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Hello everyone. I have returned (for the third time in two years) to bring joy and cheer to all the little boys and girls of the Terraria Community Forums. This christmas santa is giving all the good children furniture. The bad kids also get furniture.
Have you ever found yourself in need of more building options? Have you ever thought 'man if only this game contained more than 400-ish furniture items'? Well then this is the mod for you. This here fine instance of game modification work aims to add every piece of furniture your little Terrarian heart could ever desire. If you want that pouf or that carpet or that telescope, then you know what mod to download! i'm referring to this one. Yes yes, Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod adds a pouf, a carpet and a telescope, amongst many other furniture items. A more specific and helpful list can be found below.


The .tmod file is included at the bottom of this post. The mod can also be found in the in-game Mod Browser.


End Tables:

Wall-mounted Candelabras:

Wall-mounted Clocks:



Collectable Inaction Figures:

Vanilla Background Objects:

Plant Pots and Plants to put in Plant Pots:

Placeable Potions, Food and Weapons:

Placable Fish:

Business Signs:

Tavern Stuff:

Barber Stuff:

Garden Stuff:

Kitchen Stuff:


Blank Paintable Furniture:


Team-Coloured Curtain Walls and Banners:


Stained Glass Windows:

Blacksmith's Furnaces:

Crafting Stations:

Mystical Furniture:

Sandstone Furniture:

Royal Furniture (and a slime):

Princess Furniture:

Paintings sold by the Painter:

New stuff sold by the Travelling Merchant:

Limestone Stuff:


Other Tiles:

Carpets (can be placed on any block):


Altogether this mod adds more than 600 new items, just about all of which are new placables with which to decorate your house or whatever. Because all it adds is placable stuff, it is very compatible with pretty much any arrangement of other mods you happen to be using. In case you're still on the fence about whether or not you should get this mod, this spoiler contains some pics of stuff I (and other people) built:
Look at this house:

Look at this tavern:

If that tavern isn't your taste, consider laying your eyes on this one made by @Marney :

And then this botanical garden/library:

And this wizard tower and blacksmith:

And this trophy hall made by @Democleas:

Well ladies and gentlemen that was quite a ride (assuming you opened the spoiler above)
All that and more will be available to you when you use Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod! I'm constantly adding new things to the mod whenever I need them for myself, and I plan on frequently (by my standards) updating the public version of the mod as well.

If you find yourself needing something that the mod doesnt offer (unlikely but hey it could happen I guess) feel free to tell me and I'll try and add it in the next version of the mod.
If you find a bug while using the mod, please do tell me. I am just a one-man team so I miss a few bugs every update.
Thanks to @Lunatic Lobbyist, @Exodus Starlit , @ThePixelatedGamer8 , @Marney , @Fury, @Kefke, @Mr. Melon, @Jenosis, @XZimur and @Koopahunter197 for suggesting additions for the mod!
Thanks to @sjaak31367 for helping me out a lot in the developement of this mod.

Current version: v1.4.1 for tModLoader v0.10.1.5 for Terraria v1.3.5.2
Last updated: October 16th, 2018

