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Daikon here!


Greetings, fellow creators and Players, I am Daikon! Having been around for four years and counting, I thought my bio would be sufficient to give others an idea of who I am and what's my business here. With Journey's End released, it'd be time I reconsider that statement and several others over that time. My regards go to @CurlyBrace for motivating me towards this former reconsideration. `:)

Before I found out about Terraria, I mainly played racing games but had an interest in platformers brought upon by Nintendo Power and other publications. When I found out about it, I did not have a computer ready for the game. As such, I resorted to drawings of the lands alongside the occasional ceramic representation of Demon Eyes: enemies that spooked me the most that proved themselves more and more interesting. December 24, 2012 was the day when I had a PC and the game. Forever shall I find myself grateful for such a glorious blend of 2D side-scrolling action and fully-manipulatable worlds. `:happy:

With that period's changes coming about, fascination grew upon occasional glances at Terraria Online ending up as full-blown lurking. Getting myself familiar with indie game communities and such, it proved itself my inevitable favorite with members of varying moods and content to reflect it (as you might expect, I really enjoy The Terrarian Times). Surely enough, change has to come. Finding myself impressed with Cenx's efforts regarding 1.2 and taking time appreciating others at Re-Logic, it stood in my best interests that I will not pass up the opportunity to interact in something like TO. November 29, 2015 marks my entry here.

The year proved itself a time for testing waters and hoping to find a purpose I somehow forgot in mind when joining these forums. Having settled on optimism and determination, status updates would emerge a focus of mine as a platform for documenting the things that don't belong in the threads I made. The convenience and thrill of conversations proved itself rather addictive. Fortunately, the fun doesn't end there once I decided to participate in Forum Games. Owing to their go-then-post nature, they also prove themselves worthy of breaking the ice when the others get hot. Naturally, I await others hopping aboard to see what post will win, the highest number they counted before a staff member posts, or what word can they make using the last letter of the word posted prior.

I see Player Characters as the forebearers of uniqueness in terms of dress and personality worth exploring. Everyone has a story and I cannot help but find myself interested, leaving as much to my imagination as the worlds they inhabit and explore. I might not always get it and that's a-okay with me. That's room I can occupy for telling mine. For such a critical component of the game, come at no surprise that they're my favorite among others.

Overall, I love this game, find myself grateful to join this site, and interact with members like you. Thanks for reading! `:D
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