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[Boss][Sprite] New Giant Carrot NPC

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by neoselket, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    So i noticed that there aren't many earlygame Bosses, and i intend to fix that. My idea is a boss that you are intended to fight without armor. this boss is intended to be encountered before the Eye of Cthulhu, and provide an option for people who just don't want to wait to get armor. So, let's get to it!

    The boss is summoned with a Kar-OT crystal, crafted with 4 mushrooms and a daybloom.

    HP: 1000
    Defence: 0
    Damage: 10

    Kar-OT is simple, just attempting to ram you over and over again until you die. A gold Broadsword at least is recommended. If you have an active bunny pet, it will attack Kar-OT for 5 damage.


    When Kar-OT is defeated, he will drop a Suspicious Looking Carrot(20% chance), 2-5 Lesser Healing Potions, and a Daybloom.

    Suspicious Looking Carrot
    Summons a Suspicious Looking Bunny pet.
    Suspicious Looking Bunny
    "I think it wants your Suspicious Looking Carrot"

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  2. Hrgamer112

    Hrgamer112 Terrarian

    Great!That is a great idea
  3. Enjl

    Enjl Cultist

    There should be a hardmode Kar-OT-MK2 summoned by Mechanical Nutritions which is basically a really tanky and slightly faster herpling.
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  4. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    great idea! this is going in the OP!
  5. Seeabass

    Seeabass Skeletron Prime

    Seems legit... Enough.

    It's a humorous idea, and I bet the devs will like it. Support!
  6. I have a feeling that you may have gotten this idea from Here.
    It would be fun to see this in the game though, and I can't say that it's not original.
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  7. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    funny that my april fools suggestion got more support than my serious suggestions.:p

    yes, and the Kar-OT crystal came from a minecraft mod called DivineRPG.
  8. towerator

    towerator Terrarian

    Mind equals blown.
    Bind equals mlown.
  9. Brick Creeper

    Brick Creeper Skeletron Prime

    Game;) away I love the puns, support! :)
  10. Robot Scout

    Robot Scout Terrarian

    This needs to be made. Sure pinky is a thing, but he's only a super rare spawn.
  11. Anth7150

    Anth7150 Spazmatism

    Seems hilarious for a boss, i bet one of the bossess (with a mouth) will eat it :D
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2015
  12. WasKilledBy_115

    WasKilledBy_115 Terrarian

    I don't like the idea of the Suspicious looking carrot since we all ready have a bunny pet.
  13. yugiohhero

    yugiohhero Plantera

    Wall of Flesh V Carrot!

    Carrot flopped over!
  14. Philitopolis

    Philitopolis Eye of Cthulhu

    This is really cool, something I would like to challenge myself to face on the first night. Something that would be quite easy to implement into this game and yet still provide that feel of something new and awesome.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 8, 2015, Original Post Date: Aug 8, 2015 ---
    I would laugh all day if this came into terraria. I would LOVE it too. Finally a boss that i can defeat with a struggle but still with-in the first 1-2 days.
  15. Shyguy

    Shyguy Spazmatism

    Carrot Man from Toejam and Earl...
  16. Bob The Peanut

    Bob The Peanut Cultist

    But seriously though, this is a great idea.
  17. yugiohhero

    yugiohhero Plantera

    Bunny guru: Bunny hood, mount, pet, suspicious pet. XD

    Question: Would the SLB attack KAR-OT?
  18. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    no, but normal bunny pet and bunnies will.
  19. yugiohhero

    yugiohhero Plantera

    OK, curious.