v1.0 (10/5/2017, 800 downloads):
-overcame anxiety
-published mod
v1.1 (17/5/2017, 3000 downloads):
-added homepage in the mod browser
-added 6 pieces of furniture
-added 'unsafe' versions of spider wall and lihzahrd wall that spawn enemies as suggested by @Fury
-vanilla walls can now be turned off at "My Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/Chad's Furniture.json"
-carpets can now be placed on all tiles, as opposed to only a number of commonly used building tiles
-improved marble pillar sprite, also player can now walk in front of marble pillar
-animated the pendulums of all hanging clocks
v1.2 (17/6/2017, ? downloads):
-added 3 pieces of furniture
-added placable alternatives for 67 potions (and a life crystal and a life fruit)
-made 84 vanilla background objects craftable
-including sword in the stone as suggested by @Koopahunter197
-made 9 vanilla walls craftable
-player can now no longer walk in front of marble pillar, as this caused a bug when placing the pillar
-changed some things about carpets for FPS improvements
-updated to tModLoader v0.10.0.1 for Terraria v1.3.5.2
v1.2.1 (18/6/2017, 2600 downloads):
-fixed a silly bug where all potions placed dirt blocks
v1.3 (3/7/2017, 400 downloads):
-(almost) all vanilla building blocks now merge with eachother
-added 5 blocks
----including granite pillar and bricks as suggested by @Exodus Starlit
-added 1 wall
-added 28 pieces of furniture
----including hm versions of blacksmith's forge as suggested by @Koopahunter197
----also including 16 collectable mob inaction figures
-------in turn including golem and the giant tortoise as suggested by @ThePixelatedGamer8
-fixed bug where crimson walls placed the wrong crimson walls
-fixed bug that displayed multiple pendulums for hanging clocks
-dungeon doors can now be crafted
-honeyfish is now crafted into a placable variant to circumvent a bug reported by @Marney
-marble pillar is now crafted at a workbench instead of a furnace
-marble slab is now crafted with smooth marble + stone, as opposed to only smooth marble
-pillars can now (again) be walked in front of
----(this causes a bug where you cannot place multiple pillar blocks on top of eachother)
----(until this is fixed, you can place a wall behind the pillar (and remove it afterwards) to be able to place them normally.
-made 4 more fish placable
-updated to tModLoader v0.10.0.2 for Terraria v1.3.5.2
v1.3.1 (4/7/2017, 15000 downloads):
-fixed a silly oversight where all hardmode blacksmith forges had weird crafting recipes, as pointed out by @Marney
v1.4 (17/11/2017, 1000 downloads):
-a lot of new stuff:
----added 12 blocks
-------including the stone pillar and mystical -, princess - and sandstone platforms, as suggested by @Marney
-------also including sturdy cobwebs, as suggested by @Amatzu
----added 9 walls
----added 231 pieces of furniture
-------including 39 new pieces of princess, sandstone and mystical furniture as suggested by @Jenosis
-------also including the vanilla background jungle plants and life fruit in pots and also 4 paintings as suggested by @XZimur, who also provided the sprites :)
-------also including a majestic horse statue as suggested by @Mr. Melon
-------also including 6 stained glass windows and 4 tapestries as suggested by @Kefke
-------also including 2 tall thrones and a dining table as suggested by @Lunatic Lobbyist
-------also including 2 racks of fireplace tools and a wolf pelt as suggested by @Marney
-------also including a model castle as suggested by @ThePixelatedGamer8
-------also including a placable mysterious tablet as suggested by @Koopahunter197
-------also including the collectable inaction figure for the lunatic cultist
----added 2 new types of carpet
-------including marble slab floor as suggested by @Marney
-a lot of bug fixes:
----fixed placement bug with the gnome reported by @gameDestroyer
----fixed spelling error in Retinazer's Collectable Inaction Figure pointed out by @Marney
----fixed diamond wall having two different recipes, also pointed out by @Marney
----fixed princess candle placement/breaking bug, also also pointed out by @Marney
----fixed modded blocks not blending with eachother, also also also pointed out by @Marney
----fixed the eye of horus popping in and out of stock at the travelling merchant, also also also also pointed out by @Marney
----fixed the decorative healing potion, mana potion and bottled water dropping the wrong items, bug reported by @robbieren75
----fixed canopy bed not counting as comfort item, as pointed out by @Kefke and @SlippyCheeze
----fixed mini-fridge crashing the game when moused over on the world map, also pointed out by @SlippyCheeze
----fixed lead glass wall lighting bug, also also reported by @SlippyCheeze
----fixed granite bricks not properly blocking light
----princess bookcase now allows you to craft the stuff crafted at other bookcases
----fixed globe placement bug
----pirates now correctly drop modded gold furniture
-reworked the entire carpet code
----fixed carpets not working properly on 'large bricks' (stone slab, sandstone bricks, etc.), as pointed out by @Marney
----fixed carpets slowing down the player's framerate when used in excess, as found by @Fury in his modded terraria series
----placing a block above a carpet will now correctly break the carpet instead of just making it invisible
----carpets, when removed, will now drop their item at their own position, as opposed to the player's position
----carpets have 'borders' to the left and right now, making them blend in a bit more with their surrounding blocks
