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Hi! i have an error occurs when download this mod. Other mods dont want to load cause i dont have "Enough memory" i have Tremor, Thorium, Calamity mod and works fine, when i get this mod, game crash
For out of memory error I usually do this:
1-enable your mods but dont reload them.
2-exit modloader.
3-run again modloader.
this allow me to run big mods without any problem.
Extensions do whatever they like. It's up to them to preserve configurations
Ok, I am using your shorter respawn mod, so it is instant re pawn in the mod extensions. Every time I play it is disabled by default. Is there anything I can do to make it enabled automatically when I play? Thanks.
Ok, I am using your shorter respawn mod, so it is instant re pawn in the mod extensions. Every time I play it is disabled by default. Is there anything I can do to make it enabled automatically when I play? Thanks.
I'd have to figure that out someday, I'll remember the suggestion though.
Hi there, I really like your cheat sheet, especially the recipe browser. However would it be possible for you to add an option to search with the material and find what it builds into? Thanks for the great mod.
Hi there, I really like your cheat sheet, especially the recipe browser. However would it be possible for you to add an option to search with the material and find what it builds into? Thanks for the great mod.
just put the material into the space and the browser will tell you what recipes you can do with that item.
I love the extra accessory slots option and the recipe browser, but I'm not comfortable with the full cheat sheet mod - I'm somewhat short-tempered by nature and I don't want to just get too impatient and start spawning rare drops instead of farming. Unfortunately it seems there's no mods out there with the same amount of slots added (I could only find Shokah's mod for a single extra slot post-plantera) so I was wondering if there's a way you could maybe create a stand-alone accessory slot mod like you did for recipe browser?
NVM, just found your Antisocial mod. Does it work for armor too @_@
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I would love to use this mode, but the site that has the download ( does not load for me. Any suggestions for help? My in game mod browser also does not work, that's why I can't use that either.
It won't work to me,in the control settings there's nothing in the mod controls.


Cheat Sheet is a tool for developers and those who just want to play around with any vanilla or mod items/recipes/NPC.

A special thanks to the Gameiki team for developing the UI toolkit used and the original design and code for the Item Browser and the amazingly sweet-looking Hotbar, along with their corresponding textures. Without them, this mod would look super ugly.

For now, Cheat Sheet consists of an Item Browser, an NPC Browser, a Recipe Browser , and a special Section where other modders can add their own buttons.

The main interaction. Designed to stay discrete and out of the way until needed.
Press K (or whatever hotkey you've assigned to "Toggle Cheat Sheet Hotbar") or click the button at the bottom center of your screen to view the Cheat Sheet Hotbar to access all the items. Press/Click again to hide it along with the selected item.

Hotbar: Easy to use, looks nice

Item Browser:
Click an item to grab a full stack of that item or Shift-click to move a full stack of that item immediately to your inventory. The category buttons and the search field can be used to filter the list of items.
ItemBrowser: Name filtering.

ItemBrowser: Category/Mod filtering

NPC Browser:

Click any NPC to spawn it in front of your character. Use categories and search filter to find the NPC you desire.

NPC Spawner/Browser

Recipe Browser:
Click on any Recipe to see details. Use categories and search filter to find the recipe you want.

Recipe Browser

Paint Tools:
Click to reveal a a shelf of tools. Think TEdit or photoshop but in-game.

Eye Dropper/Paint Tiles
Extra Accessory Slots:
Choose between 0 and 6 extra accessory slots. (I know, overkill.) Note that these slots will not have a visual affect on your character. The items in the slots will save with your character. Also note that you can bypass typical accessory limits.

I don't know why I did this....

Mod Extensions:
A special area with buttons from other mods. Currently the following mods implement an extension:
  • Toggle Expert Mode -- Boss Expertise
  • Toggle Instant Respawn -- Shorter Respawn Time
  • Delete unfavorited from inventory -- Cheat Sheet Extended
  • Full Bright cheat -- Lighthack
  • (Let me know and I'll add your mod button to this list.)

More tools will be added over time.

