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tModLoader Dragon Ball Terraria

Discussion in 'Released' started by NuovaPrime, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. FullNovaAlchemist

    FullNovaAlchemist Steampunker

    we will add gogetas hair which ingame looks fairly similiar to gohan but we won't make a seperate one
  2. the420legend

    the420legend Terrarian

    and you could add a summoner weapon which can summon the cell child which cell summons in dbz
  3. #i love dbz#

    #i love dbz# Terrarian

    What about vegito hair???
  4. Cyber9999

    Cyber9999 Terrarian

    Pls add Super Saiyan 4 (and if you can bosses of dragon ball characters)
  5. gabbermac

    gabbermac Terrarian

    super saiyan 4 is already going to be added

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  6. the420legend

    the420legend Terrarian

    Ozaru is obtainable by being on the surface when a full moon is present

    :Appearance you become a Monkey which is 10 times bigger than your base form ,Your eyes become red and if wearing ki armor ,your ozaru would show it

    :Stats Your damage is increased by 75% ,you gain 18 defence but your speed is decreased by 69% ,You can jump 10 blocks high and you can charge your jump to double that height

    Attacks :right click to do a melee attack which will do 45 melee damage and you can charge that attack to do double damage ,Left click to fire a beam attack from your mouth which will do 60 ki damage ,chargeable and consumes 135 ki .You can stomp on your enemies doing 35 melee damage The chargeable stomp will do more damage
    Downfalls :You can damage friendly npcs if not mastered atleast 50% and and your ki drain will be -50ki per sec

    How to reobtain : You can only use the ozaru form when its a full moon But you can craft a certain Ki Orb Using 35 ki stable crystals Which is not consumable ,when used a orb will be thrown into the sky but you need to consume 250 ki and you will transform into an ozaru

    Mastery : Once mastered your attack is increased by 25% and your speed is decreased by 50% and you unlock the abillty to fly in your ozaru form with the same ki drain than in your base form and your ki drain is decreased to 35ki per sec
  7. FullNovaAlchemist

    FullNovaAlchemist Steampunker

    we won't add the great ape transformation due to it breaking the game
  8. the420legend

    the420legend Terrarian

    Well i do guess it is understandable but could you add a great ape boss or mini boss that spawns on the surface during night time
  9. Eleven

    Eleven Terrarian

    the link to the discord does not work
  10. FullNovaAlchemist

    FullNovaAlchemist Steampunker

    that could be done yeah
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  11. Miguel '-')/

    Miguel '-')/ Terrarian

    Isso está parecendo incrivel, desejo-lhe muita sorte no desenvolvimento
  12. FullNovaAlchemist

    FullNovaAlchemist Steampunker

    Muito obrigado
  13. Akimasu

    Akimasu Terrarian

    I picked this up a few days ago on the mod browser and all around had fun. Some notes & suggestions~

    A slight compatibility issue. If it costs mana for any reason(EG: "More Modifiers" mod giving it "+% damage but costs +2 mana") if you run out of mana, it'll zap all of your ki. Not really a problem, but might help with bug reports if you catch someone complaining about a similar issue.

    Lore-wise, Shouldn't Kaioken *give* you ki? It rapidly increases the concentration of Ki in the body in exchange for putting a great deal of pressure on the user.

    "Aura Change Items" from Budokai Tenkaichi 3 would be awesome - some customization. :)

    In the pre-hardmode, I feel like I spend MOST of my time charging ki. A way to passively charge Ki, even at a cost, would be very much appreciated early game. Maybe a potion or accessory that generates ki over time? This would make killing bosses w/ Ki weapons only more feasable, as well.
  14. FullNovaAlchemist

    FullNovaAlchemist Steampunker

    There are plenty of items that passively charge your ki but the whole ki system gets a revamp anyway

    https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11126/111266865/4985123-1264366039-37026.jpg Your ki gets multiplied increasing your offensive and defence so Kaioken other than the rework i have planned for it will stay and not increase your Ki

    Different auras for your base form are planned for some Traits/Races gg to you for mentioning tenkaichi 3 :D

    Compatibility issue will be looked into
  15. Jonatashero

    Jonatashero Terrarian

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I'm not sure if it's a bug. solve as fast as possible, me and a lot of people are going through this situation !! I count on you!! OK
  16. FullNovaAlchemist

    FullNovaAlchemist Steampunker

    uh you didn't send anything though?
  17. 17gu

    17gu Terrarian

    So I've heard that new hairstyles are in the works for the next big update. I'm curious, how will this work? I've experimented with quite a few mods and haven't seen a single one alter anything with the character creator. Is it possible to actually add new hair into the hair selection menu? Or will it just be a texture change and essentially replace vanilla hairstyles?
    I'm also curious about how the alternate super form hairstyles will work. Will it be set by the base, or will you be able to choose each form? So for example, would it be like, -I select base Goku's hairstyle- -I go Super Saiyan- -I am guaranteed to have SSJ Goku's Hairstyle-
    or would I be able to change it for each, such as,
    -I select base Goku's hairstyle- -I go Super Saiyan- -I can now have, let's say SSJ Trunks' hairstyle if I choose-
    I highly assume it would be the first one but I might as well ask.
  18. Katsuro

    Katsuro Plantera

    I was curious if there was a way for the Transformations to override something like if you wore the Familiar Wig to keep your normal hair and hide helmets?
  19. webmilio

    webmilio Terrarian

    It'll be a menu that displays once you join a world. Each hairstyle has a variety of spritesheets for transformations. It basically hides the vanilla hair and draws over it supposed position.

    As for mix-and-match, that won't be happening. If you choose Goku's hairstyle, you will use Goku's hairstyle for everything. I'm not closed to the idea of adding that feature, but its definitively not a priority.

    It's really easy to make your own, if you ever wanna do something like that.

    We're having some difficulties with hair and things that interfere with them (such as Familiar Wig and helmets). This should be fixed before DBT 1.0.
  20. Katsuro

    Katsuro Plantera

    Awesome. Good to know! Just played through Expert with your Mod and a few others. Really enjoyed the experience. :)