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tModLoader Calamity Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by MountainDrew, May 27, 2016.


What would you like me to create more of?

  1. NPCs (enemies, house NPCs, etc.)

    834 vote(s)
  2. Bosses

    1,517 vote(s)
  3. Items (Accessories, Weapons, etc.)

    1,078 vote(s)
  4. Vanity (furniture, armor sets, etc.)

    295 vote(s)
  5. Mineable Stuff (Ores, Blocks, etc.)

    244 vote(s)
  1. ozoahameg

    ozoahameg Terrarian

    i dont think adding more ores would help the mod for its purpose
    calamity is for bustin up your :red: and mind trying to defeat bosses at an unfair level
    adding more ores to build more weapons and option would only ease up the game
    instead if you want more ores
    i think calamity will add an entire new boss and mobs for that purpose, just like when they added the sunken sea
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  2. The Chaldean Guy

    The Chaldean Guy Terrarian

    bro can i get a link of the discord
  3. ozoahameg

    ozoahameg Terrarian

    you can actually find their discord link at the 1st page of this thread
  4. ワムウ Wamū

    ワムウ Wamū Terrarian

    When will the mod be updated to 11.3?
  5. ozoahameg

    ozoahameg Terrarian

    what do you mean 11.3?
    11.3 tmodloader ? or calamity 11.3
    becaue calamity is already on 11.3 tmodloader
    and whats so exciting about 11.3?
  6. craytherlay

    craytherlay Terrarian

    Soo a bit of a Question when is Supreme Calamitas' Sprite change to a Humanoid sprite scheduled? just curious cause i heard about it but i can never find any discussion on it though i confirmed it on the Discord unless i was lied to/ teased by the devs
  7. Viruss

    Viruss Terrarian

    So i have a little problem on a playtrough of me and my friend. every time we activate revengance mode it automaticly disables itself. does anyone have any idea why this happens? The world is on expert.
  8. ozoahameg

    ozoahameg Terrarian

    try doing it singleplayer, it might be bugging out "calamity isnt always perfect" some bugs pops here and there from time to time
    but in my case, my revengance is working fine in multiplayer and single player tho
  9. EvanKrusher

    EvanKrusher Skeletron Prime

    I need some coding help

    how did you make the astral solution affect dirt blocks

    Because when i try to do it i get a build error


    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics;
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.IO;
    using System.Linq;
    using Terraria;
    using Terraria.DataStructures;
    using Terraria.GameInput;
    using Terraria.ID;
    using Terraria.ModLoader;
    using Terraria.ModLoader.IO;
    namespace EvanMod.Projectiles
        public class VoidSolution : ModProjectile
            public override void SetStaticDefaults()
                DisplayName.SetDefault("Void Spray");
            public override void SetDefaults() {
                projectile.width = 6;
                projectile.height = 6;
                projectile.friendly = true;
                projectile.alpha = 255;
                projectile.penetrate = -1;
                projectile.extraUpdates = 2;
                projectile.tileCollide = false;
                projectile.ignoreWater = true;
            public override void AI() {
                int dustType = mod.DustType("VoidSolution");
                if (projectile.owner == Main.myPlayer) {
                    Convert((int)(projectile.position.X + (float)(projectile.width / 2)) / 16, (int)(projectile.position.Y + (float)(projectile.height / 2)) / 16, 2);
                if (projectile.timeLeft > 133) {
                    projectile.timeLeft = 133;
                if (projectile.ai[0] > 7f) {
                    float dustScale = 1f;
                    if (projectile.ai[0] == 8f) {
                        dustScale = 0.2f;
                    else if (projectile.ai[0] == 9f) {
                        dustScale = 0.4f;
                    else if (projectile.ai[0] == 10f) {
                        dustScale = 0.6f;
                    else if (projectile.ai[0] == 11f) {
                        dustScale = 0.8f;
                    projectile.ai[0] += 1f;
                    for (int i = 0; i < 1; i++) {
                        int dustIndex = Dust.NewDust(new Vector2(projectile.position.X, projectile.position.Y), projectile.width, projectile.height, dustType, projectile.velocity.X * 0.2f, projectile.velocity.Y * 0.2f, 100, default(Color), 1f);
                        Dust dust = Main.dust[dustIndex];
                        dust.noGravity = true;
                        dust.scale *= 1.75f;
                        dust.velocity.X = dust.velocity.X * 2f;
                        dust.velocity.Y = dust.velocity.Y * 2f;
                        dust.scale *= dustScale;
                else {
                    projectile.ai[0] += 1f;
                projectile.rotation += 0.3f * (float)projectile.direction;
            public void Convert(int i, int j, int size = 4) {
                for (int k = i - size; k <= i + size; k++) {
                    for (int l = j - size; l <= j + size; l++) {
                        if (WorldGen.InWorld(k, l, 1) && Math.Abs(k - i) + Math.Abs(l - j) < Math.Sqrt(size * size + size * size)) {
                            int type = (int)Main.tile[k, l].type;
                            int wall = (int)Main.tile[k, l].wall;
                            if (wall != 0)
                                Main.tile[k, l].wall = (ushort)mod.WallType("VoidWall");
                                WorldGen.SquareWallFrame(k, l, true);
                                NetMessage.SendTileSquare(-1, k, l, 1);
                            if (TileID.Sets.Conversion.Stone[type])
                                Main.tile[k, l].type = (ushort)mod.TileType("VoidStoneBlock");
                                WorldGen.SquareTileFrame(k, l, true);
                                NetMessage.SendTileSquare(-1, k, l, 1);
                            if (TileID.Dirt)
                                Main.tile[k, l].type = (ushort)mod.TileType("VoidBlock");
                                WorldGen.SquareTileFrame(k, l, true);
                                NetMessage.SendTileSquare(-1, k, l, 1);
    I couldn't get the image here but heres the link

