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Wavebank Derxwna's Wavebank Corner (C&C and FFXIV)


Salutations all you fellow Terrariaians, I come bearing a gift of potential quality.

After seeing the custom wave banks made by various users (Specifically, one of the Undertale ones), and getting a tutorial on how to make one now thanks to my friend (Who released their own set of wavebanks; check that stuff out, it's solid), I decided to make some of my own. At this point, there are now three of them! They are a Command & Conquer+-themed one, a Final Fantasy XIV-themed one, and a Granblue Fantasy-themed one. All three can be found below, along with notes about them.

A few general things to note about the waebanks:
  • None of the tracks will "loop", nor are they extended in any way (outside of the case of one song in the Granblue Wavebank). Most of the tracks had a natural fade-out, so I left them untouched because I don't trust my skills trying to extend the songs. Unfortunately this leaves some undesirable outcomes (such as the Pumpkin Moon theme in the C&C Wavebank (Hell March Remix by Smiechu) restarting like, 2 minutes before the event ends). There are a few tracks I've modified, some such are Answers - Reprise on the FFXIV wavebank, so it cuts out a little better, as well as Wings of Terror on the Granblue Wavebank so it goes a little longer.
  • I'm not entirely pleased with some of the tracks in the Final Fantasy XIV wavebank, but I wasn't entirely sure what tracks to use for some areas (Particularly, I'm not fond of the track I used for Rain (Music), which was Crystal Rain.). I'm open to suggestions on what you think could be changed around and with what.
  • The Granblue Wavebank is far from perfect. I had to reach pretty hard for some of the tracks, so as a result you might find some rather awkwardly themed ones (It got so bad I had to outsource to the Anime). You'll have to really stretch your line of thought for fitting tracks here.

I did not compile a forum-based track list for the other wavebanks this time, because I made a better alternative. Utilizing Google Spreadsheets, I have documented the tracks and what gets put in their place. It also documents what album they're on, as well as a link to listen to them. I haven't made a field for Artists yet, but that can be done later. This also has the Command & Conquer+ one on it as well (I didn't feel like removing the list here so that one'll stay), and a template for others if they wish to use the same method. The spreadsheet also has download links for all of the Wavebanks I have, so that's a plus too!


Starting the Wavebanks off is the Command & Conquer-themed one. Unfortunately, not a lot of tracks in the Command & Conquer franchise actually fit the bill, so we had to outreach to mods such as Mental Omega and Twisted Insurrection, and on the off-occasion, some of Frank Klepacki's solo work. Though, we feel the tracks work pretty well where we've used them!

Below is the track list, and what theme corresponds to each track. I'll provide links to each song if you want to sample the themes before actually trying it out, as well as crediting where each song came from and who the artist was.

Note: 1.4's version is uploaded to Steam now! A link to it can be found below here!

