CC Creation Compendium #66

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. SovereignVis

    SovereignVis Terrarian

    One of these days when I have some free time I'm going to make something really awesome for this creation compendium thingy.
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  2. shiningterrapin

    shiningterrapin Terrarian

    I liked them all, but my favorite had to be HuzbubberTim’s Undertale build.
  3. PUPpup DA PUP

    PUPpup DA PUP Terrarian

    i agree:kingslime::rslime::kingslime:
  4. Corblitz

    Corblitz Terrarian

    uhhh @darthmorf, i posted my build on khaois's profile a week ago or around that and my build doesnt show up on entries.
  5. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    This CC (#66) is the one Darth hosted. Entries were posted on his profile from the 1st of October until the 1st of November. Then this CC was made, and I started accepting entries for the CC I will be hosting. I got your entry on my profile, but you won't see it until CC#67, which will be posted on the 1st of December.
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  6. Corblitz

    Corblitz Terrarian

    oh alright, thanks for the info!