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So I have decided to make a list of bugs I have found.

This first one has to do with the hotbar orientation, first off the horizontal hotbar won’t apply to shops and chests when before 1.4.3 it did apply and looked better.
Also this applies to the crafting menu too. It isn’t nice looking with the hotbar being the only thing that will be horizontal.

The second one is a dupe bug, in order to get this all you have to do is open a chest, then close your inventory then open your inventory and craft something and it won’t consume the items, also if you move it will reset and won’t show craftable items with the items from the chest anymore.

I will continue to post in this thread if I find anymore bugs(or I rediscover bugs that I’ve found but just forgotten)


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I’ve found a few more.

Spinal tap hit box shrinks(or doesn’t change) when wearing the obsidian armor)

(edited out due to it was from me testing in test dummies lol)
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