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WIP Early-Game Mage and Summoner Changes and Additions


Eater of Worlds
I’d be careful playing with enemy stats. Reducing damage dealt and defense is probably fine, but changing their HP mid combat would be screwy and movement speed usually won’t work with most enemies.

I'm curious about whether anyone knows of any issues with any mage and summoner specific things I haven't covered yet that I could potentially fix in the OP.
Summoner doesn’t have anything made from Meteorite, Shadow Orbs, or Dungeon or Shadow Chests. Lot of potential there. You could have like a Meteorite space turret sentry for example.

I also think if Obsidian Armor were theoretically nerfed, Summoner should also have something to bridge the gap between Snapthorn and Spinal Tap, like a bee whip or something.
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