  1. Night -- Valves (Source: Tiberian Sun; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  2. Eerie (Meteor, Blood Moon) -- Stripped of Life (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Bobek?)
  3. Overworld Day -- The Valley (Source: Red Alert Retaliation; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  4. Boss 1 (Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Skeletron/Prime, Duke Fishron) -- Warfare (Full Stop) (Source: Tiberian Dawn; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  5. Title -- Tiberian Sun Menu Theme (Source: Tiberian Sun; Artist: Unknown)
  6. Jungle -- On The Prowl (Source: Tiberian Dawn; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  7. Corruption -- Dawn (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Bobek?)
  8. The Hallow -- Magical Caverns (Album: Conquering 20 Years; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  9. Underground Corruption -- Corroded Valves (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Bobek)
  10. Underground Hallow -- Ascension (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: OmegaBolt)
  11. Boss 2 (The Twins, Wall of Flesh) -- Mechanical Man Remix (Artist: Pr0metheus; Featured in: Mental Omega 3.0)
  12. Underground -- Trenches (Source: Red Alert 1; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  13. Boss 3 (The Destroyer, Brain of Cthulhu, Frost Legion) -- In The Line Of Fire (Remix) (Source: Renegade; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  14. Snow -- 200 Meters (Source: Red Alert 2; Artist: Giacomorlando)
  15. Space -- Banished (Album: Viratia; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  16. Crimson -- Nod Crush (Source: Tiberian Sun; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  17. Boss 4 (Golem, Cultist) -- Just Do it Up (Source: Tiberian Dawn; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  18. Alt Overworld Day -- Floating (Source: Red Alert - Aftermath; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  19. Rain (Music) -- Ion Storm (Source: Tiberian Sun; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  20. Ice -- Elusive (Source: Firestorm; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  21. Desert -- The Forgotten (Album: Black Ice 9; Artist: Black Ice 9; Featured in: Mental Omega 3.0)
  22. Ocean -- Eagle Hunter (Source: Red Alert 2; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  23. Dungeon -- Industrial Ambient (Source: Renegade; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  24. Plantera -- Rocktronic (Album: Rocktronic; Artist: Frank Klepacki; Featured in: Mental Omega 3.0)
  25. Boss 5 (Queen Bee) -- Enemies to Be Feared (Source: Tiberian Dawn; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  26. Temple -- Tombs (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Bobek)
  27. Eclipse -- Inside your Soul (Remixed by: Black Ice 9; Featured in: Mental Omega 3.0)
  28. Rain (SE) --
    1. Rain SE (Source: Terraria; Artist: Scott Lloyd Shelly)
    2. Ion Storm (Ambience) (Source: Tiberian Sun; Artist: Unknown)
  29. Mushrooms -- C&C Thang (Source: Tiberian Dawn; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  30. Pumpkin Moon -- Hell March Trilogy (Artist: Smiechu; Featured in: Mental Omega 3.0)
  31. Alt Underground -- The Insurrection (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Bobek?)
  32. Frost Moon -- It Has Begun (Album: Rocktronic; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  33. Underground Crimson -- The Defense (Source: Tiberian Sun; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  34. Lunar Events -- Dark Valley (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Bobek)
  35. Pirate Invasion -- Act on Instinct (Source: Tiberian Dawn; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  36. Hell -- Plague (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Bobek)
  37. Martian Madness -- Arazoid (Source: Red Alert 1; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  38. Final Boss -- Slave to the System (Source: Firestorm; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
  39. Goblin Event -- Morphscape (Album: Morphscape; Artist: Frank Klepacki; Featured in: Mental Omega 3.0)
  40. Sandstorm -- Sandstorm (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Phobonaut)
  41. The Old One's Army -- Space Echo (Remixed by: Frank Klepacki; Featured in: Twisted Insurrection)
  • 1.3.4 Changes
    • Track Changes:
      • Hallow: Underlying Thoughts -> Magical Caverns (Album: Conquering 20 Years; Artist: Frank Klepacki)
      • Underground Hallow: Bog -> Ascension (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: OmegaBolt)
      • Rain SE: Hybridizes Rain SE and Ion Storm (Ambience) (Source: Tiberian Sun; Artist: Unknown)
    • Track Additions:
      • Sandstorm -- Sandstorm (Source: Twisted Insurrection; Artist: Phobonaut)
      • The Old One's Army-- Space Echo (Remixed by: Frank Klepacki; Featured in: Twisted Insurrection)
Download Links
MEGA - 60% audio quality version, 58.8mbs (1.3.x)
Steam Workshop Link, 2gb (1.4.x)

Initially, the tracks for the C&C Wavebank were locked in because I didn't like having to adjust the wavebank. However, with how much easier it's become, it is much less restricted. I will not make several different versions of the wavebank on request, but if there's enough of a consensus I might change a track.


The second of the wavebanks is the Final Fantasy XIV one. I was interested in making one, but I wanted to check to see if anyone had already made one, which someone had; those interested in checking it out can find a link to their wavebank here. I looked it over, and I could agree with most of the tracks used, but there was some areas where I thought things could be better used, especially since "The Far Edge of Fate" was released, and we have Stormblood's music rips (Tell me the Ruby Sea doesn't make the perfect Ocean track, I dare you). A lot of the tracks I used are different, but there were some that were undeniably perfect in the other one (such as Fallen Angel (Garuda's theme) for the Eclipse, and once I realized the meta behind using Answers - Reprise for Blood Moon/Meteor Biome, I literally couldn't argue it) so I used them here as well.

