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Full Steam Ahead! tModLoader to Launch as Free DLC for Terraria with Journey's End!


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Does this imply that people creating full overhauls or beyond-modlike-changes to the game engine can, similarly to tML, request to be listed as a mod app on Steam post review? I figure that this can be applied to all other engine mods like tML.


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So I'll assume that when you launch the game from steam, it will ask you if you want to launch Vanilla, or TModLoader?

That means I won't have to worry about using GameLauncher which is horribly out of date so I don't have to keep renaming .exe files.
tModloader is launching as it's own "sub game" on steam (tModLoader on Steam) so you would launch it as if it were it's own game from your library.
This. They've been dedicated to making 64 bit work as smoothly as possible and I'd hate to see them just left to the side, I'm kind of surprised they weren't mentioned or even brought into consideration to begin with.
I beleive there are plans to make the official tmodloader version 64 bit after it's ported to 1.4, but I can't 100% confirm this - you would need to ask their devs.
EDIT: The current line from the tmodloader devs is "maybe in the future, we will see."
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That's the best decision Re-Logic could make and they've made it!

Now I'm even more excited for 1.4 than I were previously.
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