Corrupt a Wish

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by mgmletsplay, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. mgmletsplay

    mgmletsplay Skeletron Prime

    So, I remembered a game from the Odyssey PvP Steam group called Corrupt a Wish, and thought it was fun, so I decided to move it over here. [Is that allowed? Are the internet police going to get me? Am I safe? Ok, good]

    So, the game is where I wish for something, and then you must grant it. But when you do, you must corrupt it.
    EX: Guy 1 says "I wish for Terraria to update this week"
    Guy 2 says "It updates, but you get left out and are stuck in 1.2.4"
    After you corrupt a wish, you then make a wish of your own that someone else must corrupt.
    I wish that they will include Ness in the new Smash Bros. Game.
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  2. Ellhoir

    Ellhoir Skeletron Prime

    Granted, but they will be the only thing in the entire game.
    I wish I could think of an uncorruptible wish
  3. wireworker mobile

    wireworker mobile Official Terrarian

    Already granted, but you forgot it
    I wish for ice cream
    (Ps:such a thread exists)
  4. Granted, but it's melted.
    I wish for a new gaming laptop.
  5. Vampirezero7

    Vampirezero7 The Destroyer

    Granted but the laptop game broke and with an expired warranty

    I wish for 12 black spotted kittens
  6. wireworker mobile

    wireworker mobile Official Terrarian

    Granted but they die
    I wish for some water
  7. Vampirezero7

    Vampirezero7 The Destroyer

    Granted, the water had salt in

    I wish for 10 wishes
  8. wireworker mobile

    wireworker mobile Official Terrarian

    Granted, but this wish uses 11 wishes
    I wish for a salt crystal
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  9. mgmletsplay

    mgmletsplay Skeletron Prime

    Granted, but it is too salty so you ditch it for a life crystal
    WISHES?! I wish I knew that earlier!
    (From Shanghaied, that one Spongebob episode)
  10. JonDaTerrarian

    JonDaTerrarian Skeletron Prime

    You now have known that since last Tuesday, but, due to a paradox, you have exploded and are now lying on the floor, quite dead.
  11. mgmletsplay

    mgmletsplay Skeletron Prime

    Don't forget to make a wish!
    Since you didn't wish for anything, I can't corrupt it.
    I wish that you wished for something.
  12. Mark

    Mark Eye of Cthulhu

    granted,he did but he wished it silently

    i wish slimes had slimes for slimes
  13. Forever Alone Drone

    Forever Alone Drone Headless Horseman

    Slimes didn't have slimes for slimes, but they did have slimes for slimes for slimes for slimes for lihzards.

    I wish that Terraria 1.3 comes out in 9 million years
  14. Jetstream ∞

    Jetstream ∞ Cultist

    Granted, but everyone forgets about it.

    I wish I had a laser gun.
  15. Shrooms

    Shrooms Spazmatism

    Granted, however, it's too complicated for you to use it.

    I wish for an endless supply of bacon, cheese, and hash-browns. :D
  16. Mark

    Mark Eye of Cthulhu

    granted but its all spoiled

    i wish for a another wish
  17. Shrooms

    Shrooms Spazmatism


    Granted, but you can only wish for a pony.

    I wish for super powers!
  18. Mark

    Mark Eye of Cthulhu

    i wish for a evil pony that takes over the world with the power of chicken hats

    oh and your powers make you sick forever and you can only eat waffles for the rest of your life or you turn into a piece of dirt
  19. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    Granted, but the pony enslaves you as well.

    I wish I could make a giant green laser sprite animation
  20. Mark

    Mark Eye of Cthulhu

    granted,but you delete in your sleep while eating a pillow

    i wish for nothing at all.