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someone knows why the SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE causes soo many lag? i did a lot of itens, but only this item did my terraria freezing. I'had try to put the video configs in low mode, but didn't work.
Champion of Shadow's flaming scythe effect is broken- it spawns so many at once that it freezes the game. version (downloaded from mod browser mirror because it does not download from the mod browser itself)

In Builder mode of World Shaper Soul coming near Crucible of the Cosmos or other all-in-one crafting stations, such as Materia Transmutator from Alchemist NPC, causes immense lag
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I hope you can add insta-solid-block, a way to change prefix and a super potion.
Can you change the condition Mutant sells summons? I hope when I can summon them, I can buy the summons from Mutant. It is difficult to find Plantera's Bulbs.
[1.4 Alpha]I can't speak with Lumberjack. Mutant can't attack. Instavator can't destroy desert fossil.
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the crimson enchant is bugged, at least if you're using force of nature. if you get hit with it on, you can't heal. not with nurse, not with regeneration, not with potion. is this something with my game or just in general? and is there a way to disable it for now while it's bugged for me?
I really don't understand the reasoning behind the Eternity minion damage nerfs - summoner isn't really a class which can hold it's own without other weapons to contribute to the damage (even with soul mod summons based upon my experience).

Especially considering every damn accessory in the game gives you a minion, and with the damage nerf all they do is reduce DPS thanks to immunity frames.... Meaning you have to disable them in the config, which is rather annoying because it means you are artificially restricted from an accessories true potential without restricting yourself to a summoner playthrough. All i really see this damage nerf being is a copy of Calamity's already idiotic policy of summon nerfing w/ another weapon in hand (which especially makes itself apparent when it stacks with Eternity's summon nerf when i try to play Deathmode/Eternity mode at the same time). It is especially annoying because the thing I most enjoy about Souls mod IS the (imo) amazing accessory minions since summoner is my favorite class.

But that is pretty much my only complaint about Souls mod, other than that it's probably my favorite mod and thoroughly enjoyable.
I'm not sure whether this would go here or if there's a better forum thread for this, but I've done some testing with the Souls DLC mod and Thorium mod, and several of the Thorium mod's Enchantments and almost all of the Thorium Forces (as well as the Soul of Yggdrasil) are missing many effects from their components.
For example, the Berserker Enchantment does not mention having the Molten Spear Tip's effects, despite the fact that it uses the Magma Enchantment as a component, which in turn uses the Molten Spear Tip as a component. The Berserker Enchantment does still have the effects of the Molten Spear Tip, despite not mentioning it in the tooltip, however.
Additionally, a few items either use old names for their components (like Danger Enchantment calling the Nightshade Flower the Night Shade Petal, and the Fallen Paladin Enchantment calling the Prydwen the Wynebgwrthucher) and the Demon Blood Enchantment uses the Demon Blood Badge (which was recently made null in a recent Thorium update), making that item- and, by proxy, the Force of Helheim, Soul of Yggdrasil, and Soul of Eternity- unobtainable without using cheats

I've compiled a list of all the items that have inaccuracies like this into a google document so that if/when Fargo gets around to fixing the inaccuracies they'll have an easier time finding what needs to be changed: Fargo's Souls DLC Tooltip Oddities
Hopefully this can be fixed soon, but if not, it's no big deal; the mod is still easily one of my favorites even if it has some oddities like this! I can understand why this stuff happens, with how many items there are to keep track of and how frequently Thorium gets updated and changes things
I came back to my Eternity Mode run recently, and I have a huge problem with Plantera.
I'm battling her as a meele character (Squire armor + Mythril/Adamantite/Frozen Enchatments + Twinrangs) and when Plantera hits ~40k the game freezes. I can't even change windows as it is totally frozen. I've been facing this since yesterday all day long. I can't produce a error log (I think?) to post here tho. :(
And thank you for the mods, Eternity mode has been really challenging <3
Can you add an insta-two-house like this?
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Can you move Top Hat Squirrel and Golden Dipping Vat to Fargo's Mutant Mod?
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Hi I'm new to fargo's soul mod and was wondering about the eternity mode drop the "skull Charm". Does it drop from doctor bones as I have killed him over 600 times and not had a drop yet. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just some bad luck?
Thank you for the mod its absolutely amazing.
Trying to create Soul of Yggdrasil from scratch but unable to craft the demon blood enchantment as due to Demon Blood Badge being removed from Thorium. It is possible to just remove this item from the enhancement crafting?

Thanks for the mod~!
Hi, here some logs from my dedicated server. It started not to load your mod after I installed Apachii's Classes Mod. I notified them but I thought you might be interrested too since in it it looks like the bugs come from Mutant mod even if its not true.
Thank for your mods as their are most usefull!
Sorry for the bad english!


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