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tModLoader Cosmivengeon Mod

Welcome to the Cosmivengeon Mod thread!
Current version: v0.1.11
Built for tModLoader v0.11.7.7

What is this mod about?
Cosmivengeon is a content mod which, in due time, will add various bosses, biomes and items.

Where can I get this mod?
You can get this mod from the following places:
The tModLoader Discord
The Cosmivengeon Discord (#mod-downloads)
Direct Download
The Mod Browser ingame


What content does this mod add?
Cosmivengeon adds the following to your Terraria experience:



An otherworldly chaos has been unleashed... No turning back now.

What is Desolation?
Desolation is a new game mode added by Cosmivengeon.
This mode can be toggled by the
Core of Desolation item crafted at a Demon/Crimson Altar.

What does Desolation Mode do?
Tougher enemies, new debuffs and AI changes to all vanilla and Cosmivengeon bosses make
every aspect of playing Terraria much more difficult.
To counteract this, the player is given a new tool to work with:
What is Stamina?

Stamina is a new mechanic which operates through different States.
The default maximum value for the stamina bar is 10000 units.

The player does not gain or lose any benefits.
If the Exhausted state was activated, the stamina bar will increase at a default rate of 1250 units
per second. If the player switched from the Active state to this one, then the stamina bar will increase at
a default rate of 2500 units per second instead.


This state adds the
Energized buff to the player.
The player gets
+33% run speed acceleration, +20% max run speed and +35% item use speed.
The stamina bar will decrease at a default rate of 2000 units per second.
Switching from Active to Idle forces the stamina bar to wait 0.75s until it starts regenerating again.


This state adds the
Exhausted debuff to the player until the stamina bar has reached
a certain value (1750 units by default).
While the
Exhausted debuff is active, the player gets -16% run speed acceleration, -27% max run speed,
-33.33% item use speed, +30% fall speed acceleration and +15% max fall speed.
When the stamina bar is fully depleted, this state is activated.
After activating, there is a 1 second delay before the stamina bar can start regenerating.
The player cannot switch to the Active state until the stamina bar is full.
Defeating bosses from vanilla and Cosmivengeon will improve your Stamina ability.
The current stats for a player's Stamina ability can be viewed using the Energy Inspector item.

The item is crafted using 5 Wood, 5 Iron/Lead Bars, 2 Fallen Stars and 1 Diamond at a Workbench.

Defeating these bosses will give the following buffs to your Stamina:

"Defeating the monarch of slime has loosened up your muscles, allowing you to use
Stamina for longer and recover from Exhaustion faster."

Idle increase rate: +10%
Exhaustion increase rate: +6%
Active use rate: -3.5%
Maximum Stamina: +1000 units
"Defeating the mutant frost demon has boosted your resistance to the effects of Exhaustion."
Exhaustion attack speed rate: +2.25%
Exhaustion move acceleration rate: 1.25%
Exhaustion max move speed: +2.5%
Exhaustion increase rate: +5%
"Defeating the master observer of the night has honed your senses, allowing you to move
and attack faster while in the Active state."

Active attack speed rate: +8%
Active move acceleration rate: +6%
Active max move speed: +5%
"Defeating the serpentine master of the Forest has taught you to steady your form, allowing
you to use your Stamina for longer and slightly increasing its benefits."

Idle increase rate: +18%
Active use rate: -7.5%
All Active buffs: +2%
Maximum Stamina: +1500 units
"Defeating the grotesque harbinger from the Corruption has strengthened your resolve,
reducing the harmful effects from Exhaustion."

Exhaustion attack speed rate: +3%
Exhaustion move acceleration rate: +4%
Exhaustion max move speed: +5.75%
Exhausted increase rate: +6%
"Defeating the Crimson's mastermind has sharpened your wits, letting you react
faster to your surroundings."

Active attack speed rate: +6.5%
Active move acceleration rate: +7%
Active max move speed: +4%
"Defeating the monarch of the jungle has improved your resilience to Exhaustion and
your overall abilities while in the Active state."

