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tAPI Conversion: an Avalon addon

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Nopezal, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime


    Have you ever wanted to think that you belong to a biome? Have you ever wanted to bind to that biome, and make that single biome strive forward?

    Well, here you go. This mod brings all of those whishes come true!(However, not yet. Atleast, not until I stop being lazy.)

    What the mod will feature:
    -A whole new game mechanic, unlocked in hardmode: Conversion.
    -NPC quests wich help you come more bound to your biome.
    -Biome specific items. (cheat menus should not disallow the use of them, though)
    -Killing your friends will add reputation, wich also makes you more bound to your biome.
    -If you want to make your biome compatible, you can! PoroCYon has made the mod modular. So you can make mods for a mod that's made for a mod! (yo dawg)

    What the VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY EARLY WIP version has at the moment is just the API set up. Things have to be changed still. It's not worth being released.
    The first version will be a version with the questing system polished up and the converting system functional.
    This mod does not have an ETA: It will come (probably way past) when Avalon comes out for tAPI.
    As for screenies, I don't have any good sprites. I could gif something that's very early indev, if you want.

    Thanks to:
    -The Avalon team, specifically Bullseye and PoroCYon: for their amazing support,
    -The tAPI team: for being overall awesome and for making tAPI,
    -Re-Logic: for the amazing game called Terraria,
    -You (yes, you there, behind the screen!): For taking your time to show this very unpolished forum post.

    For a little more talking about these features, check out this post.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2015
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  2. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    *reserved just in case*
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  3. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

    I had something to do with thing?

    Anyways, this looks great. If I ever get tAPI to work I will try it!
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  4. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Thanks! Hope you'll like it!
    But I'm not sure what you ment with the first sentence.
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  5. Sonnette

    Sonnette Retinazer

  6. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how could I have not noticed that?
    Every view and sign of interest helps me stay motivated for creating this mod!
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  7. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Update on this mod:
    Exams are almost over, so I will have more time to work for both Avalon and this mod.
    I have been working on the NPC API. More specifically: The quests.
    (pretty tiny update, hope you're not too sad that there isn't more :( )
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  8. _Mish

    _Mish Skeletron Prime

    Sounds good! I like it!
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  9. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Ahaha! Yes!
    I'm FINALLY done with my exams! I can start adding things again to the mod!
    I'm a really slow worker, so updates aren't going to be fast, however. I'll try to work faster than usual.
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  10. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Another post since, like, 2 months? Remember when I said I'd have more time? Yeah...
    ANYWAYS, little update! I have been trying to get this item working, and it works now! Here's a temporary early indev gif:
    Man, I'm happy to get that part out of the way. What is this supposed to do? For those EAGER to know, I'll put it in a little spoiler. But for those of you waiting, not wanting to get spoiled, I'm only telling that it's a crimson related weapon. Also, thank @Bullseye55 for this!
    This weapon inflicts a virus wich latches onto opponents and inflicts heavy damage (that red particle explosion). When the explosion happens, npcs around it will get this virus inflicted onto them. Also reacts to something else that's not said yet...

    EDIT: Got the weapon working how I want it to work! Check out the thread for a gif!
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2015
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  11. Eli10293

    Eli10293 Spazmatism

    Cool :p
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  12. Achromatic

    Achromatic Eye of Cthulhu

    I support this mod completely and indefinitely. I am hoping this will get released since it would be fun and interesting to see. The only thing I would recommend is a better sprite for the weapon in the GIF since at the moment it appears to be just a stick, though I am guessing it will get re-sprited since this mod is sadly not yet finished. Either way, I am desperate to try this and, if you make a banner or get somebody to make a banner, I will have it in my signature. Good luck with this great and complex idea!
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  13. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Thank you! @Wooren is currently respriting the weapon, but he and I have exams at the moment (not the same school or country though), so it may take a bit longer. About the banner, I honestly don't know anyone who could make one... I may contact someone on the forums here for that though. Thanks for your support!
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  14. Achromatic

    Achromatic Eye of Cthulhu

    Darthmorf is known to be a notable member of this forum when it comes to anything art related, he seems to be online on only rare occasions sadly.
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  15. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Ah thanks! I will try to contact him as soon as there's actually some more content though.
  16. ShadowTiger

    ShadowTiger Plantera

    It sounds interesting, sure, and this is speaking as a skeptic. May I ask for an elaboration on each of these points in this paragraph, please?

    What exactly does "conversation" entail?

    Are Biome-specific items similar to how those items you get from The Crimson, like The Meatball, Undertaker, Rotted Fork, etc, are specific to The Crimson? Or are these items that can literally only be used when you're actually in that biome? I only ask because if it's the former, then it's not as interesting or unique. It's just a visual flair to an otherwise regular item. Know what I mean?

    What sort of receptacle will there be to contain your current quantity of "reputation" that will exist upon killing allies? What counts as an ally, anyway? Friendly players engaged in PvP with you? That would eliminate single-player players from this. If it's in reference to killing town NPCs, that seems very much in opposition with gaining reputation.

    What do you mean by making a biome compatible? ... and with what? What would it have to be compatible with? How can a biome suddenly become compatible with something else?

    I apologize if my lack of understanding has reached ridiculous levels. I think that it has. :p
  17. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Heh, it's actually converting. that's where I got it from.
    Say you're in a biome in hardmode and use a certain item/make a certain pattern, you will see an orb appear around the main hud. You can now become one with the biome and turn yourself into an embodiment/entity of it, making you more powerful and being infused with that biome's power. (For example, Crimslimes have become one with the Crimson, and they got a)

    I wasn't exactly sure of this, but I thought that if you have a certain reputation for a biome, you can buy a material from the quest NPC for your biome, and make weapons with those.

    In single-player, your main way of getting reputation for a biome is quests. Basically if your friend/ someone else on the server is bound to another biome and you kill him in a little match, you gain a slight amount of reputation.

    Say other mods at biomes, I will have implemented an API that makes your biome conversible.

    Haha, no problem! Overthinking/complication is cool.
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  18. Wooren

    Wooren Terrarian

    Oh, so that's what the weapon does. Pretty cool indeed. Will definitely watch this thread.
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  19. Nopezal

    Nopezal Skeletron Prime

    Updated the gif. Now has the sprite from the genius above this post :D (Please note that the new gif is quite a bit longer, the old one shows off functionality.)
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