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Cybernetic Bosses

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Have you ever wanted to fight a boss just for fun without consuming the item, or ever broke an adventure map because you had to fight the wall of flesh? This could help.
Sold by the mechanic for 10 gold
This item allows crafting of cybernetic bosses. These bosses are made with the original summon at a cybernetifier (ie: Slime Crown -> Cybernetic Crown)
Cybernetic Bosses are like regular bosses with a few changes
1. The summon item is never consumed
2. They do not care about what biome they are in or time of day (ie: Duke Fishron enraging outside of the ocean, Cybernetic duke does not enrage)
3. They do not drop loot or progress (like the WOF introducing hardmode)
By the way, they look like the original bosses with a light blue pallete

These cybernetic versions are summoned by using there item at a cybernetifier, like the lhizard altar. When the boss is defeated, the altar sends a wire signal, allowing for adventure maps where you can't just walk past the boss.
What do you think? Any questions I should awnser?


Duke Fishron
Okay, I'm gonna get to the point instantly. Instead of being called The Cybernetifier, why not call it The Matrix or The Digitalizer?

Anyway, do the cy-bosses leave motion blurs/afterimages when they move? Bonus points if they do that!

Also, there could be an easter egg with the mechanical bosses (Of course, after you beat the real deals) that they would be stronger than usual. Support!


At first:
"Ohh, we're gonna make a mech boss for every boss? Ugh."

But now, I see why this is such a good idea to do this. Adventure maps will be much easier.


Official Terrarian
Here's a sprite for the Cybernetic Eye Of Cthulhu, originally named "Eye of Cyberspace":
Eye of Cyberspace.gif
And here's the summon item:
Internet Eye.gif

I make sprites for the suggestions TheWorfer27 makes.
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