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Adventure Cave Story Recreated in Terraria!

What should I work on, once I'm feeling motivated again?

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Cave Story is a game developed by Daisuke Amaya aka "Pixel." During quarantine I decided to recreate the entire game in Terraria now that 1.4 is out with Journey mode and there are cool new building blocks to work with. The World can be played like an adventure map, or you could just tour the areas and explore what Cave Story has to offer.

You can view more pictures of and download the world here.
Capture 2020-07-07 12_58_22.png

Yama:red:a Farm

Capture 2020-08-01 18_39_10.png

Egg No. 6 of the Egg Corridor

Capture 2020-07-07 13_04_15.png

The Bushlands!

Main Features:

-Terraria 1.4.x compatible!
-Wide variety of areas with all sorts of rooms and caves.
-Up to 2 players recommended, though I'm not stopping you from running through the place in Journey Mode with 8 other people.
-Mining and building is not allowed and not intended for progress.

How to Play:
-Do not change NPC houses or create new ones
-Do not change any wiring/teleporter setups

-You can use Boss drops, except for the Slimy Hook and Slimy Saddle. Both provide way too much mobility for something that can be obtained near the beginning of the game.

Useful Tips:
-Keep an eye out for Pressure Pads during the early game. They're deadly!
-Save up your coins, you'll be able to Reforge equipment later on.

-Don't overestimate yourself just because you think you have powerful enough gear.

How to Install the Map:
-To play the world, download it, and extract/unzip the folder. Copy "________.wld" and past it in your world saves folder, which by default should be located in: Documents > My Games > Terraria > Worlds.

-Made for Terraria: http://terraria.org/
-Based on Cave Story https://www.cavestory.org/
-Vast majority of building done with TEdit: Releases · TEdit/Terraria-Map-Editor
-CSMC Discord, they didn't do much but they're all nice folk. Join the The CSMC (Cave Story Modding Community) Discord Server!

Thank you to my testers:
-Nicadrio Indeed~

-chadudeski, the legal loli lover

-Dipless, pronounced "Dip-less" not "D-ipples"


-and a couple of other monkeys

If you have any feedback then please feel free to tell me.

*This project can go further, with bonus areas such as the Wind Fortress and Bottom of the Island not built yet. If the world receives enough downloads, support, or I become bored again, I may update the world. The teleporter hub area is also a little bit rough around the edges too, but I'll take function over form for that detail.
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