection, the update is finished! Please notify me of any bugs you come across, either here or on my discord.


    • New Icon
    • Added Boss Radar
    • Added Boss Log
    • Added Player Records
    • Added Boss Checklist
    • Added Loot Tables [Unfinished. Hope to work on it more later]
    • Added Collections
    • Fixed worm bosses spamming their messages in chat
    • Fixed dictionary error messages
    • Fixed some multiplayer issues
    • Improved respawn timer font

    Will be on the ModBrowser shortly after this post.