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Discussion in 'Released' started by LolHens, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Am I the only one who's getting this bug?
    is there a way to fix this bug? i don't know what it does but i'm scared ;(

    Also here are the mods i have installed:

    _ShockahBase r3
    Tremor Mod
    Super Healing Potion Mod
    Item Suffixes r3
    Inventory Tweaks r2
    Insight r2
    Enhanced Tooltip r2
    Dynamic Difficulty
    Accessory Slots+ r1
    Elemental Boots_1.8
    FCM Base r2
    Bridge ItemSuffixes-FCM r2
    FCM Standard r2

    1st edit: added the FCM mods

    2nd Edit: i can create and play in a world. but the Error Report is still there and it's annoying.

    3rd Edit: nevermind. i changed the order to number 1 and it's now fixed.
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  3. LolHens

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    Yes that is probably my fault, allthough it should not be very hard to fix. :p
    I will look into that.

    EDIT: Oops. I just saw that I didn't take out some debug code. I think that is causing your error.

    EDIT2: Okay I just released v1.8a which fixes the described behavour
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  4. Thank you LolHens. I was having the same problem.
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  5. SirUmnei

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    I had a few ideas for accessories, so I'll write em down.

    You know, as much as this mod already adds a lot of ballons... I still think you can add one last one! In hell, in Shadow chests, you could make it possible to find "Flame in a Bottle". Which would be another jumping accessory that can be eventually crafted into it's subsequent balloons. I know it doesn't make sense to have fire inside a balloon, but I'm pretty sure having a Blizzard or Sandstorm inside it doesn't make much sense either.. I know there are already a lot, but I think the Giant Balloon bundle is missing an Orange/Red color into it, and an extra jump never hurts, does it?

    Frostburn/Poison/Venom/Ichor/Cursed Flame Gauntlets/Stones. DoT's in Terraria really do help in killing enemies, so why not make a few extra enemies drop stones in some of their respective biomes? Frostburn would obviously be in Ice, Poison in the Jungle, Venom could be Spider Nest, Ichor from Crimson and Curse from Corruption. These could all be made in a gauntlet or another piece of accessory that gives you attacks that property, and later on be combined into an ultimate accessory that gives it all (assuming you actually have the patience to go around each biome to collect low drop rate items and combine them with a lot of other accessories to get it, which is quite hard, and in the end is balanced, since it takes so much effort to get).

    Health Version of the many Mana accessories. I feel like this is needed, becuase it doesn't make sense to have all those MP things without the HP ones. I would love to have a heart magnet or something that used potions for me automatically as long as I don't have potion sickness. It's just a little touch that would make a world of difference. The way you get those items could also be close to the way you get the Mana ones: Magnet is sold by Merchant, Flower you get in the jungle, so on and so forth.

    Make the Elemental boots jump automatically and swim faster underwater. When you have any accessories that grant you double jump properties, you need to tap space between each extra jump, which can honestly be a hassle. You could introduce some kind of Spring Boots, that mde you jump automatically and then combine it with the elemental ones to make one that jumps on it's own. Some people may not like this idea tho. Also, why not mix the flippers in the recipe at some point so it's possible to swim underwater?

    That's all I have, hope I helped! :D
  6. Logodum

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    Yes, YES! Give me the gauntlets and flame in a bottle!
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  7. LolHens

    LolHens Terrarian

    These are very good suggestions and I like them! I would comment on each idea, but I'll take that time and implement these ideas ^^
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  8. The Perspirator

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    And so I can join on this suggestion bandwagon, how about MORE?!

    • Elemental Boots is crafted including a sun stone for tier purposes and now boosts all other stats (at half power, of course)
      • Rocket boost reduced to config option.
    • Paladin's Shield now negates knockback
    • Poison Bubble Wand removed. Too potentially powerful.
    • Weighted Balloon Bundle now crafted with Balloon Bundle instead of Big Balloon Bundle.
    • All accessories are made config options
    • Magnet is crafted with a Lucky Horseshoe and an item sold from the Goblin Tinkerer which has the magnet effect, has the effects of both
    • Slingshot can fire seeds and is crafted from 20 wood and 3 silk.
    • Extinguisher is bought from Goblin Tinkerer during night
  9. Vladimier

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    Lol whats my band of stamina doing here?! XD
    Im gonna use that totally !
  10. SirUmnei

    SirUmnei Terrarian

    Wow, thanks! Having these added in would mean a world to me! If you have any specific questions about the accessories or want some input of how one of them could be acquired, just ask me! Thanks so much again! :D
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  11. Elder Sign

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    I don't know how well it would fit in but have you considered adding the option of combing the jetpack with the boots to dramatically increase the flight time?
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  12. lifesbrink

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    Any word on this mod getting an update for 1.3?
  13. Logodum

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    Only when tapi will update to 1.3
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  14. Sapharan

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    I highly doubt it will be updated. Shockah already stated that it probably won't be updated.
  15. Logodum

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    Well, that sucks. But you can still play with mods using
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  16. ~[Icarus]~

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    He said that it may or may not.
  17. Sapharan

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    most likely not, trust me.
  18. werpderp

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    First I think that nothing should be removed or nerfed as op as it may be "cough" "elemental wings" "cough" and that I totally support the elemental gauntlet idea with the addition of the illuminant stone that causes confusion
    It would be very op fire/frostfire/poison/Ichor/cursed flames and other effects (including the illuminant stone) I also think that the frogs legs should be combined with the elemental boots (frogs legs provide auto jump and increase jump height if you're a noob) and the sniper scope and magic quiver I've got a few more ideas but these are the main (aka not half-baked ideas)
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  19. jackinbox101

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    Please update to r16
  20. LolHens

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    Done ;)