PC Eye of Cthulhu random eye color


I love the idea! Demon eyes are fancy looking, why not EOC?
Will the servants of cthulhu be multicolored as well?


Everything you need to know is in the title. I just thought it would add some customization to the eye.

Colors would be
-Blue (25%)
-Dark red (20%)
-Yellow (5%)
-Dark green (10%)
-Purple (10%)
-Pink (5%)
-Black (5%)
-White (10%)
-Brown (8%)
-Rainbow (1.5%)
-No eye color (0.5%)
I think this is a very good idea, it just shouldn't have rainbow or no eye color. I also think this should be it. I think the eye color should have no meaning, just different colors. Not the twins, but just the EOC
It'd be interesting if it changed depending on the moon phase, rather than just a percent chance. It'd most likely be more common colors are on more phases than less common.
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