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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 45~

Sif spent most of the night down in the main Mineshaft, looking around in the deep caves. She kept going back and forth, checking for thin walls, and heading into unexplored little caverns. Di stayed up top, taking a look at the Crimson again. Spider-Bud went with him, keeping to the shadows.

After a few loops back and forth, Sif heard someone calling for help. She rushed over to where the noise was coming from, and we found... A Goblin! This one was different though. He wore glasses, was dressed nice, and most importantly, wasn't trying to stab Sif.

She freed him of his ropes, and he introduced himself as Dalek. Sif high-fived him, for some reason. She also bought a special workbench from him then and there, as well as Rocket Boots, before shuffing him off to ho join the others at Home-Tree.

That done, she went to Home-Tree herself. She grabbed some things from the Chest with spare Accessories, went up to the Crafting Workshop, and set down the Tinkerer's Workbench.

Now, I couldn't really see what she was doing because it was high up, but it was impressive anyway. She took the Platinum Watch, Depth Meter and Compass, and managed to cram them all together into this GPS thingy. She is pretty skilled with her hands, must be from all that yoyo practice.

After that, she took the rockets off of the Rocket Boots, and fused them into her current Boots to make Spectre Boots! She didn't stop there, and used an Aglet and Anklet of Winds magical properties to enhance the Boots further, making them into Lightning Boots!

Slipping the newly upgraded Boots back on, she put away all the Tinkering Tools back into their drawers, and hopped downstairs. Di was chatting with Abigail as the sun rose, and turned to chat with Sif as she waved hello.

The rest of the day was quiet. They talked some more, then Di went off to the Crimson again, this time leaving proper. He mentioned something about unfinished business. I am nervous, but I kinda want to see him again anyway.

Sif is tending to her Herb Garden for the moment. She has plans to go into the Crimson herself tomorrow as well. Maybe she misses her Di already~



Well, I think he posted two the day before, one fairly late in the day. At his timezone, though, it would have been the daily schedule still.
Di is correct, here it still met 1 a day. Yesterday was a bit... Hectic, which resulted in the delay.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 46~

A quick trip to fetch Nathan his... 8th Fish? Got Sif this little Pocket Guide in return. She seemed happy, and stashed it away next to the Sextant. She likes the weirdest things, I tell ya.

That done, she busted out a heap of sand, and made some Glass. Then, turned that Glass into Bottles. Then, went to the nearby pond to fill them all with Water. THEN, she busted out her harvested Herb collection, and went to have a chat with Maxwell, with his amazing knowledge. I sat in his lap, being a distracting little bunny-butt~

Sif decided she could only make some "Regen" Potions, for whatever reason, and put the only Empty Bottle she had kept aside down onto the Workbench in the middle of Home-Tree. Mixing up some crushed Daybloom and Mushrooms in the Empty Bottle, she poured some into half a dozen Bottles with Water to make this pink syrup. She put all the stuff away for later though, then went down the Mineshaft.

She plucked a few glowing Blinkroot with the Staff of Regrowth on her little exploration, then went back up to plant the Seeds. Putting the plants themselves away, she stepped outside, and took a deep breath.

Out came da Fuzzy Carrot. And out came the GreatBun, most majestic of all creation. She mounted up, and scooped me up to sit next to her. And we were off, wind streaming in our ears as The GreatBun leapt into the horizon, as if to outrun the rising sun itself.

I didn't even notice us reaching the Crimson Tundra, I was too enthralled by our noblest of companions carrying us to see anything else. She got off at a large pond, and began to fish.

Apparently, she did not bring enough of her Bait, and sighed as she packed up to return. She Mounted up on GreatBun first though, and went into the Crimson Cave from before, and smashed 2 more Hearts. She stopped there though, not going for the third... For which I was grateful. She is at 14 of the things now, quite persistent!

When we appeared back at town courtesy of the Mirror, Slimes were falling from the sky! Sif rushed everyone else back inside, me included. Then, still astride the GreatBun, she rode out to the West, yoyo a blur as it smashed into quivering goop left and right.

Dozens of the things have already come, and yet they still fall from the sky. Maybe they wont ever end, enraged by their fallen comrades at the hands of Maxwell and Sif? I hope not, going outside will become difficu-

Wait. I heard a thump. A big thump.

What... What is coming for us now?


Nutella Fairy

Skeletron Prime
Out came da Fuzzy Carrot. And out came the GreatBun, most majestic of all creation. She mounted up, and scooped me up to sit next to her. And we were off, wind streaming in our ears as The GreatBun leapt into the horizon, as if to outrun the rising sun itself.
Somebody has to illustrate this.


So, I finally updated that side-comment part of the contents page again, first time in almost a month. I highlighted @Di 's post in there as well, with the NPC glossary. If he updates it, kudos, if not, it is still handy for now!