----carpets can no longer be crafted in multiplayer, this will be reversed when I've made them mp-compatible in the future
-some sprite improvements
----improved the sprite of the painting 'Pink Smile'
----improved the sprite of the golden plate
----improved the sprites of all items in the princess furniture set
----improved the sprites of both Mystic Clocks and the Mystic Chest
----animated the Hanging Mystic Clock like all other hanging clocks
----improved the sprites of the coat racks
----changed the telescope to be aimed towards the stars, instead of aiming straight forwards
----recoloured the banners
-some additional polishing here and there
----all tiles now have fitting colours on the world map
----added config options to disable all tiles merging with eachother as requested by @XZimur and to disable crafting vanilla furniture (delete the config file and run the game for the file to update)
----'large bricks' (stone slab, sandstone bricks, etc.) now merge with dirt
----collectable inaction figures can no longer be crafted into their respective trophies/banners
----modded signs can now be attached to walls, ceilings and floors, and to 1 block high vertical surfaces as requested by @SlippyCheeze
----various modded pieces of wood furniture can now be crafted with all types of wood
----kitchen counter sink is now crafted with a water bucket instead of iron bars, like all other sinks
----vanilla throne recipe changed to [7 gold bars + 7 silk] as opposed to [30 gold/platinum bars + 20 silk]
----stove is now made with iron and wire, as opposed to [1 furnace + 1 cooking pot]
----vanilla chalice can no longer be crafted, but now a different-looking modded one can be instead
----vanilla banner sprite is back to normal, but the modded banners have been added as their own individual items
----paper is now placable
----golden furniture can now be crafted
----added an icon in the mods list
v1.4.0.1 (20/11/2017, 10000 downloads)
-bug fixes:
----cabinets are now temporarily unobtainable in multiplayer to circumvent a bug reported by @ShadowTiger
----ornate chandeliers, braziers, lanterns and wall candelabras now count as light sources, bug reported by @ShadowTiger
----fixed mysterious tablet animation, reported by @ShadowTiger
-additional changes:
----added crafting recipe for the mysterious tablet and renamed it to 'decorative mysterious tablet'
v1.4.0.2 (17/1/2018, 8000 downloads)
-new stuff:
----added 5 pieces of furniture
-------including 3 new animal homes as suggested by @Marney
----added Miracle Seed Mix bags that place more sturdy flowers and grass
-------11 different kinds of seed mixes
-------a watering can that lets you choose any specific frame of any planted seed
----added 1 new crafting material
-bug fixes:
----fixed blue dungeon cabinet being unplaceable
----fixed prismite fish being unplaceable
----fixed mythical clock being unplaceable
----fixed a lot of modded furniture animations
-------moon lord fountain, soup, mysterious tablet, spinning wheel and gargoyle now properly cycle through their frames
-------gargoyle now correctly displays one stream of water instead of two, and barfs water when it is raining
----fixed certain fish turning into other fish when being placed
----fixed mysterious tablet crashing the game when being destroyed, bug reported by @Ultimate D.O.S.
----added the previously forgotten recipe for the hanging golden clock
-improved textures:
----birdhouse tile and item
----gnome item
----placed ale
-additional changes:
----birdhouse now has an actual bird inhabiting it and requires said bird to be crafted
----added an option in the config to disable carpets to circumvent world loading crash
----renamed mod from "Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod" to "Chad's Furniture Mod"
v1.4.0.3 (9/2/2018, 36000 downloads)
-bug fixes:
----fixed end tables displaying 2 pixels too high
-additional changes:
----tile blending is now turned off in the Config by default
----severely reduced memory usage
v1.4.0.4 (2/7/2018, 31000 downloads)
-added 42 pieces of furniture
----including 12 chess pieces, as suggested by @Zalda
----also including a marble plant pot, as suggested by @Marney
-polished some formerly unpolished stuff
----removed 6 obsolete pieces of furniture
----further reduced memory usage, thanks to @Mirsario for helping with this
----the miniature windmill can now be placed facing left as well as right
----and so can the horse statue, thanks to @Kefke for suggesting this
----gave the birdhouse bird its own AI, instead of just having it fly a pre-determined path
-bug fixes:
----carpets will now no longer disappear randomly, thanks to everyone who reported this!
----worlds larger than the vanilla large world will now hopefully no longer crash
----mystic beds now count as chairs
-updated for tModLoader v0.10.1.4
v1.4.1 (16/10/2018)
-introduced Chinese localization by 抗药又坚硬汉化组(SBMW GROUP)
-added 21 pieces of furniture
----including a wrought iron garden chair, as suggested by @ironysparkles
-added 8 new walls
----including 7 types of trellis, as suggested by @ironysparkles
-added 1 new tile
-polished some formerly unpolished things
----wardrobes and cabinets now count as surfaces, as suggested by @Kefke
----rabbit hole now has a functional bunny in it
-fixed bugs
----added a space in the name of the item formerly known as "OrnateFridge"
----all potted plants' map names are now "Plant", as opposed to "Plant2", "Plant3" etc.
----hardmode forges now properly function as hellforges, thanks to @Bakemono for pointing this out!
-Miracle Mix Seeds can now be planted in clay pots and in planter boxes

