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Cross Platform Mods

Would you want Cross Platform Mods

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Hey I'm new here in this forum I've been playing terraria for a year (I migrated from ps4 to switch) and I really enjoy it (l beaten the eye of cthulu yesterday on my crimson playthrough [I have one world for corruption and one world for crimson]) and for a console port I think this game is really amazing

However their is one thing that is really making me wishing

No it's not 1.4 I'm patient for long updates (I've been waiting 3 years for geometry desk 2.2) the thing I wish for is the ability for cross platform mods

Recently I read that Bethesda does cross platform mods for fallout 4 via their creation club, microtransactions aside it proved to me that cross platform modding is possible. Minecraft also has a storefront for texture packs across platforms as well

This made me realize that Terraria should add a queue for mods so that all console players can use them (minus the obvious microtransactions those two examples bring)

What I specifically want is a dedicated place across ALL platforms where mods can be downloaded and used on Switch Ps4 and Xbox, I dont care if you can only make mods on the PC version but all I want is the ability to play mods (even though I have good ideas for a mod)

What do you think, would anyone reading this want that???


Bethesda and Minecraft were only able to do that because their companies were big enough to break the rules. Re-logic isn't nearly so.

That's not the point the point is would you want cross platform mods for all terraria platforms orms

Bethesda and Minecraft were only able to do that because their companies were big enough to break the rules. Re-logic isn't nearly so.
But I do like the feedback
This is a cool idea. However, I'm pretty certain that different platforms run on different source code, so any mods designed for PC likely wouldn't work with, say, Switch.


I imagine Mobile also runs on different source code.
I think that it is possible, I mean the creators are pretty much done with the major updates but they dont seem to be the type of people to just leave a game so I think there trying to make cross platform mods when journeys end comes for consoels
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