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(i are a brazilian and my english not are good , srry :/ )
i liked so much this mod , but , "materials" for weapons,armor etc... can be a alternative form to make , example :
i can use the elements to make bars (Pre-hardmode or something like) , like air bar , earth bar...
updates of ores not are bad , but , if you play a out of date version of this game , can crash your world or something like this , to avoid this problem you can make a new form to make materials , but are just a suggestion .
(again saying , i used traslator google , srry)
I found a bug maybe. I'm new to the mod so I'm making all the starter items. I was going to make the grand thunder totem but I can't seem to get the lightning cloud to drop. It should be a 1/50 from Harpys but the recipe browser mod says it's not even a drop
Recently I have created my own Terraria-related youtube channel. The main point of the channel is killing bosses from various mods and completion of different challenges. Elements Awoken mod is very unique but it has surprisely low popularity. Therefore one of my first videos is about that mod. There are no any special challenges, only boss battles and showcase of their features.
If mod will be updated in future with new or revamped bosses I will make one more video about it.
Could you make it an option to hide werewolf form when "Elemental Arcanum" is equipped. Thanks~

Also it seems like Void Elementals don't spawn on Multiplayer servers during the event.
So, this is a little of topic, but I don't know where else to ask. I'm having difficulty crafting the desert trailers, i have all the materials and the right forge, but I don't have to crafting option. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a solution? Thank you so much.

Edit: I was using the wrong Elemental Forge, I was doing a mod pack with Joost which has it's own elemental forge. Sorry :eek:
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I got this error when trying to use Elements Awoken on both tModLoader and and i dont know how da :red: i can fix it! Can anyone pls help??? Thx in advance ^-^

The mp3 sound file at Sounds/Item/GnomeDeath failed to load at Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.LoadMP3(String path, Byte[] bytes) at Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.LoadResourceFromStream(String path, Int32 len, BinaryReader reader) at Terraria.ModLoader.IO.TmodFile.Read(LoadedState desiredState, ReadStreamingAsset streamingHandler) at Terraria.ModLoader.ModLoader.do_Load(Object threadContext) Inner Exception: Access to the path 'C:\UsersКоля Соловьёв\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods\Cache\ElementsAwoken_Sounds_Item_GnomeDeath_1.3.4.wav' is denied. at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost) at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize) at Terraria.ModLoader.IO.WAVCacheIO.SaveWavStream(MemoryStream output, String wavCachePath) at Terraria.ModLoader.IO.WAVCacheIO.CacheMP3(String wavCacheFilename, Stream stream) at Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.LoadMP3(String path, Byte[] bytes)
Found this mod making an item in Tinkerer Workshop completely free from another mod and you can just buy and sell it for profit

What's the point of this?
I've noticed with the most recent update I have a never ending barrage of meteors, lightning strikes and tornadoes appearing in all my hard mode worlds. I also always get the permafrost debuff permanently until I summon and beat the permafrost. Anyone know how to get rid of the meteors and such? Been trying for ages now
I've noticed with the most recent update I have a never ending barrage of meteors, lightning strikes and tornadoes appearing in all my hard mode worlds. I also always get the permafrost debuff permanently until I summon and beat the permafrost. Anyone know how to get rid of the meteors and such? Been trying for ages now

To end meteors, you will have to defeat Infernace.
To end Lightning Strikes, you will have to defeat Regaroth.
To end Tornados, you have to defeat Aqueous.
As you already know, Permafrost's end causes the Permafrost debuff to stop.

There is no other way to stop those effects.
I can't seem to spawn permafrost. I've tried using the summoning item in the snow biome surface at least three times in the night and it always just despawns. The snow biome is also a corruption biome. Is there any reason why this is happening? I normally wouldn't bother if this was happening but I want to get rid of permafrost.
Hi! I think that the Toy Slime gives way too much gold for the stage you can fight it at. In expert mode, it can give around 8 gold!
Permafrost should be moved in the Boss Checklist to 10.01f, because defeating Plantera causes an absolute demonic annoying ridiculous debuff that's way too harsh and over the top that only stops when defeating Permafrost.

You can tell I hate that debuff more than where Permafrost is in the boss checklist. Being unable to move for 5-ish seconds every 15-ish seconds is unfair.
How do I get the Mutated Scorpion? Does it drop from something or do I buy it from someone?

It's literally the hardest thing to come by, it's like really rare in the desert. I had to end up using a cheatsheet mod to get the scorpion :(
Why would anyone think that this permafrost thing is good ?? It forces you to stop what you're doing and gather the materials and try and fight the boss while getting frozen in place. It would be fine if the boss appears normally without any summoning item but there is, and that forces the player to farm that stupid frost essence with the stupid debuff on.
I just came by to say a couple things, one is that out of every mod boss and vanilla the void leviathan is my absolute favorite anyone's made, in appearance and music.

I use split, calamity, thorium, pinkymod, Exodus, SacredTools and Spirit and the void leviathan is still the best in my mind.

But unfortunately I hold the same thoughts as a few others on the debuff situation. I resorted to spawning these bosses in with god mode on whenever one of the "events" would happen such as with the fireballs/meteors and freezing effects, then fought them fairly when I got to that point in the game.
Yeah this mod got a HUGE quality increase since the last time I played it
I find myself fighting bosses just to listen to their music, this mod's music rival's Calamity's! MAJOR hats off to the artist of the wonderful pieces to back a wonderfully well made mod. You know, par the obnoxious debuff thing Permafrost does.

Also, I can see you took some personal liberities with this mod, like the Infinity Gauntlet and "Literal" Starbound healing items XD

EDIT: oh yeah I forgot to mention: I WANT MUSIC BOXES lol
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