Making a Wish Come True in Terraria

This is a great attitude! And the vanity set looks great too!
I wonder if this white "mask" is part of a hat or a cosmetic accessory that functions similarly to the Obsidian Skull (visually)?
I hope Frank will be happy for the rest of his life, that he took part in the development of a game that gave him a lot of emotions and inspiration, that distracted him from the troubles that befell him. I hope his health will improve and he will feel the world, like ordinary people. Thank you, Re-Logic, for the happy days you gave we! It means so much to all of us! I will only be glad if Terraria gains even more players who will share opinions and gaming experiences with each other, have fun and create their own content for this game, which will also be unique and beautiful. You are the best!:dryadhappy:
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