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PC Empress of Light doesn't drop [Daytime exclusive item] in Singleplayer


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Yesterday me and my friends used Godmode to get secret Summoning Weapon from new boss. Today i decided to do it Legit.

So, i've defeated Empress of Light during daytime (summoned her approx. after 7:00AM) on Journey Master Mode World. It turned out she didn't dropped her Exclusive Summoner Sword.
I've beaten it while the wind and rain was locked. (Time was moving like normal, it was drizzling) And i had autopause on (Sorry Red, but i find this challenge too tedious for a rusty mage like me. #nerfenragedEoL pls)

Decided to test a little and it turned out something other than Journey Mode options caused the sword not to drop.

Then i threw the world onto the server to test with my friends, and it was dropping like nothing happend.


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I'm unable to reproduce this issue, just fought her many times on different difficulties, and it dropped 100% of the time.

Your videos do not show the beginning of the fight, so they aren't indisputable proof, since it doesn't show her being summoned during the day. :(


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Well thats strange, now it dropped. o_O But i swear to God while tested around, i summoned her after 4:30AM. lol
Maybe its one time glitch or smth? Anyways, thanks for the response and stay safe. :joy:
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