Favorite video game character, or boss


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Yeah he was quite annoying
But the final boss is so much more annoying
He one taps you at several points in the fight no matter how much you've prepared.
The only way I've found to win
Is to use abilities that give you auto revive.
Like that one the cat has
No,That is not what i meant.

I liked his character and felt he was cool(even though he is a stinky [email protected]).


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This is a very difficult question. A lot of games that I've played over the years have gotten hazy in my mind. Very hard to pick just one out of 100's of games played.

That said, I'll still try to answer this, by providing both my favorite character and boss battle character.

For character, I'd have to say Fie Claussell from The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series.

Her origins, development and personality as a character have her as one of my favorite characters to play as. 4 games in the same series is so much time for a character to grow and develop that it makes Fie stick in my mind more strongly than other games I've played in the past. I've also learned that her story will continue even though she won't be part of the main characters in the next arc of the overarching Trails series as a whole.

Characters such as Estelle Bright, Velvet Crowe, and Samus are also up there, but had to decide on Fie.

Then for Boss, if it were before I played Metroid Dread, it might have been Amorbis or Chykka from Metroid Prime 2.

But now I have to say Raven Beak from Metroid Dread. In regards to his backstory, motives, and fight itself being one of the most challenging ones in the Metroid series, he has become my favorite boss character.

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Spamton G. Spamton, easily the best character I've ever known. Somehow being funny and scary at the same time isn't achievable in other franchise to be honest. Also his memes are funny as [HYPERLINK BLOCKED]
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