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Console Destiny thoughts.


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3 weeks into the game, it seems like Destiny is holding pretty solid so far with its community.

However though, there are many mixed opinions of the game as well.

If you have it, do you like it so far? Do you have a favorite thing you like about the game? Something perhaps you want changed? Or do you despise a certain aspect?

Also, this is a general place to just chat about certain levels, gear, weapons, and other parts of the game.


I've had Destiny since launch and I've played the beta and alpha and so far I'm enjoying it rather well. Some of the things I've really enjoyed are the grimoir (they tell more story than the actual story), the subclasses, and the Vault of Glass. I do believe the story could've of been much better and not just Dinklebot scans thing, defend Dinklebot, Dinklebot says something and then end.


I think it's quite fun, but it doesn't feel like anything special. It seems kinda shallow and generic to me. Also the fact that it's an MMO and it has no split screen is kinda disappointing.
Overall, I'm kinda disappointed with it. Doesn't seem much better than a free to play PC MMO to me.
Also, the Hunter class needs more stealth stuff. I wanna be able to clear missions without being seen and have at least some sort of silencer for weapons.


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I haven't even had the ability to do the Vault of Glass yet actually. I have like 4 Exotics.. And 3 are Weapons. Thorn, Gjallahorn (which I s*** you not, I got from just playing the Crucible, as a specific reward.) And 2 Helms.

Can't even get Legendary armor :(.

Any who, well, I wouldn't say it is shallow, it seems Bungie has essentially just skimmed the surface. Since they are going to pump out content for a while, it looks like they are going to really focus on the flaws of the game, such as the story telling. (However, we all know that the Crucible is a lost cause. Iron Banner is going to suck for Hunters, its going to be a Titan Shotgun war or Warlock Auto rifle competition.)
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