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All Minecraft Structures recreated in Terraria


Official Terrarian
This is a little Map I've made in a YouTube Video Series where I tried to recreate every single Minecraft Structure in Terraria.
A Piglin Bastion
A Pillager Outpost

Capture 2020-08-19 10_54_52.png
Capture 2020-09-03 11_00_46.png

Capture 2020-07-27 13_13_10.png
Capture 2020-07-20 21_59_06.png

I even added some Loot to all of them so that they're more interesting and as a reward for people who play the Map in Survival

I've made two Versions of the Map:


- A Journey Mode Version if you just want to check out the Map without annoying Mobs and such


- A Survival Version in which you can just try to play the Map normally and find some Loot and rewards for your exploration

you can download them below.

And also if you're curious here is the YouTube series I did (german): Minecraft Dungeons/Strukturen in Terraria bauen


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