Also, while going through all that content... I found some foreshadowing that will now make a lot more sense, when you read back over it. Day 43 was planned a while ago

You don't even know the half of it.

Well, that depends... How badly do you want to see me banned?
So horribly wrong? I don't see how~
It should be so wonderfully right... Hehe.

EDIT: Gah, the quotes make more sense with the text they were quoting in turn. Click the little blue arrows


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 47~

Welp, it was less scary than I thought. Just a Giant Slime, with a wonky Crown.

Sif darted inside just before the King Slime actually arrived, and drank another Night Ool, Swiftness and new Regen Potions, before heading back out. She killed off the remaining normal Slimes as it approached, brimming with confidence.

The fight was pretty simple. Lots of jumping around by the King, lots of whacking whatever she could reach from Sif, and the occasional bound over the King by GreatBun. Sif used Healing Potions when she could, and just patiently whittled away at the mass of quivering goop.

It eventually fell, and Sif victoriously scooped up a rather sticky Bag. She looted it, and stored the contents away, uninterested. After finishing putting her stuff away, she stocked back up on bait, and it was off to the Crimson Tundra again.

She set up with her fishing rod, and went at it for the rest of the night. BAM, She even had to retreat due to Crimera at one point, and had to rush on back. However, even though she fished up over a dozen Bass and lots of Crates and such too, she didn't get the special fish that Nathan had requested.

Grumbling up a storm, Sif went home at dawn. She put all the junk from her failed fishing trip away, and asked what Nathan wanted today. A short trip, and she returned with his prize.

That done, she stocked up on those Buff Potions again, and took her yoyo to the Sharpening Station... No, I do not know how you sharpen a yoyo, but apparently it works. And we were off, GreatBun hopping across the Crimson at the speed of fluff!

We went on down to the Crimson mouth-thingy again, and wandered around until she found a Heart she liked. This was heart 15, and she got her potions at the ready, and lobbed a Sticky Bomb, running away to the smoothest part of the cave as she gulped her Buffs and Fish down.

Out came Mr. Brainy-thing once again. I waved, and settled down off to the side, chillin'. Di really does feel similar, and I don't see him anywhere... Twins maybe? Somehow?

The Brain sent out the creepy eyes, Sif ran around dodging as she whacked away with her Amazon. That went as per usual, except that Sif could actually take a few whacks from the Eyes in return, and started squeeeeshing them into the walls. Splerch!

She used her Healing Potions regularly, chipping away at the gargantuan pile of creepiness. They crumpled one by one, dropping chunks of their flesh occasionally... It made them creepier.

When the pile reached only 2-3 left, Sif was in bad shape, and was still waiting for the last Healing Potion to wear off. That meant a lot more running, and me watching in suspense, bun-butt a twitchin! She might do it!

She got the Potion off in time, and took a moment to keep dodging, catching her breath. Then, it was down with the last of the Creepy Eyes, and it was just Sif and Big Ol' Brainy.

And you know what? Brainy was unhappy. So unhappy, it grew a heart...? And that heart grew an eye for good measure... A yellow eye, with a piercing gaze. Welp. Creepy on so many levels, but Sif didn't even flinch, yoyo flying at the mass as it sunk into the red walls.

And that is how the battle went, for the next few moments. The Brain would come out of the walls, float at Sif menacingly, get hit by her yoyo a few times as she ran away, and then back into the wall. This happened a couple of times... When things got weird.

See, Sif started looking around a lot more, whenever the Brain reappeared. I didn't see why at first, but then I noticed: There were 3 more brains! They were all the same distance from me, in different directions... But the extra ones looked fuzzy. Plus, I could see them through walls. Preeeetty sure the Brain was doing something funny to us, but Sif fought on.

The Brain swiped her a few times, and she tried to keep her distance. Didn't always work, but she had her Potions handy, and was in range of the Campfire. The Brain didn't have this luxury, but it was much bigger.

Both sides grew tired, I shivered in my corner. And with a icky splurt, the Amazon ripped through the Brain, and it fell to the ground in pieces. Sif dove for the pile of goop, and I hopped over to see why. Apparently, she just wanted to grab another of those strange Bags, and go home.

Sif bought some new Planter Boxes from Tatiana, and is now putting everything away. I'm so proud of her, little warrior she is~



Attention, oh readers! @Di has updated the glossary once more, which is now clearly linked in the Contents. It is also filled with a few hints of what is to come... Eventually~

Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
A chilly day for Migration: Day 1~

Today was cold, much more so than usual. And as such, we all huddled up and got ready for the Yearly Migration! Elder Pengu called us all together and we prepared for the long trip. I'm exited!~

The snow is just right for it. Nice and soft on my little penguin feet. Some of the other Elders were talking about something in hushed voices, but I paid it no mind. None of my business, all I care about is the Migration~

I heard from some others who heard from some birds that there was some new person at the destination of the Migration. I'm excited to meet him!

Well, that's all for now! Tomorrow we start moving!

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