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Ello' Gov'nor!


Hi! I'm NOT new to Terraria (beat all the bosses) and I play on Mobile. I recently just discovered Terraria had a forums (I'm so stupid enough to not look). I hope I have a fun time here and make new friends!


Hello! Enjoy your stay!
Thank you!
Ello’ Gov’nor!

The video gave me nightmares for a week!! 2Spooky4Me
Have a good stay at the TCF hotel!
this was a hotel?
That Regular Show ep was the first thing I thought of when I seen this thread haha.

Welcome to the forum, Helios. Enjoy your stay :)
thank you!
Welcome HeliosFTW! Make sure to have fun, but keep the rules!
Of course keep the rules!

Is it odd that your story is similar to mine? :dryadwhat:
Nope! A lot of people have the same story like ours!
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