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Mobile Bug in Terraria


Your Terraria Device
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
Mobile Bug Priority
Mobile OS
Android 10QP1A.190711.020
1. The crafting station and the chest should be close enough so that you can take items from the chest and create an item without closing the chest
2. Put 20 lead ingots in the chest (important: you need to put it using the button under the inventory, and not by dragging the item into the chest), then take it back into the inventory (as it is written in brackets)
3. Don't close the chest! Open the crafting menu and there will be a lead bib. The bib consists of ~ 35 lead ingots.
The essence of the error: Terraria believes that there are 20 ingots in the player's inventory, and there are exactly the same amount in the chest. Therefore, the game doubles the number of items to create
The bug works on game's version
Visual example of a bug (with iron):
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