Download Links
MEGA - 60% audio quality version, 72.9mbs

As mentioned above, theres a few tracks I'm not entirely sold on here, and I didn't do extreme extensive testing of some tracks. If you think a better track could be used (Say, Limitless Blue (Bismarck's theme) for Queen Bee), or you think a song is too muffled/low in quality, feel free to drop me a line in the thread!


The third one is the Granblue Fantasy wavebank. I primarily made this one because my friend, Agastya, said there was no way it could be done, the OST was just too overloaded with battle tracks, and I wanted to prove him wrong by making one. I will admit, for the most part, he was right that it would be difficult, and the fact that I had to outsource to the Anime's ost is indicative of that, but I managed to pull of something that mostly works out. A few of the tracks have been altered to fit better in game, such as Wings of Terror's theme being cut to the second half of the song so it goes straight into the action. Other songs have been edited similarly

Download Links
MEGA - 60% audio quality, 51mbs

If you've played Granblue and you have suggestions on what tracks might work better, I am open to hearing feedback, since while I think it's fine, I'm also not the best person to say it's fine.Like, the "Draw Screen" theme for the Mushroom Biome is something I think is okay, but that's because it was the closest thing I could find without reusing a track wholesale.


These wavebanks should work! I've used both for a while, and I've encountered no issues with them so far. If you have any issues with it, feel free to fire me a message and I'll try to help to the best of my abilities! If you download either of these, hopefully you enjoy them!
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Hey, what if I told you that you could get this wave bank for version 1.3.4? Sounds crazy, right? But it's true! I have updated the wave bank to 1.3.4, making it properly support the Sandstorm track, as well as the track for the Dungeon Defenders 2 Crossover Event!

I've also tweaked some other tracks; for example, the Hallow-related tracks are much more aesthetically fitting, and I lived without regrets this time and made a hybridization of the Terraria Rain SE file and the Ion Storm (Ambient) track from Tiberian Sun. I think this all is much better than the build before it.

The first post has been updated with the download, as well as a change log, and the modified track list (so you can hear out what the new tracks are). Feel free to download if you want, hopefully you enjoy it!


Now I'm witnessing it, and I had a page with the wavebanks with everything else. Why didn't I see this sooner?

Very good!​


I close my eyes, tell us why must we suffer
Release your hands, for your will drags us under
My legs grow tired, tell us where must we wander
How can we carry on without a new wavebank

...Wait, you mean that's not how the song goes? Oh darn, I misheard it! Well, at least I didn't mishear the following: A new wavebank has graced our shores! I decided to make a Final Fantasy XIV wavebank, because I felt the game had some choice tunes that'd work well in Terraria. I've appended it to the first post, as well as a fancy google docs spreadsheet that'll make looking at tracks for both the wavebanks I've uploaded so far much easier!
Now you can Act on Instinct whenever you fight the Pirate Invasion, or you have terrible flashbacks to the Steps of Faith whenever you do the Lunar Events and hear Faith in Her Fury playing! What's not to love!


There was a problem with the track used in the Underground Hallow for the FFXIV wavebank. I have updated the first post with the fixed version.

11/20 Edit: There was an issue with the track used for the Above-ground Hallow for the FFXIV wavebank. I have updated the first post with the fixed version. Hopefully there should be no more issues!
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I'll shatter this sky when the wave bank breaks.
In the ashes and the ruins,we'll abide to recreate.
An age of evolution will dawn.

At least, I THINK that's how the song goes... You can find out for me in the brand new Granblue Fantasy wavebank! I've added it to the first post, and you can check out the tracks on the spreadsheet.
You've Located the Ship Captain and Obtained the Submarine Security Card in the Dungeon with its Industrial (Ambiance) when you had the C&C Wavebank, you've learned how to WAKE THE METAL (boom gobbiedoom!) whenever the Goblin's invaded under the influence of the FFXIV Wavebank, but none of those could have prepared you for UNITE AND FIGHT PLANTERA!

I enjoy this a bit too much.
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