Team Members: @jopojelly and @Gorateron

Latest Download: Mod Browser or direct link

Ideas to implement
  • Continuous Vaccumm
  • Fix lava slime despawn
  • Save window positions
  • save banned npc
  • Hide tab option

  • Prefixes (see HEROs Mod)
  • Teleport with map (see HEROs Mod)
  • Time manipulation (see HEROs Mod)
  • Full brightness (see Lighthack)
  • Biome Brush?
  • Projectile Spawn, Dust Spawn, Sound Tester
  • (reported stack mod conflict with recipe browser?)
  • NPC Banner now actually works.
  • It works in MP too.
  • Banned NPC persist.
  • Removed AutoTrash and made it it's own mod: Auto Trash
v0.2.5.9 and Recipe Browser v0.1.2.5
  • Updated to tModLoader v0.9.0.0
v0.2.5.6 and Recipe Browser v0.1.1
  • Reverse recipe functionality. Drag items to slot for related recipes. Double click recipe to see next step in crafting tree.
  • tModLoader update.
Recipe Browser v0.1, a standalone version of just the Recipe tool, released.
  • For those who only want the Recipe tool.
  • Various pause/auto-pause fixes. 1.3.2 fix.
  • Minion Count Booster Tool
  • Configuration Menu to aid in self control. Hide the tools you don't want to be tempted by. Video
  • Spawn Rate Multiplier Buttons: From half spawns to 30x spawns, have fun.
  • This update thanks to the efforts of @Gorateron
  • Vacuum Tool -- Brings items on ground to player
  • Quick Waypoints -- Instantly travel to spawn, hell, temple, random, and dungeon
  • Butcher -- Kill all hostile NPC, town NPC, or both.
  • Quick Clear -- Clear buffs, projectiles, or items from the world.
  • Clear Ground Items and NPC spawner now work in multiplayer.
  • updated to tModLoader 0.8.1/Terraria 1.3.1
  • Auto-Trash Slot -- Keeps inventory clean
  • 6 Extra Accessory Slots
  • Paint Brush
    • Rudimentary Flip horizontal, vertical
    • Transparent Select toggle.
  • Paint Tools -- new menu
    • Eye Dropper -- click to select tiles
    • Paint Brush -- places tiles copied using Eye Dropper
  • Super sweet animations
  • Now only one hotkey. Hotkey will toggle hotbar and reshow last used browser
  • Ability for modders to add cheat/debug buttons to a special menu: Instructions and Example
  • Clear items on ground button
  • Prevent NPC spawning in multiplayer
  • Recipe craft groups now display properly
  • Mounts category
  • Better tooltips and some fixes
  • Recipe Book
  • All axe now in the tools category
  • Fixed conflict with Enemy Prefixes mod.
  • NPC Browser/Spawner
  • Fixed material bug
  • Fixed Draw bug (ectoplasm)
  • Implemented right click. Right click for 1, hold right click for as many as you want.
  • Fixed some hidden stuff too.
  • Animate items in Item Browser
  • Item Browser

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I'm currently toying around with a few possible causes of world corruption. It tends to happen to any world I have used the "Paint" function on. - The one that can "highlight" a rectangle then "paint" it anywhere to clone-stamp it in the world. I drag it around a lot while running to flatten areas. I'm not saying this -is- the cause, (I really can't yet at all.) but it does happen on any world that I do use it on eventually.

I even made a backup in the middle of building, copying the entire world files into a backup folder. After it got corrupted, I copied the world files back in, restarted the client, and the were still corrupted somehow. I'll keep experimenting to find out what's causing it.

Unless there's some kind of a log file that explains what's happening when a world is being corrupted. That'd be fun to look at.

I may or may not have a corrupted world on hand. I'll try to reproduce the problem. This is the third world I've corrupted this month. Heh.
i feel like the search engine is incomplete like it needs to search for the item description too for example if i write "Range" maybe show the armor that gives attributes for range class
I love the mod it had help me a lot
Would it be possible to somehow download only the increased spawn rate mod?

(It is really useful when doing invasions but if I download the whole mod, my brother and I get tempted and want to hack more :/ )
Does Butcher Hostile Mobs have a maximum range, or does it just kill everything in the whole map?
its supposed to kill all enemies on your current screen even bosses and the most weird of the cases the portals of old ones army (if this happens just spawn another one with mob spawner), but if youre having an issue about just only killing one enemy at time rather all of them, youre having my problem.
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