PC Cant find corruption chest?!?!

Discussion in 'PC In-Game Support' started by Loganminer26, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Loganminer26

    Loganminer26 Official Terrarian

    i looked across two worlds.i have the key waiting in my inventory.cant find the chest! is there a bug or something?
  2. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

    They are not Crimson Worlds, that may be the problem.
  3. Loganminer26

    Loganminer26 Official Terrarian

    oh ok ill try a corruptyion world
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  4. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Plantera

    were you in crimson worlds? if you were then that it why you can't find the corruption chest because it doesn't spawn in a crimson world
  5. Loganminer26

    Loganminer26 Official Terrarian

    not there.
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    not in a corruption world either
  6. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Plantera

    look at your map and see if there's any part of the dungeon unexplored, also just click edit instead of posting again
  7. Loganminer26

    Loganminer26 Official Terrarian

    ok i gtg now see you soon
  8. Loganminer26

    Loganminer26 Official Terrarian

    looked across the entire map,no chest.
  9. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Plantera

    Are you looking in the dungeon or out?
    just thinking of all possibilities
  10. Loganminer26

    Loganminer26 Official Terrarian

    im trying a large world now,hopefully that helps.
  11. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Plantera

    Have you passed by a purple chest? also if your not in the dungeon you wont find it
    Have you passed by a red chest? if you have passed by a red chest then you are in a crimson world
  12. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    For corruption chest, look in a dungeon in a world where corruption generated. For crimson, look in a dungeon in a world where crimson is generated.

    That's the chest you are currently looking for.

    Now, bring at least 2 stacks of torches(or lots of wood + gels), and simply light up each and every room/hallway that you see. Leave nothing to chance. If you see a gold/wooden chest, loot their items, then trash them. If you see the other biome chests, mark their place by placing the torches in a shape of an arrow pointing at them.

    You should find the one you are looking for with this method. I'm guessing you just overlooked the chest as you sped through the dungeon.
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  13. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    I don't think he's looking in a dungeon ._.
  14. Loganminer26

    Loganminer26 Official Terrarian

    i am looking in a dungeon...
  15. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    Assuming you are in the dungeon...

    And it is a corruption world...

    Size of the world does not matter. (And if a larger world means a larger dungeon, then you'd be better off in a smaller world. Not sure if it does tho.)

    If you are honest you've searched EVERY dungeon room then download a terraria map viewer and make sure it exists.
  16. Loganminer26

    Loganminer26 Official Terrarian

    scourge is AWESOME