PC Disabling quick trash completely in 1.4


Please, please add an option to disable quick trash completely.

It is incredibly easy to get rid of all of your money for example by simply pressing the wrong key for a second, this is not great UI. Just watched my friend do this exact thing, in fact.

This is so bad for accessibility, some people will confuse ctrl/shift easily for just a moment, and just a moment is enough to trash all of your money, just because of an UI oversight.

Thank you!
That's only a toggle to change which button allows Quick Trash.

I've seen the feedback to remove Quick Trash, and I've made a note of it, but I cannot promise it is something we will add, only that I've documented it.
Thank you for the response! Much appreciated. Fingers are crossed it makes it in along the other fixes. 👍
I just want to voice that I have a need for this feature too. In Terraria 1.3, I always disabled quick trash because I kept accidentally trashing my items.
Now I can't disable it anymore.
I accidentally deleted valuable items because I pressed ctrl instead of shift. The two keys are next to each other. It's not that hard to make that mistake.
This is a feature regression, as you could completely disable quick trash in 1.3, now you can't, allowing me to make mistakes like this again, detracting from the gameplay experience.

Maybe it wouldn't be that much of a problem if trashing items was more noticeable.
Like a red glow in the trash slot along with a different noticeable sound effect.
But it has the same sound effect as just putting an item from a chest to your inventory, allowing the player to just carry on thinking everything is okay, trashing many items until they finally notice.
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This is so terrible just deleted loads of platinum and gold coins why can't you just get rid of this can't even disable it anymore so angry
Fyi. Go into the game files and config then turn the trash from true to false then safe the file. If you do this shift key will put items in your inventory into the trash though if you just have your inventory open.
Yeah, this has made my Terraria experience considerably worse. I'm now always in a paranoid fashion making sure the cursor icon is the correct one before doing any quick actions (shift or ctrl) like selling or putting stuff away.

Please re-consider the importance of this. You can find topics outside of this forum talking about this as well, it's just a baffling UI decision.
I'm sorry to dig up an old thread if that's against policy, but I signed up for this forum specifically to post on this issue: Please, please, please give us a setting that *completely* removes the "quick trash." I don't want it, my friends don't want it. Ever. There is no conceivable situations where we want to be able to trash stuff in so much of a rush that we can't move the mouse the tiny distance to the trash can. And so many instances where it has significantly negatively impacted the game.

My friend just trashed all their money thanks to this thing (we were just unloading after a big dungeon crawl, in a rush to go deal with a blood moon, and now they're out a bunch of loot from the dungeon that we hadn't really had the chance to look at, and all the money they'd collected. And it upset them enough to call it a night, and we'll probably set this game aside for a while.

I guess maybe having a "quick trash" is a nice QoL feature for the terraria veterans, but for the rest of us, this is basically just *our own inventory* successfully sabotaging us.Losing stuff to a boss? Sure, that's a game challenge. Fair enough. But losing stuff to a poorly designed UI? Yeah, no. We'll just go back to playing Minecraft, thank you very much.

I've been looking around the web, and found a few threads here and there that talk about going into a .json file somewhere to change a value to "false," but that comes with the caveat that then the quick trash becomes shift-click instead of ctr-click. So that's no help.

The one ray of hope is Config.json settings

Which has a `DisableLeftShiftTrashCan` value listed... But only down in the "added in Desktop" section. It isn't listed in the list of active variables, so I'm not hopeful it's actually there. Anyway, I'm going to go look and test it. I hope this does fix it, but we really shouldn't have to edit .json files to prevent the game from stealing our loot.
Can confirm, this is still an awful UI experience. And yeah also made my friend "call it a night" after it happened to them in a similar fashion to what Zitchas' friend experienced.

Literally enabling you to trash all of your money by a very easy to do misclick should in my opinion be a top tier "Fix ASAP" bug, but sadly there seems to be no interest in fixing this?
On mobile, even if you protect an item as a favourite, it can still be quick trashed by mistake. Having that fixed would help a lot.
Dug around to the best of my ability, and there doesn't seem to be any way to get rid of the "quick trash" ability that is easily user-accessible.

This stupid thing is incredibly annoying. I've lost a bunch more stuff, and my friend has lost a lot more. Even knowing it is there, we're still losing more stuff to the inventory than we are to death. I wish there was a formal bug tracker or something where I could file a formal complaint / fix request.
We store almost everything and delete nothing. There's a lot of stuff that I don't want to keep in my inventory, and I don't see much point in favoriting loot that I just picked up and I want to quickly dump in my outpost chest before diving back into the dungeon. That's probably been one place I've lost a *lot* of stuff. Just jumping out of the dungeon, shift-clicking to dump the stuff I don't want into the chest so I can go rejoin the group... And finding that someone else mostly filled the chest already so I just lost a half dozen items.

I'd basically have to favorite everything whenever it enters my inventory, and then manually drag everything. It's basically nullifying the ability to shift-click *anything* in order to prevent the auto-trash from happening. Which is what we may well end up doing. But it's really unfortunate to have to basically disable one feature set in order to block an unwanted feature.
I'm happy for you. I'm glad you find it useful. From what I can tell, many people - maybe even most people - find the quick-trash to be a useful feature. I'm not trying to get it removed from the game, I'm just asking for a way that individual players can choose to disable it in their own game. Because I find it extremely frustrating, and my friends find it very frustrating, and I've found a variety of other people who *also* find it frustrating.
Hoping there'll be an update on this. I'm tired of my arthritis causing me to "oops!" all the bars I just forged into the trash. Especially when the option says quick trash is disabled but it's actually something completely different.
I'm just here to also request you make disabling quick trash a feature again. I was just getting in to a play through with my brother and he quit playing because he accidentally trashed some things. Having an irreversible item delete on the same binding that some games use for stacking items in to chests or equipping items sucks.

I don't get how this would be removed. Someone obviously thought it would be good to have a toggle at some point because you used to be able to disable it. Then in the Journey's End update it's just gone.

Please consider re-implementing this in the Labor of Love update.
Given how often combinations of control and shift click are used in games inventories to transfer different ways or amounts, making one of those standard ways delete things without at least an option to disable this functionality isn't cool.

This has to be one of the first times I've ever been actually upset by this game, I've had so much fun otherwise.

Would really like an option to disable this functionality.
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