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CC Creation Compendium #69

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by Khaios, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer


    April is here, and we have a double month CC for you! As such, you may see two entries from a single person, and that's A-OK ^.^
    Welcome to Creation Compendium #69!

    To enter your Terraria fanart into the next compendium, send your entries to @darthmorf this month!
    Unsure how to enter? Check out this fancy guide!
    Be sure to brush up on the rules first ^.^
    1) All entries must be submitted to the hosting member's profile NOT via PM (See the previous CC to determine who is next on the rotation).

    2) All entries must be Terraria related in some way or another, whether that is in-game, art, music literature or any other form of creativity. Fanart of modded content will be accepted at the discretion of the CC team after review of the entry.

    3) Each user may only submit one entry per month. Group entries are allowed, but all members who worked on the project must be credited and proof of consent from each member must be given. Group entries do count as a user's single entry.

    4) Plagiarism is strictly not tolerated. Any evidence of such matters should be sent to a member of staff privately as soon as possible. The CC operates on a 'two strikes and you're out' system; after two offenses a user will be permanently banned from entering into all future Creation Compendiums.

    5) Content such as memes, image macros, and other such content that does not contribute to the Compendium's message of expressing your creativity will be rejected. These "low-effort entries" will be taken out at the CC team's discretion.

    6) Entries must be of decent quality. Blurry images, distorted sound files, and entries of obvious minimal effort will not be accepted. Entries will be reviewed by the CC team, and may be removed at their discretion.

    7) The CC is a showcase, not a contest. All entries submitted (that are within the rules) will make it into the post.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask @darthmorf @Khaios or any TCF Staff member.

    Now let's get to the entries!










    @Awesomesauce 9000








    @Lord Garak



    @Huzbubber Tim




    @reggie regum


    @Jon Smitten








    @Arya Swan








    @Huzbubber Tim




    @Beowulf Bitter








    @Amarok the Wolf



    [Content removed by steff]


    That concludes Creation Compendium #69! Thank you everyone who participated! We look forward to seeing more of your awesome entries ^.^

    Did you miss CC #68? Find it here!

    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  2. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Wow, amazing work everyone! I usually pick a favorite but I can’t really decide, they’re all wonderful. Good job!
    Khaios likes this.
  3. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    I deserved that backfire for making a bad April fools joke. :p
  4. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Really fabulous stuff this time. Lots of compelling creations and so much talent displayed here. Great job everyone!

    Thanks to darthmorf and Khaios for organizing this each time.
    Chips, ann_T, Khaios and 4 others like this.
  5. BlueJay_T_Gaming

    BlueJay_T_Gaming Santa-NK1

    Love all the entries this month! I've got to say @ann_T 's has got to be my favorite though. Great job everyone!
    ann_T, Akuma, Khaios and 2 others like this.
  6. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Was happy to participate in this again. Forgot how awesome these entries were!
    Not sure what happened with the last entry, but oh well.
    Keep it up, everyone!
  7. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    Submissions were really low last month, so instead of publishing a very short CC, we gave people another month to submit ^.^
  8. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    I was talking about @ppowersteef ’s entry. :p
  9. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    Oh! Haha. He posted that line of text as an April Fool's joke "entry." I one up'ed him by actually accepting it as an entry as an April Fool's joke >:D
    TheWorfer27 and ppowersteef like this.
  10. Akuma

    Akuma Terrarian

    All the entries looks awesome! ^v^ Bluejay's building has to be my favorite.
    It feels kinda weird to see my own art posted here for the first time but its the good kinda weird.
    Looking forward to the next CC c:
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
    Chips, BlueJay_T_Gaming and Khaios like this.
  11. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    Amazing entry, like always !
    Especially that last one ! Very creative !
    TheWorfer27, Khaios and ppowersteef like this.
  12. Fishu

    Fishu Spazmatism

    Wow! Every entries are amazing but @ann_T 's work is insane! I love it so much! :pinky:
    Congrats for everyone! ^^
  13. TheDarknessSoldier

    TheDarknessSoldier Ice Queen

    All of these were great! I might consider entering myself...
    But @ppowersteef was very interesting. I'd love to see more from all of the people!
  14. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    The more, the merrier ^.^
    Chips, SkeletalDestroyr and InstaFiz like this.
  15. Chips

    Chips The Destroyer

    Damn, kept on telling myself I'd get to entering... Nevertheless, these are some great entries! I'll try entering this month, but my instinct to procrastinate might get the best of me, so no promises.
  16. SovereignVis

    SovereignVis Terrarian

    One of these days when I have more free time I'm going to make something really awesome for this creation compendium thingy.
    Chips likes this.
  17. Canito

    Canito Plantera

    Very Niceu
  18. Cee

    Cee Steampunker

    I need to get my act together and make something for this showcase. I'll probably get distracted but if I'm ever stuck with nothing to do, might as well give it a try!
  19. LinkSans2000

    LinkSans2000 Golem

    Ok, that MTT Pixel Art is amazing! OH YES!
  20. The_Frogfly

    The_Frogfly Terrarian