    A Tmod bug you need to worry about

    Note, the title is actually
    A Tmod bug you probably won't need to worry about
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  10. Bobibu

    Bobibu Terrarian

    I killed the HM Giant Clam and it drops nothing except amidias' pendant after dying six times.
    One of the following four items will be dropped if the player is in Hardmode
    Well nice troll
    Edit: Once more, still nothing. I have the mollusk husk, have the giant pearl, have the navystone, but no weapon
    i guess i'll just have a lucky draw and use the cheat sheet
    Edit:Thrice now
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  11. Okay, hold up a minute, I know some bosses are still not in the mod yet, but still. I just watched the trailer, and it says "25+ bosses", the list actuall present bosses is 22, so obviously there are more to come, but then the very first post from MountainDrew states there are 24 bosses. Even the actual in-game info box of Calamity says so!

    So I ask : are these 24 bosses the FINAL number of bosses there will be once the mod is complete, is it actual news, like actually 24 bosses and I just completely forgot something making me think there are ony 22 currently in the mod, or is it either only two bosses lacking as of now, ore will there be as said in the trailer more then 25 bosses? Yarhim for sure is gonna be one with ow he's kinda behind all the lore stuff that leads to all the crap we have to tore through during the game, and I think Draedon is planned as a boss too, right? Then we have our 24 bosses, but then, what in the overloving flying unholy f**k is GOOZMA (or Noxus, as I just found out) suposed to be, and doing in the story and mod?! It looks like a gigantic one-eyed slime and a granite biome had a baby so far out in space it doesn't even need wings to fly!!!
    Also before you get frustrated by my humor, if you can't take it, then why bother reading?

    Now, as an unrelated question, I know that Calamitas had imprisonned Silva in a lot of polluted stuff at the bottom of the Sulphuric sea, and that she is weakened to the point of a quote on quote "eternal slumber", but wouldn't it be nice to have her in the game? For a lore-seeker like me, this would be amazing due to all she could reveal about Yarhim, Brealor, Statis and the war against the Jungle Tyrant. I also wonder if due to being the first dryad, she and the vanilla dryad npc would have quotes regarding each other. Maybe she could be an unlockable npc after defeating supreme Calamitas? I mean, think about it for a moment, Calamitas is the one who created Silva's prison (at least partially)... and I just read something like what seems like Calamitas might side with us in a later version... ok then...
    Then how about after defeating Draedon? He did create the sludge used to weaken Silva after all. Plus, how does sludge alone contains a SOUL? There still has to be some magic involved in this, right? Even if there isn't, at least beating Draedon would make sense for maybe he could drop something to get Silva as a npc, or maybe spawn Silva stuck in sludge in the Sulphurous sea? I dunno, it's just ideas after all...

    Alright, enough of my rambling, on to finding a bucket big enough to douse Providence...
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  12. Woogie

    Woogie Skeletron Prime

    I counted 24 bosses. (technically 25 if you count leviathan and siren on their own)
    1. Desert Scourge
    2. Crabulon
    3. Hive mind
    4. Perforator Hive
    5. Slime God
    6. Cryogen
    7. Brimstone Elemental
    8. Aquatic Scourge
    9. Calamitas
    10. Leviathan (And Siren)
    11. Astrum Aureus
    12. Plaguebringer Goliath
    13. Ravager
    14. Astrum Deus
    15. Profaned Guardians
    16. Bumblebirb
    17. Providence
    18. Ceaseless Void
    19. Storm Weaver
    20. Signus
    21. Polterghast
    22. Devourer of Gods
    23. Yharon
    24. Supreme Calamitas
    Listed in the same order they appear in the boss list from the boss list mod.
    And this doesn't list the minibosses. (there are 10 minibosses)
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  13. ozoahameg

    ozoahameg Terrarian

    i was about to post same LOL
  14. Okay now I'm genuinely confused as of why I didn't count two of them.

    Maybe I'm just tired.
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  15. Alexius Thaddian

    Alexius Thaddian Terrarian

    Love that idea bro, just keep writing:D
  16. Abelishe

    Abelishe Terrarian

    Yateveo Bloom, doesn't appear for me to create and also does not appear in the Browser Recipe mod.

    Attached Files:

  17. Melster

    Melster Skeletron Prime

    What can I say except update the mod if possible.
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  18. Zytoxx

    Zytoxx Terrarian

    Me and my friends just got to wall of flesh, killed it then proceeded to crash where i (the host) was the only one able to loot some of the items until the server timed out and turned back the clock on the server to right before the fight so no chance to enter hardmode. Any chance for a fix? I only have calamity no music with calamity extra music, calamity music and boss checklist as the only active mods.
  19. Eiv

    Eiv Terrarian

    Not a big fan of the "starter bag", even simply having the option. Just a minor gripe. Love the mod though.
  20. EvanKrusher

    EvanKrusher Skeletron Prime

    Yeah, all you need to do is get is 30 or greater rope and boom, King Slime is dead, and he also has a chance to drop the slimy saddle which then you can cheese most of prehardmode up to Wall of Flesh because of the target dummy trick, possibly all of hardmode or even post moonlord, if it's possible then Calamity might as screwed up the most of the game. (RIP)