Active attack speed rate: +4%
Active move acceleration rate: +3%
Exhaustion move acceleration rate: +1.5%

Exhaustion attack speed rate: +2%
"Defeating the cursed guardian of the Dungeon has further increased your control over your Stamina."
All Active buffs: +5%
All Exhaustion debuffs: +3.125%
Idle increase rate: +22.5%
Active use rate: -6%
Maximum Stamina: +2500 units

Cosmivengeon - Draek Idle Frames.gif

The guardian of the Forest.
This powerful entity used to be a normal, innocent snake until he discovered the ancient
gemstone once donned by the Earth Lord, Oronitus. Looks like the gemstone allowed him to control
rocks and energy from the Forest with ease.

Fought right before the evil bosses (Eater of Worlds / Brain of Cthulhu)

Use a
Mysterious Geode in the Forest biome.
The summon is crafted using
50 Stone Blocks and 1 Emerald at an Anvil.

A mutant lizard who evolved to survive the frozen wastes.
Hundreds of years ago, the ice beast's ancestors where normal lizards who resided in a normal Forest.
However, during the great War between the Draconian Gods and Cosmodod, a freezing self-aura casted
by Cosmodod backfired, turning into a frozen bomb which then plummeted into that Forest. The Forest
immediately became a frozen wasteland and most of the inhabitants there perished.
The ones that didn't adapted to survive in their new frigid environment and became a new species.
Frostbite appears to be the latest member of this bizarre ecological miracle.

Fought before the Eye of Cthulhu

Use an
Icy Lure in the Snow biome.
The summon is crafted using
2 Frost Crystals, 50 Snow Blocks and 25 Ice Blocks at a Workbench.
Frost Crystals are dropped by a new monster in the Snow biome: the Frost Prowler.

Sygilin - Former Owner, Lead Designer
@absoluteAquarian - Owner, Lead Programmer, Spriter
Hyperin - Admin
(also existing)

Universe - Spriter, Musician
WordOfTheDayIsYay - Musician

EyeBob - Lead Spriter
Cooper - Spriter
Kiwwi - Musician
Aloe - Spriter

Maxxor - Spriter
Javyz - Spriter
iFlicky - Spriter
JellyBru - Spriter

The tModLoader community for helping me with various tasks
@blushiemagic123 for creating tModLoader

@jopojelly for helping with various programming issues
ReLogic for creating Terraria
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Cool. Is Desolation Mode going to have any exclusive items or content or is it just for the challenge?


reptile mod....,,..,,,,,,,,,,..,.,....,...,,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

In all seriousness, I've enjoyed all I've seen from this mod so far, excited to see what the future holds in store!


I am getting this error every time I enable your mod with the latest update.

An error occurred while loading CosmivengeonMod
The mod(s) have been automatically disabled.
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Length cannot be less than zero.
Parameter name: length
at System.String.Substring(Int32 startIndex, Int32 length)
at CosmivengeonMod.ModEdits.ILHelper.CompleteLog(ILCursor c, Boolean beforeEdit) in CosmivengeonMod\ModEdits\ILHelper.cs:line 43
at CosmivengeonMod.ModEdits.Vanilla.JumpMovementPatch(ILContext il) in CosmivengeonMod\ModEdits\Vanilla.cs:line 160
at MonoMod.Cil.ILContext.Invoke(Manipulator manip)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.ILHook.Context.InvokeManipulator(MethodDefinition def, Manipulator cb)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.ILHook.Context.Refresh()
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.ILHook..ctor(MethodBase from, Manipulator manipulator, ILHookConfig& config)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.HookGen.HookEndpoint._NewILHook(MethodBase from, Manipulator to)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.HookGen.HookEndpoint._Add[TDelegate](Func`3 gen, TDelegate hookDelegate)
at MonoMod.RuntimeDetour.HookGen.HookEndpointManager.Modify(MethodBase method, Delegate callback)
at IL.Terraria.Player.add_JumpMovement(Manipulator )
at CosmivengeonMod.ModEdits.Vanilla.Load() in CosmivengeonMod\ModEdits\Vanilla.cs:line 14
at CosmivengeonMod.CosmivengeonMod.Load() in CosmivengeonMod.cs:line 134
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.<>c.<Load>b__38_0(Mod mod)
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.LoadModContent(CancellationToken token, Action`1 loadAction)
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent.Load(CancellationToken token)
at Terraria.ModLoader.ModLoader.Load(CancellationToken token)
Disabling Mod: CosmivengeonMod
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