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Sprites Event Trophies! A few unique collectibles!

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Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
So, events are fun and all, but I kind of wish there was a bit more from completing them than just an achievement. So, I present to you Event Trophies!

Event Trophies are given to the player after they complete a certain criteria. Upon completing the criteria, each player in the world gets a trophy. They also have a special golden trim.

Blood Moon Trophy (Obtained after first Blood Moon survived, drops from every 300th Blood Moon enemy killed.)

Slime Rain Trophy (Not quite sure about this sprite) (Obtained after defeating Slime Rains.)

Goblin Army Trophy (Obtained after defeating Goblin Armies.)

Old One's Army Trophy (Obtained after defeating any tier of Old One's Army.)

Frost Legion Trophy (Obtained after defeating Frost Legions.)

Pirate Invasion Trophy (Obtained after defeating Pirate Invasions.)

Solar Eclipse Trophy (Obtained after first Solar Eclipse survived, drops from every 500th Solar Eclipse enemy killed.)

Pumpkin Moon Trophy (Obtained after reaching wave 15 of Pumpkin Moons.)

Frost Moon Trophy (Obtained after reaching wave 15 of Frost Moons.)

Martian Madness Trophy (Obtained after defeating Martian Invasions.)

Thanks for reading this suggestion! Let me know what you think in the comments!


Brain of Cthulhu
Like this idea!

For the graphics, I think the Slime Rain trophy should perhaps use a rainbow effect. (Not animated, but all colours in a static sprite.) Slimes do come in all colours even if not all of them are present in the Slime Rain.

As for obtaining the trophies, I think a rare drop from an enemy (or an uncommon drop from a boss enemy like the Goblin Summoner or Pirate Captain) might be more fitting. If you're interested, I can make up something a bit more detailed.
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