-~<>~-What's to expect from the next update?-~<>~-
The next update will revolve around electronic appliances; TVs, radios, arcade machines. As always, if you have any ideas for what you'd like to see in this update, or in any future update, please do share your suggestions in this thread!

-~<>~-Future updates roadmap-~<>~-
- I'm planning on doing a 2.0 update! It won't add much, but I'll redo the entire code to make programming less of a pain for myself.


thank you for reading goodbye now


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Needless to say, that's A LOT of content. From what I can see, you did an incredible job spriting all these! They fit into the game's aesthetic fantastically.
I'm curious if a number of these (like the clocks with dangling pendulums) are animated. If not, do you plan to animate a number of these?
Thanks! :D
A lot of them are animated, though the clocks in particular are not. Though that's now added to my list for the next update.
Not sure how I feel about making all those vanilla items craftable, as my personal preference is to have to find some of those things. Ideally I'd love to see this as something that could be disabled with a config file, but that's just my nitpick. Especially walls, I assume the ones that generate enemies still do with your mod. At the very least, I hope there's a warning on those walls clearly communicated in tool-tips.
I can see why that would be a common complaint. I'll make that an option, then. None of the walls generate enemies when placed by the player.
Anyway, I look forward to trying this out when I have the time. Hope you continue working on this and continue making this even better.
Thanks :)
I'll try to update it every now and then with new content.
This is very, very good. Question though, how do you use floors/carpets? I can't get them to place, for some reason.
Thanks! Carpets are not blocks of their own, but they can be placed by leftclicking on other blocks.
They can as of now only be placed on blocks that are commonly used for building, like for example wood or gray bricks, though in the next update they can be placed on all tiles. They can also only be placed if the tile above the targeted tile is empty.
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I have a request: can you make natural Lihzahrd Walls obtainable while retaining their Lihzahrd-spawning properties?
Hey could marble pillars be changed to be like the ones in this suggestion? And maybe add the rest of them too?
That would be a cool idea, though I prefer not to include other people's suggestions into a mod that is primarily based on my own ideas. Plus, I don't know if the creator of the suggestion would be okay with me using the idea to begin with. I do really like the idea of the player being able to walk in front of the pillars, though. That might become a feature in the next update.
I have a request: can you make natural Lihzahrd Walls obtainable while retaining their Lihzahrd-spawning properties?
That's a good idea, that would allow for the creation of lihzahrd loot farms. Will be included into the next update :happy:
It's been a week since I released the mod so I'd like to give a big thank you to everybody who gave the mod a try. It actually got 821 downloads via the ingame Mod Browser and 51 on the forums, adding up to roughly 872 more downloads than I had originally expected.
As such I am moderately enticed to announce that
~-~V1.1 is out now!~-~
-added homepage in the mod browser
-added 6 pieces of furniture
-added 'unsafe' versions of spider wall and lihzahrd wall that spawn enemies, suggested by @Fury
-vanilla walls can now be turned off at "My Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/Chad's Furniture.json", suggested by @Lunatic Lobbyist
-carpets can now be placed on all tiles, as opposed to only a number of commonly used building tiles
-improved marble pillar sprite, also player can now walk in front of marble pillar
-animated the pendulums of all hanging clocks

The 6 furniture items added include a wooden stool (crafted with wood), a hanging lantern (crafted with iron/lead, glass and a torch) and 4 new paintings (bought from the painter). While this update isn't very heavy on new items, it makes a bunch of changes to the mod that you guys suggested in the week since the mod's been out.
One thing I would really like is a decorative sword in the stone (Both real and fake, along with some other random bits you find in caverns), and possibly demon altar.
I intend to add these, along with all other random background thingies, in the next update.
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Is it possible to add a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil and Adamantite/Titanium Forge of the Blacksmith's Forge? I would really like to include it in a blacksmith shop, but because I'm in hardmode, the normal anvil and Furnace don't really do much then. Also, the texture of it is freaking beautiful, and I need to include it.
this is an amazing mod for anyone who loves decor and stylized objects for building, thank you so much for making it possible to have all these great little items!
No problem :)
Is it possible to add a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil and Adamantite/Titanium Forge of the Blacksmith's Forge? I would really like to include it in a blacksmith shop, but because I'm in hardmode, the normal anvil and Furnace don't really do much then. Also, the texture of it is freaking beautiful, and I need to include it.
That's a good idea, they will be added in the next update! :D
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