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As of release of 1.4 and the new updates/reworks of corruption and crimson, I'd like to start a discussion, so please share which one you prefer and why.
CORRUPTION, because although I love the colour of blood, I find that the corruption’s purple is more pleasing to look at in terraria and I think the corruption is easier to navigate underground. Changes to the crimson make it SOOOOO much better tho:golem:
well, i dont have 1.4 yet, but id still say corruption, its easier to travel around in cus it only has two types of enimeis you have too look out for but crimson is pretty good for a challenge. still id prefer corruption.
I prefered crimson before the update and still do it nowadays. While I haven't tested the effectiveness of the updated Brain of Confusion yet, I really enjoy the vampire knives and overall I like the look of crimson more than corruption.
Overall, I prefer corruption, but ichor is still better than cursed flames.
Though for melee characters, the Vampire Knives you get from the crimson chest are just too good, so I always choose crimson if I'm going to play melee.
I like the Crimson more when it comes down to the mechanics and the drops/crafts, but I like the Corruption more when it boils down to the aesthetic. I wouldn't mind the Crimson as a individual biome by itself, but the corrupted variants of the Crimson are really ugly to me, specially the Ice biome.

I would love if one day someone made a mod with something like "The True Evil" that combined aspects of both with a more neutral theme color, like black.
Right now, my favorite is crimson, but I also love corruption.

The crimson looks very pleasing to my eyes and I don’t have to worry about falling to death or getting trapped. Plus, its fun and funny when you crank the spawn rates to 10x and you are just being chased by a hoard of face monsters. The only thing I don‘t like about the crimson is the blood crawler and how they just creep up to you in the dark in packs. The sounds are kinda gross too. The. corruption has a really cool layout and looks pretty awesome when you purify it and when the ravines kind intersect. It’s also my favorite color (purple)!
I prefer corruption personally, but its hard to, considering how much preferential treatment Crimson gets balance-wise. They get better weapons and better loot, while their boss (combined with almost naturally-generated arena) is much easier. And that is just prehardmode, don't even get me started on Ichor vs Cursed Flame. The only aspect in which Crimson was in any way worse was Expert Mode boss loot and even that was buffed to be on par, so if you want to have a playthrough that goes much easier and smoother, you just go and pick Crimson. I like aesthetics and colors and enemies of corruption way more, and its a great shame that Crimson is just straight up better for your gameplay in every aspect.
Ok depends on the class-
Melee- Crimson. Crimson has better drops, and the bladetounge. Also the rotted fork.
Ranger- Crimson. It just has a better starting gun imo (the undertaker is better than musket). Also ichor bullets
Mage- Crimson. Crimson rod is practically a pre-hardmode nimbus rod.
Summoner- Corruption. Nothing useful for summoners in either one and corruption has weaker enemies. Brain of cthulhu is way stronger than eow.
Mage- Crimson. Crimson rod is practically a pre-hardmode nimbus rod.
Crimson Rod is nothing compared to the Vilethorn.
Summoner- Corruption. Nothing useful for summoners in either one and corruption has weaker enemies. Brain of cthulhu is way stronger than eow.
Ichor, Crimson armour and Flesh Knuckles: Am I a joke to you?
I actually don't have a preference. For every good thing I can name about one, I feel like I can name a good thing about the other, too. I feel like both of them have equal strengths and weaknesses.
Crimson because I can just get both anyway once hardmode starts and prehardmode corruption’s chasms and enemy spam makes me want to build a full scale rework with how bland and repetitive it is. Plus most of the gear (not all, but most) is objectively better in the crimson.

Also, you can get the timeless traveler vanity set in both world types in prehardmode, while the plaguebringer set just isn’t available in corruption worlds before hardmode starts.

These are a bit more personal preference, but I also think this game has too many cold colored biomes compared to warm colored ones, and crimson is not only a warm colored biome, the theming is dissonant in the best way possible. Meanwhile corruption is both cold colored and incredibly generic.

Honestly, I’m not even joking when I say corruption might be my least favorite biome in the entire game (its only contender being the ice biome). Crimson is like my 3rd favorite after Jungle and Desert.
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Since the 1.4 update made both biomes available in a single world, there are a lot less reasons to choose one over the other. For example, if you only choose crimson for the ichor, you may as well take corruption at world creation since you can just make crimson in hardmode when ichor becomes available. There are still a few things to consider, such as biome mimics (the biome mimic summoned by the key of night depends on which biome you chose durning worldgen, which makes the other one harder to farm). With that said, here is how I see things:
Melee - crimson. Honestly, corruption isn't that much behind in terms of melee loot, but the crimson does have some slight advantages, such as crimson armor in pre-hm, the flesh knuckles and fetid baghnakhs being easier to aquire, and the vampire knives.
Ranger - corruption. Musket is better than undertaker early on; demon arrows, while being hard to farm consistently, can occasionally be obtained from devourer and EoC kills, slightly reducing the grind for jester arrows. Having corruption as your natural world evil also means an easier access to putrid scent, and as such to stalker quiver and recon scope.
Mage - corruption. Vilethorn needs no explanation, but the mana band is also nice to have early on when you can't stock up on mana regen potions. And whilst life drain is pretty great, the utility of the clinger staff cannot be underestimated either.
Summoner - corruption. Pre-hm, crimson offers absolutely nothing to summoner other than the brain of confusion, which isn't that much better than worm scarf to justify choosing the crimson; aside from that, corruption also has wrath potions, which can boost minion damage unlike rage potions that do nothing for summoner at any point of the game. The random chance to get ancient shadow armor pieces early on is also nice, as they can boost whip speed pre-bosses. And no, I didn't forget flesh knuckles - they are pretty useless compared to some of the other accessories you could be using, and the only reason you'd wanna get them is because you're forced to use the feral claws due to lack of autoswing on whips, "so I might as well upgrade them for 8 extra defence". In reality, the bonuses provided from flesh knuckles can be achieved by simply drinking ale and iron skin potions (+1 warding accessory/bast statue if you are picky about having equal defence), and you would have an extra accessory slot for something more useful.

I am personally a sucker for corruption due to the darker theme and since it ties in better with the overall setting of the game, but the crimson also has it's place. It's ultimately up to personal preference, as the bonuses provided by either biome in pre-hm are ultimately negligible in the long run.
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