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Corrupt the Wish!


Skeletron Prime
wish granted, but the candy bar is not sweet, its insanely sour

i wish for the ability to know all coding languages


Duke Fishron
Granted, but it can't handle more than one or two mods at a time without crashing, and even then it has absolutely terrible performance.

I wish I could permanently lock any thread at will.


Eater of Worlds
Granted. You become a moderator, but now you have to deal with the responsiblities of being a moderator.

I wish I had more time to do things before I have to sleep.


Duke Fishron
Granted, but you can only use it for things you dislike.

I wish humanity actually cared about things other than just money.


Duke Fishron
Granted, you remember them only when you don't need to.

I wish society would stop pretending it cares about people.
Granted, society now makes you feel worthless on top of society not caring about us.

I wish for a Kit Kat bar. It must:
Appear within my hand. If I am holding something, the bar will not appear until I put that thing down.
Be in its wrapper still.
Be normal variety.
Nothing else can be added to it, inside or outside.
Adding on to the previous one, no other objects can appear in my hand along with the Kit Kat.


Eater of Worlds
Granted. You also end up being charged for the Kit Kat, and there is also a $10000 shipping fee, because making things appear out of thin air is expensive.

I wish I could get work done while also being able to do other things.
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