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PC Changed Resource Pack Sounds Require Restart

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I was messing around the other day and decided I should try adding a sounds folder to my texture pack to see if I could edit the sounds. To my surprise, I could! I went to edit some of them while keeping the game open, then reloaded my texture pack once I was done. I went in-game to find that not only were the changed sounds not working at all, but I also had to restart the game to get them to work again AND update. This also happens if the texture pack is refreshed without even changing any of the sounds at all. Obviously, there is the extremely high chance that this is an engine issue which is a result of it being unable to load a ton of sounds at once, and I do acknowledge that.
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I am Merp

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How to Reproduce This Issue

Before doing ANY of this, make sure that Terraria is running in the background and keep it running for the entirety of this process. This will ensure that the bug actually occurs because I don't actually know the specifics behind what causes this to happen other than the fact that it can happen when the game is running when a new sound is added.

In the ResourcePacks folder in Terraria's save folder, create a folder inside of the Content folder of an existing texture pack called Sounds. You can also make one from scratch if you choose to*. In that folder, put any .wav file you want (or record one for testing purposes) and name it Item_1. Then, using an external program, convert this wav file to a .xnb file (There's a pretty good tool called TConvert in which you can just drag a .wav file into and it'll automatically convert it to .xnb without any prompts).

Then, all you have to do is enable or refresh the pack, (go to the Texture Packs tab on the main menu and then click cancel once there, it'll automatically reload all texture packs) enter a world and use any item that makes the "whoosh" sound effect when swung. If I've given the correct instructions, it should make no sound at all. If that is the case, restart the game and test it again without disabling the pack when quitting. It should then make the sound.

*Create an empty folder, then inside of it create a new folder called Content and a new Text Document called pack.json and fill it out properly. Then, in the Content folder, create a new folder called Sounds.

I am Merp

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UPDATE: It appears that EVERY single custom sound stops working, not just the new ones. Obviously this can be very annoying with texture packs that have a lot of sounds replaced (the likes of which I do not possess but can imagine it would be fairly annoying.) For example, if you have a texture pack that does both sounds and images and you only want to refresh the images, you have to restart the entire game after refreshing.
Sorry for the weird word flow, I'm really tired as I'm typing this.
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