PC Cool Dye Combos

I lucked out with some shadowflame hades dye on my second or third strange plant. Mixed that up with some obsidian armor and Felicia is looking pretty dang cool.
Capture 2015-07-25 18_36_04.png

Also I put mirage dye on my unicorn mount. I tried rainbow dye but it hurt my eyes too much.
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    Capture 2015-07-25 18_36_04.png
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reflective metal dye on lunar cultist vanity, reflective gold dye on wings and accessories, reflective gold on mounts, pets etc. You look like the ultimate badass.
Wonder if it's too late. But i prefer a loki's vanity set and a negative dye
(You could use a solar wing with negative dye, too. This armor and wings works well with a negative dye
i'm really fond of shadowflame hades dye, but i don't like to use it on my whole armor set- it's a bit too gaudy for my tastes. i prefer to use the basic dyes on entire armor sets. that said, i think the shadowflame dye looks really nice on the worm scarf or panic necklace!

also, purple and black dye on the lunatic cultist mask is really nice- my oc sedna happens to wear that. i think she has a mixture of purple and black and stardust dye on?

If you have the time or effort to get it, the different types of black+flame dye looks amazing on hallowed headgear and armour
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