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PC Budget Mage: a mana playthrough-without the mana

Ordinary Orange α

Skeletron Prime
I've come up with a good terrible new playthrough idea:

Arnold: The Budget Mage
basically, a mage playthrough where I can't use mana stars.
As my first special playthrough, this is looking fun and stupid.

Arnold decided to go caving to start his.... life?
He found a spear early on. It wasn't what he hoped for, but it worked for now.
He also found tons of platinum.
like tons.


Weeeeee! Minecarts!
anyway, after two minecart rides, Arnold was pretty lost.
Luckily, he had picked up some recall potions on the way, so he got home in one piece.
Afterward, he found that staffs required 8 gems, not 1.


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