tModLoader Capitalism

  • Refactored internal code to newer standard
Nothing more. This mod is going to need an eventual overhaul.

Edit: (and another internal refactoring)

  • Added mod icon
  • Added support for Hamstar Helpers v1.2.0 issue report
  • Minor internal refactoring
  • Added API


  • Capitalism
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  • Capitalism
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It's called economics, not capitalism. Took me a little while to find this mod too since it wasn't named appropriately.

It's a sad day when modders start pushing political agendas through their content.
-__- Why is this mod necessary? I REALLY don't see the point for this mods existence. This is fiction. Logic doesn't exist. So why are you trying to create it? Just curious is all.
  • Added Mod.Call API
  • Added small bits of polish
  • Updated net code to use PacketProtocol
  • Possible fix for player issues
  • Set world ids to use new convention
  • Assorted internal freshness refactoring
  • Updated to HH v1.4.18


  • Capitalism
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  • Updated to Mod Helpers v2.0.2
  • Added MP player load bug failsafe
  • Minor update for MH PacketProtocol tweak
  • Updated for MHv4


  • Capitalism
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  • Capitalism
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  • Capitalism
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You know what would have happened had this mod been active when my friend summoned the Pumpkin Moon?

I would have been so broke... (All my NPCs died)
Yeah, the NPCs from AlchemistNPC Lite don't seem to be working... Or at least the prices for the Architect's shop are not increasing from me buying massive quantities of Sand (I have bought over 5 full stacks, and the price has yet to budge from 1 Copper.). I know the mod itself is working because the Mechanic currently has a markup of 98% on Wire (I bought alot of wire... =w=)
  • Updated to TML11.5
  • Config ranges defined
  • Set config float fields to use hybrid UI input
  • Added formula result display to config
  • Updated to MHv5 and TML11
  • Added ranges to config fields
  • Updated to MH v4.2.3.2 (with conventions)
  • Switched from snake case to camel case
  • Changed uses of WorldHelpers.GetUniqueIdWithSeed to GetUniqueId


  • Capitalism
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  • Capitalism
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  • Capitalism
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